Keurig K250 2.0 vs K55

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The Keurig k250 2.0 vs k55 comparison is one that features two very good single-serve pod coffee makers. Regardless of which model you go with, rest assured both will provide you with a person that will most likely satisfy your needs.

I love pod-style coffee makers because they make the process of making coffee so much easier on you. The results are very predictable. All you have to do is insert a pod, press a few buttons and the rest is done for you.

Below, we’ve compared these two machines and looked at the features and specs side-by-side to give you a better idea of which one you should choose.

 Keurig K250Keurig K55
Reservoir Capacity:40 ounces48 ounces
Color:black, red, turquoise, violet, and whiteblue, white, and rhubarb
K-cup Compatibility:K-cups, mugs, and carafeK-cups
Brew Size:K-cup - 4 to 10 ounces; K-mug - 12,14, and 16 ounces; K-mug - 22, 26, and 30 ounces6, 8, and 10 ounce servings
Touch Screen:YesNo
Brew Strength Selector:YesNo
High Altitude Seting:YesNo
Automatic Shutoff:NoYes
Warranty:1 year warranty1 year warranty
Price:click here to see priceclick here to see price

Keurig K250 vs K55: Which of these Keurigs is Best for You…?

Appearance and Size

I love products that are practical, functional, and beautiful. Both of these machines meet those standards. So, there’s no doubt about it – Keurig makes a really attractive, modern-looking machine.

The K250 comes available in the following colors: black, red, turquoise, violet, and white. Those bright colors give the machine a kind of “fun” art-deco quality. The 55 looks good in the available colors as well in those brighter colors; blue, white, and rhubarb. But it also looks great in low-key traditional black.

They are about the same size, but to look at the pictures, you wouldn’t realize it. The k250 has a sleeker presence than the k55.

Still, these machines will leave a considerable footprint on your countertop but I think that for the regular coffee drinker, the space they occupy is worth it.


You may want a Keurig because it is convenient, trendy, and just a really cool addition to your kitchen. Whatever your reason, you should be happy with your choice. There are several differences in performance that will probably sway you in one direction or the other.

K-Cup Compatibility

Both machines are compatible with the k-cup pods. K-cups are able to produce a cup of coffee up to 10 ounces. The k250 has a few more options though – K-Mug pods or K-Carafe pods. This additional compatibility gives the option to make coffee for the whole family.

Using Your Own Coffee

Keurig K55 Coffee Maker Black

For either machine, you can purchase a k-cup filter and use it for your own coffee grounds instead of the premade pods. This is a feature that many customers love.

Brew Sizes

Once again this is another huge advantage for the k250. You can only make 6, 8, and 10 ounce beverages with the k55. On the k250 this range extends from 4-ounces up to 10 ounces for the k-cup; 12, 14, and 16 ounces for the k-mug and 22, 26, 30 ounces for the Carafe.


Keurig K250 –  Check out customer reviews and ratings

Keurig K55 – Check out customer reviews and ratings

Note: when you prepare a k-cup and select the 10-ounce cup, the coffee will be weaker than if you were to choose the 6-ounce version. More water plus the same amount of coffee grounds equals a weaker cup of Joe.


The k250 has a 40 ounce reservoir compared to 48 ounces for the k55. This difference in capacity doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. You can simply refill the reservoir if you run out. It’s a 25% difference and it means the difference between an additional serving or not.


There is a huge difference between the controls on these machines. The k55 has buttons with icons that indicate the serving size. There is a power button and a button that you press to select the other options like auto-off.

On the other hand, the k55 has a black and white touch screen that you use to choose your preferences. In the modern world, digital beats analog by a country mile, so for most this will be seen as a bonus.

Brew Strength Control

Keurig K250 Brewing System White

I’ve researched a lot of different coffee makers and I can tell you that brew strength control is a feature that lots of customers appreciate. This feature is only on the k250.

For some this may not be an issue at all because you can always go with stronger coffee grounds instead of just relying on the settings on the machine. There are some really strong coffees out there like death wish coffee.

High-altitude Setting

The high-altitude affects coffee brew because it changes the boiling point of coffee. For machines like the Keurig with programmed heat settings, there needs to be a special program that accounts for the change in elevation and boiling point. The high-altitude setting is another feature that is only available on the k250.


Only the k55 has the ability to be programmed to turn off automatically after 90 seconds. With the k250 you’ll have to turn it off manually.


Both machines come with a one-year warranty.


If I were choosing between the two machines in the Keurig k250 2.0 vs k55 debate, I’d go with the k250. The additional brew sizes and brew strength selector gives you greater flexibility over your drink and they fall within the same price range.

But that doesn’t mean that the k55 is a bad deal. Quite the contrary. It is perfect for a lot of folks and situations like college dorm students and office settings. Also, it has that auto shutoff feature that is very convenient and the larger reservoir.

Keurig K250 – Check Price

Keurig K55 – Check Price

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