Waste King L-1001 vs L-2600

The Waste King 1001 vs 2600 is a comparison of two very popular garbage disposals from the popular brand. By narrowing your choice down to just two, you’re one step closer to choosing a decent garbage disposal. These two ½-horsepower disposals offer a unique value proposition as they are very affordable and yet powerful for most customers.

There are a few things that most folks want in a garbage disposal; power, durability, easy installation and affordability. I haven’t met a person who was excited to buy a new garbage disposal. It’s one of those things that you buy because you have to.

Read on below to find out which unit is better for you.

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Waste King L-1001 vs L-2600: Which One is Right for You…?

Waste King L-1001

Waste King L-1001

Just take a short glance at these two disposers and it’s easy to see the obvious differences. The Waste King 1001 is cylindrical in shape while the 2600 shapes like a mushroom. The 1001 measures 6.4 x 6.4 x 13.4 inches compared to 9 x 9 x 14.2 inches for the 2600 (according to measurements available on Amazon). Both of these units weigh less than 10 pounds.

How long your disposal last will depend on how well you treat it. I would advise you to avoid throwing a bunch of chicken wing bones in at once. Personal use habits aside, I think that the 2600 will last longer for reasons you will find out about just below.

Power and Performance

Because both of these units are ½ – horsepower units you can rest assured that they will perform the same. What you get are disposals capable of producing 2600rpms. I’ve come across users that state how they can grind up stuff like citrus fruit peels. Egg shells and chicken bones are reportedly chewed up with ease. Either model can be used successfully with a septic system.

Still, I would say that both of these units will power through most stuff that you throw at it, but all machines have their limits. I would avoid over loading these units with a bunch of food all at once.

The l-2600 comes with stainless steel impellers that will certainly last longer and stand up to corrosion better than the 1001. But that’s not the only purpose, the stainless steel swivel impellers are designed to reduce jamming.

These are both continuous feed disposals which means that once you turn it on you can just put your food in the machine. Some machines are batch feed which requires you to have the disposal cover in place to turn it on and start grinding.

Grind Chamber

The grind chambers are very different. The l-1001 has a sheet metal grind chamber that will eventually give way and rust out. The l-2600, on the other hand, has a more sophisticated grind chamber. It is instead made out of glass filled which is completely corrosion resistant. Another huge advantage for the 2600.

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Click here to get more details on the Waste King L-2600

Noise Level

When it comes to noise level the L-2600 has a huge advantage. Because the grind chamber is made of glass filled nylon it acts as a buffer and insulates the chamber reduces the volume of the grinding. This is a huge plus for the 2600 over the 1001.

The stainless grinding components are insulated which further reduces the noise produced by the 2600.


Waste King L-2600

Waste King L-2600

Installation for both of these units will be nearly the same. They are equipped with an “EZ-mount” quick-lock system. All you have to do is twist off the old model and twist on the new one. In fact it’s one of the things that customers really love about these garbage disposals.

You should note that both of those units come with a power cord. So, they are ready to go out of the box. You don’t have to buy a bunch of other stuff.

Splash Guard & Stopper

The splash guard for both of these units is removable. I think that a removable splash guard is important because you won’t have to worry it collecting a bunch food debris. Our splash guard isn’t removable and there is always a build-up of food gunk that ends up having a foul smell. It can be cleaned but it’s kind of awkward to do so. Both come with a plastic stopper.


There is a huge difference in the warranties. The L-1001 comes with a 2-year warranty compared to a 5-year warranty for the 2600. Both of the warranties include in-home service which means that if you have any issues a technician will come to your home to fix your issues.

(The L-2600 also comes with a lifetime warranty that covers corrosion)


Hopefully you gained enough insight into these two machines; Waste King 1001 vs 2600. These machines are very similar. They are easy to install, both have a removable splash guard, they are about the same size and fall into the same price range. If I needed a new garbage disposal and were considering either of the units in this comparison I’d certainly go with the 2600. Compared to what you get, this is a huge upgrade. You get better impellers. The 2600 sports stainless steel impellers which stand up to the test of time much better. The 2600 is quieter because of the nylon-glass filled grind chamber.

On top of that, with the 2600, you get a much longer warranty at 5-years compared to 2. This choice is easy. There really is no comparison here.

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