SPT UF-304SS Energy Star Upright Freezer, 3.0 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel Review

SPT UF-304SSThe Energy Star certified SPT UF-304SS is a three cubic foot stainless steel compact upright freezer. The small freezer measures just 21.1W x 19.4D x 33.8H inches, the perfect size to fit in a dorm room, basement, office kitchen or apartment. For our household, I’m actually considering this to store bulk meats, or fish (whenever I get around to fishing again).

The SPT UF-304SS is a good looking freezer. The stainless steel exterior is a lot different than the typical old school white small freezers you’re probably use to seeing. I was particularly interested in this product because I need to buy a freezer soon. Read on below to find out more about this upright compact freezer.

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A Good Looking Compact Upright Freezer

The 57.3 pound SPT UF-304SS has a three cubic foot capacity. This isn’t a ton a space, but it’s probably more than you think. Using this cubic feet to gallons calculator, I found that you can fit about 22 gallons of fluid inside 3 cubic feet. That’s about the size of an average fish tank. A bit smaller than what I would want for my household of three, but most likely perfect for couples, singles, and college students staying in a dorm room. You also need to consider what it is that you will use your freezer for. I plan on storing lots of meats and produce from my garden so this freezer would be a bit too small for what I want to accomplish.

There are a lot of special little features that go into this compact freezer. For example, you can reverse the door hinges to change swing orientation. So if you’re left handed you can feel just as comfortable using this freezer as a righty. Also, you might find yourself in a situation where the door swing is better suited to one direction over the other due to space restrictions.

Frozen meat from your new compact freezer...?

Frozen meat from your new compact freezer…?

At over 73 pounds, the shipping weight for this machine could be considered heavy (depending on the person).  Though you might still want to arrange for someone to help you get it placed in the right location.

The door is stainless steel and the cabinet (rest of the body) is black.  It’s definitely more modern looking than the standard white only color of yester-year. To me, the color gives what would be a bulky appliance, a sleeker look.

The freezer operates quietly, producing just a 40 decibel noise level. A normal conversation is said to produce a noise level between 60 and 70 decibels. Also, the little noise it does make will be a steady hum without fluctuations in pitch. You’ll forget it’s even there until you need it.

There are three pull out baskets. The top two baskets have dimensions of 14.25″ wide x 13.5″ deep x 8.5″ high, while the bottom basket has dimensions measuring 4.25″ wide x 13.5 ” deep x 7.75″ high. The baskets can be removed, but it is important to note that the shelves that the baskets sit on cannot be removed. Still, removing the baskets might give you the added flexible space you are looking for. A lot of customers seem to find the baskets convenient.

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  • 3 removable pull-out baskets
  • Measures 21.1W x 19.4D x 33.8H inches
  • Weighs about 57 pounds
  • Stainless steel/black exterior color
  • Lock and key for door
  • 3 cubic feet capacity
  • Adjustable thermostat

SPT UF-304SS Compared to Other Compact Freezers

The SPT UF-304SS is a stainless steel compact freezer with a lot to offer. But it is just one example of a freezer. Yes, I do believe that it is a quality appliance, but you might still want to consider another one before you make a purchase decision. Since its release, this freezer has had a number of reviews. There could be features or specifications on another model that are more suitable to your specific needs. Perhaps even a superficial difference in appearance could sway your opinion. Below, take a look at what the competition has to offer before you make a decision.

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VS Whynter CUF-210SS Energy Star Upright Freezer, 2.1 Cubic Feet

The Whynter CUF-210SS is an Energy Star certified upright compact freezer. It is a popular compact freezer and its been around for a while. Like the SPT UF-304SS, the door is stainless steel. It is smaller than the SPT freezer featured on this page, measuring just 27.5 x 20 x 17.5 inches. With smaller dimensions, you end up with a smaller capacity. The Whynter CUF-210SS has a capacity of just 2.1 cubic feet, about 50% smaller than the SPT.

Instead of the three baskets you get with the SPT compact freezer, you only get two with the Whynter. Its shipping weight is just 48 pounds, much less than the 73 pound SPT.

There are a lot of customers whom are happy with this miniature freezer. Customers seem to love the compact design, and are happy with the size and capacity. Although a few customers have complaints. For example, there was an instance of the unit arriving damaged. Nothing that I came across made me think that there was an issue with long-term durability.

The Whynter CUF-210SS has been around the block, is good looking, and offers a smaller size than the SPT UF-304SS. Overall, I think this is a good option if you are looking for an even smaller compact freezer than the SPT model on this page.

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The SPT UF-304SS compact upright freezer is moderately priced with plenty of convenient attributes. You can reverse the hinge allowing the door to open up on the left or right side. It can hold up to three cubic feet of your frozen goods. Based on my research, I believe that the SPT UF-304SS is a good quality compact freezer.

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