Keurig K250 Review

By now we’ve had our Keurig K250 for close to 18 months. In this review you will find out everything you need to know about the Keurig K250. If you’re looking for a new coffee maker, you’ll definitely want to consider this one as it is a great option. I know it’s hard trying to narrow down your choices as there are so many Keurig coffee makers out there to choose from.

Keurig 250 Review

Keurig 250 Review…

I’m not a big coffee fan. So, I don’t drink coffee for the taste. It’s more of a necessity when adulting. Sometimes being a grownup just wipes you out. You know the times when the day runs longer than it should. Especially those cold dreary days when you just want a few more minutes of sleep.

Below, you will find out if this is the Keurig model you should get.

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Keurig K250 Review: Is it the right one for you?

Appearance and Size

You should know that this unit is the entry-level model of the 2.0 line of Keurig coffee machines. Its size is a reflection of that. If you’ve read around on this site then you know that we don’t have the largest kitchen. So, when we hunt for new kitchen appliances we have to make sure that we will be able to house them.

With a large blender, toaster oven and Instant Pot taking up permanent residence on our countertop we have to make sure that every new appliance is worthy of the space that it takes up. Front to back, this one measures about 14.5 inches, roughly 14 inches tall, and 9 inches wide. This is perfect size to go right next to our stove as there is a counter space that is around 12 inches in length. This gives it the perfect clearance to be away from direct heat.

We got our unit in black but it is also available in imperial red, peacock blue, sandy pearl, turquoise, and white.

This is a very good looking machine and it certainly compliments our kitchen. Looking back though, I wish that we got a bolder color as the black model (with silver accents) does little to stand out from our other stainless steel and black appliances.


We’re not big on coffee in my household but as adults we realize that it is sometimes necessary to get the day started right. Operation is super-simple, you lift the top, insert a k-cup coffee pod, close the lid, choose your cup size, brew strength, then press the only physical button on the front of the machine.

The black and white (gray scale) digital interface makes it easy to select your brew size. There are 9 brew size options. With regular k-pods you can choose from 6, 8, and 10 ounce cups. With k-mugs and k-carafes you can brew up to 30 ounces at once. I have yet to use the mug or carafe options as I haven’t had the need to.

This thing is fast. Just a few touches on the screen and I can have a cup of Joe ready in less than a minute.

Reservoir Tank

The reservoir for the k250 has a capacity of 40 ounces which isn’t very large. So if you drink a lot of coffee (or other k-cup available drinks) then you may find this capacity to be a bit limiting. For us it’s perfect.

Refilling the reservoir is simple as it completely removes from the base of the machine. You just remove it from the base, then remove the lid of the reservoir and fill. Next you just sit the reservoir back on the base. The filter is conveniently attached within the reservoir itself. The markings on the outside of the water tank are clearly marked and so it’s easy to see where you need to fill it too.


There are so many different varieties of coffee that you can get with kcups. Unless you’re favorite coffee is produced by a tiny artisan coffee house in Berlin, chances are you will be able to find one of the widely available coffee brands suitable.

One of the most common complaints that I came across for k-cup coffee machines is that they are expensive to operate. The k-cups can be expensive when you compare them to a can of Folgers or Maxwell House. However, there are many places where you buy them in bulk where the cost can be less than 50 cents a cup.

A cheaper option still is that the k250 is compatible with reusable k-cups. While I haven’t tried this option yet I know that it is good for frugality. Also, and equally as important, you can use this option to enjoy your favorite coffee blend whenever.

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Update: We purchased the reusable k-cup and can attest that it is a money saver for sure. Especially for us as we aren’t big coffee fans. A can of Folgers is a lot more economical than individual k-cups.


Now, you know that cleaning a coffee machine isn’t the hardest thing to do but with the k-250 daily cleaning is virtually nonexistent. There is very little coffee splatter that gets on the base of the machine. The drip tray at the base does collect too much of mess either as long as you leave your cup in place for the entirety of the brew.

Maintaining any coffee machine is a requirement to keep it up and running over the long haul. This one comes with descaling solution which, with regular use, will keep your machine running like new.


The Keurig K250 comes with a 1-year warranty. Standard fare for consumer goods in this price range.


So far we are really enjoying our Keurig k250. It is sleek, good looking, fast, and inexpensive. It brews a cup of coffee in no time. I simply can’t think of a negative for this machine. At least not at this point. We’ve been using it for about 5 months now and it is holding up just fine.

Folks who drink a lot of coffee may want to get a coffee maker with a larger capacity reservoir. Other than that I can’t really think of any cons.

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