Viante CUC-30ST Intellisteam Review

The best food steamer is the Viante CUC-30ST

You can find a budget-priced food steamer for under forty bucks. However the Viante CUC-30ST is a higher-end steamer. It’s for the person/family that has researched steamers and are certain that a steamer would improve their lives.

Viante makes exceptional products and their prices are a reflection of that. Much like Vitamix or Blendtec, Viante makes restaurant quality machines for the regular guy or gal.

One of the Viante CUC-30ST highlights is its ease of use. This is important when making a healthy lifestyle change. The versatility enables you to cook rice, meat or vegetables at the same time. Read on below to see if this is the food steamer for you.

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A Convenient 3 Compartment Smart Steamer

Have you ever purchased a new appliance that was hard to use? We certainly have. I like appliances with an easy to understand interface. When I buy a new appliance, I don’t want to have to study the manual for 5 hours before using it.

You won’t have to worry about that with the Viante CUC-30ST. One of its main benefits is how easy it is to use. The mantra is; prepare, set & relax, and enjoy. In truth, there are 10 simple steps that get your steamer set and working properly. The manual does a good job of explaining each step.

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The 3 compartments work independently of one another. Yes, there are separate controls for each of the 3 compartments. This means that you can cook 3 separate dishes with different temperature settings. Because the foods are cooked in different containers, there is no flavor mixing. This is a premium feature.

Mixed steamed veggies on a plate.Let’s take a look at a much cheaper alternative. The Oster 5712 electronic steamer has two tiers that you stack on top of one another. This allows you to cook two different dishes at the same time. This steamer, however, lacks the functionality of individual temperature and timer controls for each compartment. Depending on what you’re cooking, this could lead to unevenly cooked food; and you may find yourself doing a little “guess and check” before your food is done.

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On the other hand, the Viante CUC-30ST gives you complete control of your food preparation. For some, this function alone makes the more expensive Viante steamer worth the extra cost.

Another benefit of the intellisteam is that it automatically coordinates cooking times. So for example, let’s say that you are steaming mixed vegetables, salmon, and brown rice. Each of those foods have very different cooking times. The Viante CUC-30ST will automatically set your start times so that all of your food is finished simultaneously.

There are eight pre-programmed settings: soft-boiled eggs, leaf and pod vegetables, chicken, and fish, root vegetables, sauce, rice, and keep warm. You can also set your own cooking times and adjust the pre-programmed settings as needed.

Another major benefit of the Viante CUC-30ST is that it is easy to clean. The 3-compartments are dishwasher safe. The body of the Viante can be wiped down with a rag and just empty out the water reservoir.

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  • 1-liter rice bowl
  • 3 food compartments each with individual timer and temp controls
  • 8 Pre-programmed steaming settings
  • Visible water gauge
  • Measurements: 14.5 x 13.5 x 15.1 inches
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Accessories are dishwasher safe
  • Automatically sets start times to ensure that all food is done at the same time
  • Tuck away cord for easy storage
  • BPA-free plastic containers

Performance Durability & Warranty

You won’t be disappointed with the performance of this steamer. The versatility in the features ensures that. This machine is well built. The exterior is made out of thick plastic. Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The customer service number is 1-800-339-6544.

What Do Customers Think…?

You can definitely find other food steamers out there with perhaps more history than this one. For some that might be enough, others might want to go for a more popular option.

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The Good…

A few customers said it is a very smart and convenient food steamer, and there are a lot of reviews that go like that. Many of the customers point to the convenience. Some customers say that it works exactly as described.

That is a rare occurrence. Other customers said that the instruction booklet is very detailed. This is a point mentioned multiple times. A lot of the reviews are short, and the sentiment is pretty similar across the reviews. The bottom line is that many customers recognize and appreciate the value of the Viante CUC-30ST.

A Few Concerns…

No product is perfect. The Viante CUC-30ST had a few complaints that the unit arrived D.O.A. Certainly, this is frustrating, but not enough to make a judgement call about the entire product line. A few customers thought that the Viante Intellisteam was too large to take up permanent spot on the counter.

Another customer thought that this steamer required too much maintenance, and that most people wouldn’t use it consistently. Some of these issues seem rare or opinion based. Others are more serious and should give you some food for thought before you make a decision on this steamer.

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No, the Viante CUC-30ST isn’t for everyone. Its price might prove to be too prohibitive to some customers. That isn’t to say that the Viante isn’t worth the cost though. In reality there are a lot of customers that choose to invest extra money into this quality steamer.

The ability to steam different dishes with different cooking times and temperatures is vital to most customers. It isn’t the smallest machine, so you might not have the space to store it on your countertop. Overall, despite a few small concerns, I think that the Viante CUC-30ST Intellisteam food steamer is a very good option.

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