Yonanas Review

I won the Yonanas frozen treat maker from a work contest. I was so excited to take it home and make some ice cream-like fruit puree. The package says it is easy, delicious and 100% frozen fruit. I read the directions and all I needed to do was put my favorite fruit in the freezer. Once the fruit was frozen I would leave it out to get a little softer and put the fruit in through the chute on the machine.

The yonanas fruit dessert maker.

Preparing to Use the Yonanas Healthy Dessert Maker

While my fruit was freezing I decided to clean the machine. I removed the plastic covering and tried to take the machine apart. I removed the chute from the main base. When I tried to disassemble the chute, I couldn’t. It was too tight and my hands were too small to get a good grip.

I had to ask Bill (my husband) for help. He too found it difficult to disassemble. He ran it under hot water, and used a rag to try and get a better grip; eventually the chute was free from the blade. Boy, this part was tough! My hands were hurting from trying to get the blade out to clean it.

The yonanas machine taken apart showing all individual pieces.

Ready For Some Yonanas Healthy Dessert

After washing the chute, blade, and plunger I put the pieces back together and was ready for some frozen dessert. I took my fruit from the freezer let it sit on the counter for 10 minutes. I started by putting the banana pieces in the cute, it worked like a charm; we had pureed frozen banana. I was so ecstatic.

The blades did a great job of pureeing the banana. So I then put a few pieces of strawberries through the chute. I didn’t see any strawberry coming out of the chute. So I then put another piece of banana and the magic started to happen. The banana pushed the strawberry through the chute.

Where Did the Strawberry Go? All I Taste is Banana…

I noticed the mixture in the bowl was very little compared to the amount of fruit I put in the chute. Once I finished using the Yonanas machine I mixed all of the fruit concoction together, unfortunately, it wasn’t very sweet. I added sugar to the mixture to make it more palatable. All I really tasted was banana. The mixture was red but didn’t have much of a strawberry taste.

After I was finished using the Yonanas I detached the chute from the blade to clean it and once again it was a difficult process. Once I finally got it open I saw that a lot of fruit that was stuck. I was really disappointed that so much fruit was stuck in there.

A Healthy Dessert Alternative to Ice Cream…?

I am glad that I didn’t purchase this product because it didn’t give me the taste I was looking forward to and it wasn’t very easy to use. This is certainly not an ice cream or frozen yogurt alternative for my family. At this point, we’d rather have fruit with maybe a little cool whip. That’s a more viable healthier dessert alternative for us.

Conclusions On The Yonanas Healthy Dessert Maker

I checked some reviews on Amazon and Wal-mart.com. Some of the reviews mentioned similar challenges that we faced with the Yonanas machine. However, most of the reviews were positive.

In spite of the taste of the Yonanas creation, the real con of this experience was that removing the chute from the blade was a pain in the neck, and the amount of the fruit gets stuck in the machine. Just recently I tried to disassemble it again and I struggled to get it open, but this time it was a lot easier than before.

Perhaps I got a bad unit. I’m certainly not ruling that out, but I have only used the machine twice. Maybe we will try the machine out again and play around with different recipes to see what we can come up with.


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