Waste King Legend 9980 vs 8000 (L-8000 vs L-9980)

So, you need a new garbage disposal and managed to narrow your choices down to the Waste King 9980 vs 8000 comparison. Well, congratulations, that’s quite the feat in and of itself. There are literally hundreds of models out there to choose from.

A garbage disposer is a necessary small kitchen appliance. It provides you with a simple way to get rid of excess scraps that would otherwise stink up your kitchen trash bin. Using one is also a green (good for the environment) activity because properly equipped municipalities can harness the gases that come from the decomposition of those food scraps.

To find out which garbage disposal you should choose continue reading on below.

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Waste King Legend 9980 vs 8000: Which Garbage Disposal is Right for You…?

Appearance, Size and Construction

To simply look at these 1.0 horsepower garbage disposals from a distance or from the pictures available online, you aren’t likely to notice any tangible differences. From the pictures that I’ve seen, there could be a minor cosmetic difference; a barely noticeable color variation.

In any case, both machines are grey. The dimensions for both the 8000 and the 9980, as per the Waste King website, are 8 ½” wide by 16 1/16” tall (this is based on the most reliable information that I could come across).

What are these things made of and how does that affect performance?

Both of these stellar units are housed in plastic which is commonplace for units in this price range. What’s more important are the materials inside of the machine. Disposals like the Insinkerator Badger 5 for example, whose grinding chamber is made of galvanized metal have numerous reports of corrosion.

The Waste King l-8000 and l-9980 solve this problem. The grinding chambers for both of these units is made of glass filled nylon, so there will never be a corrosion problem.

Power and Performance

A 1 horsepower motor powers both of these garbage disposals. But what exactly does that mean. In my opinion a 1 horsepower motor is more than enough to handle anything in your household. These beast have an output of 2800rpms which creates a vortex and just constantly sucks in food to be ground up. For example, I’ve about customers who are able to successfully grind watermelon rinds, corn cobs and chicken bones.

These two units are continuous feed systems, but what does that mean exactly? Continuous feed disposals like the two on this page work by continuously grinding when the power is on. You’re might be thinking, “Duh, that’s how all garbage disposals work!” Well, you’d be wrong, there are some units of there that must have the cover engaged in order to run. This is an important feature for some users, those with young children who want to avoid any potential accidents.

What about jams? The potential for jams is reduced by the stainless steel swivel impellers.

Noise Level

According the product description pages, these units are supposed to be quieter due to their insulated stainless steel grinding components.

I’d say that the level of noise produced by these machines will probably be similar to what you experience now. Now, I did come across some users that said that this machine is very quiet, but I also came across those customers that stated the exact opposite.

Without actually measuring the decibels that different disposals put out, there is no way to actually know for sure which model is quietest. If you’ve just got to have the quietest machine out there then you might consider the Insinkerator Evolution (these machines are designed to be extremely quiet).

My intuition tells me that if you had a particularly loud disposal in the past then you may think that this one is quiet by comparison. If you had a unit that was more on the quiet side, then you may notice that this unit is louder or about the same.

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This is biggest difference between these two units. The L-8000 uses what is called an “ez-mount” system. Comparatively, the L-9980 uses a standard 3-bolt system. From what I read, the 9980 will take a little longer to install. A more skilled or experienced installer may be able to install one quicker. Sure, the mounting process is easier with the 8000, but are there other things to consider?

The 9980 has a more durable mount as it is made out of stainless steel while the mount for the 8000 is made out of aluminum.  Both units have a stainless steel flange.

The ease at which these garbage disposals are installed is very subjective.

Splash Guard

The splash guard is that plastic or rubber part that sits in the drain. It prevents the foodstuff you’re grinding from splashing back up and making a mess everywhere. Most disposal that I’ve come across are permanent but others are removable. Why would you want a removable splash guard? Well, that foodstuff that you grind up will build up over time and start to smell. Also, what do you do if the splash part gets damaged?

The 8000 has a removable splash guard while the 9980 has a permanent one (you’d have to remove and re-install the entire unit in order to change the splash guard).

What comes in the box?

Both of these units come with everything that you need to get it installed, including the power cord. Some of the cheaper garbage disposals don’t include the power supply.

What’s included with the Waste King 8000…?

  • Waste king 8000 1.0 horsepower garbage disposal
  • EZ mounting hardware
  • Power Cord
  • Removable splash guard
  • Plastic stopper

What’s included with the Waste King 9980…?

  • Waste King 9980 1.0 horsepower garbage disposal
  • 3-bolt mounting hardware
  • Power Cord
  • Plastic Stopper

If you need adapter hose and overflow for connection to your dishwasher, you will have to purchase those parts separately.


Both of these units are covered by one of the best warranties I ever came across; a lifetime warranty. Anytime a company is willing to stand behind their product for life that speaks volumes. So, if you have issues with your new disposal just give the company a call and they will schedule a visit from a professional to replace it.

The one caveat is that the warranty is non-transferrable, meaning that if you sell your home, the new owner is not covered by that warranty. Still, a lifetime warranty is a good indicator of a quality product.


Luckily our Insinkerator badger 5 is still grinding strong. However, if I were choosing between the units, Waste King 9980 vs 8000, I’d go for the 8000. It has a very strong reputation among consumers and experts alike. It’s actually a top choice from established and respected consumer product testing agencies.

I like the easy mounting system, and I like the idea of a removable splash guard. I actually think that it’s a very important feature as you’ll be able to clean it easier than the permanently mounted splash guard of the 9980.

If for one reason or another you decide to go with the 9980 that wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

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