Zojirushi eb-dlc10 vs eb-cc15

Barbecue on the electric grill.  Summer party, detailed view of grilled chicken and sausage. The Zojirushi eb-dlc10 vs eb-cc15 comparison will help you find the best electric grill.

Can you make food this good on your electric grill…?

The differences between the two indoor electric grills featured on this page, Zojirushi eb-dlc10 vs eb-cc15, may not at first be apparent. But there are certainly some differences that will get your attention.

Sure, the Foreman grills might be the most popular but they certainly aren’t the only game in town. In fact, if you are contemplating a new electric grill, you are sure to come across many different brands that manufacture electric grills.

By the time you finish this page, in a few minutes, you should full aware of which of these grills is best for you.

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Zojirushi eb-dlc10 vs eb-cc15 – Which Electric Grill do you want…?

Appearance and Size

Zojirushi eb-cc15 Indoor Electric Grill

These aren’t the types of appliances that most people are going to want to keep displayed on their countertop. There are some obvious differences in the way that these little grills are shaped. The eb-dlc10 is black and gray while the base of the eb-cc15 is brown and black.

They are about the same size although the eb-dlc10 is a little bigger than the eb-cc15; they measure 20-3/4 x 14-1/8 x 3-5/8 and 12-5/8 x 18-3/4 x 3 inches respectively. Sometimes a small difference in the dimensions translates to a bigger difference in usable space than you might have originally thought. I find that this effect is greater for small appliances like these grills. If you were able to place these machines side-by-side and use them for a while, I’m sure that you would notice a difference.

On the sides of each of these machines, you will find cool-touch handles that are large enough for you to safely pick up the grill and move it to different location.

Performance and Power

Both of these grills are powerful enough to reach up to 410 degrees. The heating element for the eb-dlc10 is rated at 1500-watts compared to 1300-watts for the eb-cc15. The dlc10 has to heat up a larger cooking surface so it needs to be a bit more powerful.

Heating Element

The heating elements for both machines are separate parts from the grill base and surface. On each of these machines you will find a dial that you use to set the temperature – the temperature range is 176  to 410 degrees for both units. They remind me of the old-school griddles small kitchen appliances that my mom used had when I was growing up. As mentioned above, the dlc10 has a 1500-watt heating element while the eb-cc15 has a 1300-watt heating element.

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Get more details on the Zojirushi eb-dlc10


Some people may concerned about using such a high-output grilling surface because of safety reasons. Well, the good news is that there is very little to be concerned about. Each of these grills has a safety feature that will not start heating the grill surface unless the heating element is installed the correct way.

Grill Surface, Tray, and Base

Zojirushi eb-dlc10 Indoor Electric Grill

Unlike the Foreman grills where the grill is angled so that the juices and oil runs down into a try, the grill surfaces for both of these units are perforated. They aren’t angled at all, instead the surface lies flat and the drippings fall through the holes on the grill and in the tray.

The end result for this and Foreman grills is the same- you still end up with a healthier meal. The bases for both are sturdy. The dlc10’s base made out of stainless steel.

Easy-to-Use and Clean

Both of these grills are extremely easy to use and clean as they each have a nonstick coating but the eb-dlc10 is a titanium enhance stainless steel coating. In fact they both come completely apart to allow for easy cleaning. The drip tray for the cc15 is actually dishwasher safe.


Both Chinese made grills come with a one year warranty.


If I were choosing between these two machines in the Zojirushi eb-cc15 vs eb-dlc10, I’d most likely go with the Zojirushi cc15. The reason is because both of these machines are really similar. They share the same temperature range even though the eb-dlc10 has a more powerful heating element and stronger titanium nonstick coating. The eb-cc15 has a powerful heating element too. And, they both share the same warranty and safety mechanisms.

The eb-dlc10 has a large cooking surface as it is the larger machine, but I don’t think that this is a real deal breaker here. Some might appreciate a larger cooking surface but most should be satisfied with the surface size of the eb-cc15.

So, in the end, the dlc10 is technically the better machine but I don’t think that it completely outclasses the cc15.

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Zojirushi eb-dlc10 – Check Price

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