How to Clean Stainless Steel

A lot of people don’t know how to clean stainless steel. Growing up my mother always told me never use a regular rag to wipe off the refrigerator. I would wonder why, and having my own family I now understand why. It’s easy to damage.

I would wake up in the morning start to get breakfast ready and there were a ton of finger prints all over the fridge from the night before.

Stainless steel refrigerator with fingerprints all over it.

Before Cleaning

So I went searching for something that would help clean my stainless steel applicances without damaging them. I came across a product called Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes and decided to try them. I am so glad I did. Below are the very simple steps you can take to make your appliances look brand new again.

1. Take a wipe from the container
2. Wipe going with the grain of the appliance. (For example my fridge’s grain goes left to right)
3. Lastly let the fridge dry.

Stainless steel refrigerator after it was cleaned with Weiman stainless steel wipes.

After Cleaning

I know you would want to wipe off any excess streaks you see but don’t. I noticed the solution goes into the grain and seems like it protects it longer for the next set of finger prints.

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