The Curious Case of Miracle Fruit…

Miracle fruitA few years ago I found out about Synsepalum Dulcificum, better known as miracle fruit. Miracle fruit is a berry.

It was “discovered” in the 1700’s by French explorer Chevalier des Marchias during an exploration of West Africa. During the trip, he noticed that the locals would eat this berry before a meal. He too, tried it, and documented its effects. The results were amazing!

This little red berry from West Africa is the most interesting fruit I’ve ever come across. It has the amazing ability to turn sour, sweet.


Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Sugar…?

A Diabetes & Obesity Miracle…

With obesity and diabetes on the rise, the uses for this “miracle fruit” would seem obvious. Instead of reaching for sugar filled lemonade, you can have lemon water instead. You can make sugar-less, dark chocolate chip cookies, all the while satisfying your sweet tooth. That is truly a miracle!

So, shouldn’t this fruit be on the shelves of grocery stores everywhere? Nope. Most people have never heard about this berry. When they do find out about it, they certainly don’t believe it. It’s the type of thing you have to experience to believe.

miracle fruit berryFlavor Tripping Parties…

Most people who try miracle fruit do so at flavor tripping parties. At a flavor tripping party, you take a miracle berry or miracle berry tablet. For about an hour you’ll be able to indulge in sour and bitter foods without puckering your face one bit.

Where to Buy Miracle Fruit…

You might be able to find Miracle fruit at your local health food shop. If not, then you will have no problem finding tablets online. Some people say that the berries work better. By the way, there are no side effects. So, you can enjoy miracle fruit as often as you please.

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