Weber e310 vs s310 (Genesis series)

Delicious grilled beef steak on a wooden board with spices.

Delicious grilled beef steak on a wooden board with spices.

The Weber E310 vs S310 gas grill comparison features two very good options from the trusted manufacturer. When it comes to barbecuing and grilling many things are a matter of opinion but other things aren’t debatable. I’ve done the research on these two machines and listed the differences as well as similarities.

Below, you will find all of the information that you need to make the best choice in the Weber e310 vs s310 comparison. 



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Weber E310 vs S310: Which One Should You Choose…?

Stainless Steel Weber S-310

Stainless Steel Weber S-310

Size, Performance and Appearance…

Both models in the Weber E310 vs S310 grill comparison measure 30 inches x 60 inches x 64.5 inches. However they aren’t the same weight. The S-310 weighs 165 pounds versus 179 for the E-310.

Both grills put out 38,000 btu’s per hour to a 637 square inch cooking surface. Of that, 507 square inches is primary cooking surface while the remaining 130 square inches is warming space. A general rule of thumb is 100 square inches person. So either model would work for a family of four or five.

I usually prefer the look of stainless steel. But not when it comes to grills. For what it’s worth, they are both good looking grills.


The mostly black exterior of the weber genesis e310 is going to be much easier for you to clean than the stainless steel s310. We have stainless steel appliances and they are pretty easy to clean. But I could imagine that a stainless steel grill would be a little challenging for obvious reasons. Little burnt bits of meat, fat, and barbecue sauce are going to get stuck on the exterior all the time. The black color of the e310 will hide the stains and you won’t have to clean as often. So, if you’re buying the s310 for looks you’re going to have some work cut out for yourself.

Built-in thermometer…

The built-in thermometers included on all grills; gas or charcoal, Weber or Charbroil, are crap. The problem is that most of them, mounted to the top of the grill hood, are too far away from the grill grates to get an accurate temperature.

If you are already a seasoned grill master, then you probably own several types of grill thermometers. If you’re a novice however, make this your top priority. Get a quality thermometer.

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Weber e310 vs s310

Weber e310

Flavorizer bar

This technology is a Weber brand original. The flavorizer bars, which are angled just right, catch grill drippings, evaporate the juices back in to the meat. Then, any drippings that are not evaporated dimply drip down to the grease management system. Both grills are equipped with flavorizer bars, however, the Weber e-310 has porcelain enameled flavorizer bars whereas the s-310 has stainless steel bars. Both should last a very long time.

Grilling Grates: Cast Iron vs Stainless Steel

One of the biggest differences between these two grills is the grill grates. The e-310 grill grates are made of porcelain-enameled cast-iron while the grates on the s-310 are made of stainless steel. But which is better? Based on what I discovered while researching, both have their pros and cons.

Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and will hold up for a long time, but it can be chipped and lose much of its nonstick abilities. Cast iron (with a porcelain coating) will hold heat better than stainless steel and have better performance longer than stainless steel. However you need to be careful not to chip the porcelain coating or the cast iron will rust.

Although I’d personally prefer porcelain coated cast iron both are good choices.


Both grills come with a 10 year limited warranty. The warranty covers different parts for different durations. For example, the weber Genesis series warranty covers the cookbox for 10 years while cooking grates are covered for 5 years. You can get a more details on the warranty by clicking here (Weber website).

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Comparison Chart

Weber e310 vs s310

Weber Genesis E310

Stainless Steel Weber S-310

Weber Genesis S310

Dimensions:30 inches x 60 inches x 64.5 inches30 inches x 60 inches x 64.5 inches
Color:BlackStainless Steel
Cooking Area:637 square inches637 square inches
Grate Material:Porcelain-enameled cast ironStainless steel
Warranty:10 year limited10 year limited

Customer Reviews…

There are many satisfied customers for both grills in the e 310 vs s 310 comparison. Some customers point to the high quality design and performance as being its main benefit. Others like that the propane (or natural gas) tank gauge is easy to read. After years of buying models that only last a couple years, many customers see either choose as a huge upgrade.

There were some customers that pointed out some problems, i.e. design flaws. Some one-off complaints include inconsistent heating, rusting. But in my opinion those complaints don’t point to any chronic issues in the product line. Both seem to be good buys.

Other Gas Grills to Consider…

While both of the gas grills in this comparison are good options, you might be better off with one of the slightly different models. Check out the grills below to see and determine which one will best fit your situation.

VS Weber Genesis E330

The Weber Genesis e330 is black and stainless steel. It is very similar to the e310 and s310. The biggest difference is that the e-330 is has a side burner as well as sear burner. The side burner is capable of pumping out 12,000 btu’s an hour and the sear burner can pump out 10,000. Like the e 310, the e 330 has a porcelain enameled shroud with center mounted thermometer. So all-in-all it is a grill with many more features than the e310 or s310.

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VS Weber E210

The weber spirit e210 is a miniature version of the 310. You can choose to use natural or propane gas with it. Instead of three burners you get two. You also lose about 80 square inches of total cooking space. So, who might this mini-me gas grill be suited for? Well, there are lots of people who have limited space for one reason or another. Or maybe you have a small family and don’t entertain very often. Depending on your household, this toned down version of the Weber e310 could be a good choice for you.

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VS Weber Genesis E320

The Weber e-320 has the same great construction and design that you’d enjoy with the 310. In fact, it’s just like the 310 except that it has an added side burner that is capable of putting out 12,000 btu’s per hour.

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Summary & Recommendation

Both gas grills in the Weber e310 vs s310 debate are very good choices. Sure the stainless steel look of the s310 is attractive, but keeping it clean could become tedious. After considering the benefits of both models, I’d go with the Weber e-310. First of all, the performance and durability are just about equal.

Although with proper care the e310’s porcelain covered grates should perform a bit better longer (nonstick, holds heat better). I have no doubt that either of these machines will perform well and last a very long time.


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