Waste King L 8000 vs Insinkerator Evolution Compact Comparison

The war for best in the garbage disposal real can be said to be between these mighty disposal units; The Waste King L-8000 vs Insinkerator Evolution Compact. Both of them have been manufactured to give superior service to their users. But which one is the best for you? Continue reading below to find out.

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Waste King L-8000 vs Evolution Compact Comparison


These are powerful home appliances that come with magnificent abilities to grind just about all kinds of food wastes and allow them to flow easily down the sewage drains. The legendary L- 8000 comes with an output of 1 horsepower making it more efficient and effective compared to Evolution Compact. The latter has ¾ Horsepower which is still not bad. The L-8000 also comes with an energy efficient and high speed Vortex permanent magnet motor. This motor can run up to 2800 rpm. In comparison to Evolution Compact that has a single phase motor that runs up to 1725 rpm.  These motors use different amounts of electricity to function. L-8000 will require 115 volts and 60 Hz while Compact requires 120 volts and 60 Hz to operate.


Both manufacturers put into consideration the space occupied by these disposals. They are both compact enough to fit under any kitchen sink without any hassle. Waste King is just 9 inches wide and 14.25 inches tall while Compact comes closely behind. Interestingly, L-8000 has a 36 inch power cable while Compact has no cable at all. Both are preferred in about equal measure by the customers that use them. In addition, the L-8000 has a grinding chamber of about 33.5 oz while the Evolution Compact has a hefty 34.6 oz. This means that although both are capable of handling large batches of food quite easily. The latter has a little more capacity, however, this point probably won’t factor into your decision.


For the L-8000 disposer, safety is guaranteed because of its powerful stainless steel swivel impellers that can shred food garbage into small particles and making it safer for the septic tank. The Evolution Compact also features a stainless steel interior with strong powered blades that spin fast in order to grind anything that finds its way into the grinding chamber. Because of the stainless steel used in manufacturing both of them, durability is guaranteed because there will be no corrosion, rust or any gasket fails.

Disposal system

Both disposal units use continuous feed disposal system. Simply put, you can add food waste to them continuously when they are on. They are manufactured in such a way that their components easily reduce garbage jamming and also easy to clean them out. We can say that this is quite efficient because the user is able to dispose all waste right away. They are designed to take care of all food waste by working continuously.


The installation of both disposers is quite easy. For Waste King L-8000, most users were of the opinion that if instructions provided by Waste King- the manufacturer- were well followed, many first time users could manage to mount the unit with great ease. The disposer comes with the EZ mount technology and if replaced by another EZ mount, it takes only 20 minutes. As for Evolution Compact, users’ reviews showed that it is also quite easy to install. Evolution Compact uses the Quick lock mount whose components are found together for new installations. As for repeat users, all they need to do is to simply twist off the old one, and twist on the new one. This basically means that you don’t have to employ the services of a professional, since it is very easy to install.


Both manufacturers of these disposers have gone out of their way to make very quiet appliances. Considering how powerful each one of them is, customers on both ends think that they have done a pretty good job. L-8000 uses the “superior sound insulation system” to reduce the sound of the motor. It also has a rubber cushion on the EZ mount to hold the mounting. This also significantly reduces noise from the vibration. The Evolution Compact uses the InSinkErator’s Sound Seal technology which is an anti-vibration system, advanced level sound insulation, as well as a special quiet collar sink baffle that blocks sound from coming up the sink opening hence making it very quiet when in use. In comparison though, Compact takes the day. Based on customers’ feedback, it has proven to be the quieter model of the two.

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The best part of the Waste King L-8000 to any buyer or would be user is the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty. This then translates to being able to get your disposer fixed or maintained at the manufacturer’s cost for the entire period that it will be in your possession. Isn’t this just worth it! On the other hand, Evolution Compact comes with a 4 year warranty. It is not bad but most reviews said that the Waste King deal was far much better. However, users are cautioned to only use them as instructed in the users’ manual that comes with both disposers. Often times Lifetime warranties come with caveats, most often it is that these machines are only covered by manufacturer defects.


As expected, price really drives the decision to buy any product. Most customers after reviewing the food waste disposal units in the market will critically look at the ones that fit within their budgets. So if you have a limited budget, you can make do with the Waste King L-8000 disposer. However, if you have a wider budget then the Evolution Compact might be suitable for you. Both disposers are perfect for household use and will give good service.


The Waste King L-8000 vs Insinkerator Evolution Compact debate is an important one to consider before investing in a new garbage disposer. On the one hand, the Waste King is more powerful, but performance should be pretty even. The Evolution Compact is quieter by a considerable margin; this is a big win for the Insinkerator brand. However, the Waste King L8000 comes with a lifetime warranty. A sale can change a price at any time but you are most likely to find that the Compact is more expensive. Given what I’ve read, I think that the Evolution is the superior machine but the Waste King is a good option as well. Performance will be about even if slightly in the favor of the Waste King. The Insinkerator will be as quiet as garbage disposals get.

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