Tefal Actifry vs DeLonghi Multifry Air Fryer Comparison

Air Fryers (or low oil fryers) have taken the world by storm. They went from being obscure novelty appliances to mainstream ubiquity. You can find them at all of your mainstream stores and online. They’re everywhere. The Tefal Actifry vs DeLonghi Multifry represent some of the pioneers in this space. They are both proven in the market place unlike a lot of fly by night brands that recently got into the space within the last couple of years. Both of these compacts make high quality products. Below, discover which of these models is right for you.

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Tefal Actifry vs DeLonghi Multifry Air Fryer Comparison


Tefal actifry and DeLonghi multifry are both low oil cookers. This means that they require very little oil or no oil at all to get the same results that a usual cooker would achieve. This makes them a very healthy option for people that really love fried foods. They can be found in only 2 colors. You will either get them in black or white. They are both very well designed to occupy minimal space but still handle different kinds of cooking and baking.


Both Tefal actifry and DeLonghi multifry have paddles that are used to stir the food when cooking. This gives food an even mix. It further prevents the food from getting stuck together and actually ensures thoroughly and evenly cooked food. In Tefal actifry, the only time the paddle can be removed is when the cooker is being cleaned.

For the DeLonghi multifry, removing the paddle increases the versatility of the cooker by allowing it to handle more cooking functions. The paddle is a big positive among the users as they feel that the manufacturers knew they would have to keep opening the cooker lid to stir food and decided to take care of that by designing the paddle. This is a huge advantage for the DeLonghi.


Tefal actifry and DeLonghi multifry both have completely transparent lids. Users can monitor the progress of their cooking without the need to keep uncovering the pans.  This also brings back the fun into cooking. The lids are also secure for safe and splatter free cooking.


Being able to control the temperature of the cooker is very important while cooking. The Tefal actifry has but one temperature setting; 338 degrees Fahrenheit. The DeLonghi Multifry has an adjustable thermostat.  This thermostat has 4 levels. You can therefore choose the level of heat required for the food being cooked. This caters for any type of food that can be made by this cooker.

Both cookers come with a timer and buzzer. This is especially important because you can set the cooker to the time you think would be enough to cook your food and the buzzer will automatically alert you. This feature is popular among customers of both models.

Note: Neither cooker comes with an automatic shutoff. Keep in mind the timer buzzer will sound but the food will continue cooking.

The cookers both have ‘cool wall’ exterior. This means that in case you have children, you will not be afraid of their getting burnt if they accidentally touched the cooker. This gives most moms peace of mind and allows them to enjoy their cooking experience with children around.

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Healthier Lifestyles

These cookers were both designed to encourage healthier lifestyles by reducing the amount of oil used in cooking and frying of food.  Both of them require only a table spoon of oil. A common feature in both cookers is the free recipe booklet that accompanies them.  The booklet in the DeLonghi multifry cooker comes with about 250 different, simple but easy to make recipes. The Actifry comes with 38 recipes. However both have recipes available online, through apps, and there are a number of youtubers that have channels dedicated to these specific air fryers, so you’ll be alright.


Another major difference between these two cookers is the capacity. DeLonghi multifry boasts a capacity of 3.3 pounds while Tefal actifry comes with 2.2 pounds. This automatically means that the former is bigger and can handle more food at any one given time.


Both cookers are easy to clean because they have removable non stick ceramic pans, lids, paddles, spoons and filters. This fact is quite comforting because most greasy pans are difficult to clean. These cookers are not only easy to use, but cleaning them is no hassle at all. They are both dishwasher safe and can also be washed by hand. However only the removable parts can be put into the dishwasher, the rest of the machine’s parts should be wiped gently with a soft cloth or sponge.


Based on customer reviews, DeLonghi multifry cooker takes a shorter time to completely cook a meal as compared to Tefal actifry. This is attributed to the fact that DeLonghi multifry cooker has an innovative surround heating system which heats from above and below.  It also compares well when it comes to noise. Although both of them produce some sound when in use, Tefal actifry takes the day as it has higher noise levels caused by the mechanism that turns the food while cooking.  This noise doesn’t affect the functioning of the cooker. In fact, in case it produces an abnormal sound, it should be checked for malfunctions.

Price and Warranty

These machines are competitively priced with one another despite the fact that the DeLonghi is far and away the superior machine to me. The Actifry comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers you in the event of a manufacture defect, however not from user mishandling, i.e. dropping the unit (see more information about the warranty here). When a malfunction occurs, they are guaranteed only if it is not the customer’s fault. And you’ll have to cough up some cash for shipping to return it which really highlights the limited part of this lifetime warranty. The Delonghi comes with a 1-year warranty and it comes with it’s on set of caveats. Honestly, this is standard fair regarding kitchen products at this price point.

Target market

These are versatile cookers that any home would find useful. Those with people who love fried foods especially would enjoy having either of this. Nevertheless, the choice to get the Tefal actifry or DeLonghi multifry cooker would of course depend on price and the needs of the customer.  Both can be found in online stores.


In my opinion, there is no competition here. The DeLonghi Multifry is a much better product in my opinion. With its removable paddles, competitive price, larger capacity, and adjustable thermostat I’d go with the DeLonghi in this case.

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