Sous Vide SVS10LS Supreme vs SVD-00101 Demi

What will you make first in your new SousVide?

What will you make first in your new SousVide?

The Sous Vide SVS10LS Supreme vs SVD-00101 Demi comparison features two very good sous vide machines.

These machines have several differences and similarities. But don’t you worry, both are high quality products.

Below, you will find all of the information that you need to make an educated decision.

Take your time and you will certainly be happy with your choice. All of the resources you need are right here on this page.



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Sous Vide SVS10LS Supreme vs SVD-00101 Demi: Which One Should You Choose…?

SousVide SVS10LS machine.

SousVide SVS10LS Supreme machine.

Although fictional super-chef, Adam Jones, from the movie Burnt was reluctant to use this cooking method; it is wildly popular. In fact, this low and slow method of cooking is used by many Michelin starred restaurants.

A sous vide is an amazing kitchen tool. A really, really, cool kitchen tool. They allow you to cook very precisely over a longer period time. You can’t overcook! And more flavor is locked in because the food cooks in, most often, a vacuum sealed bag. With other cooking methods, some of that flavor escapes through evaporation or dilution.

Size and Appearance

These machines, about the size and shape of a bread maker, leave a relatively small footprint. The dimensions for the SousVide Supreme are 11.4×11.4×14.2 inches and the SousVide Demi measures 11.3×10.96×12.99 inches.

The SousVide Supreme looks good with its stainless steel exterior. The exterior of the Demi is plastic and comes in two different colors; red and black. Usually I don’t care for high-gloss plastic small kitchen appliances. But the Demi looks good, especially in red.


The capacity for the SousVide svs10ls Supreme is 11.2 liters and the SousVide svd-00101 has a capacity of 8.7 liters.


The SousVide svs10ls is made of stainless steel inside and out.

The SVD-00101 isn’t made of the same high-quality materials. The exterior is constructed of plastic. The lid is made of stainless steel, but the interior is made of anodized aluminum.

Price and Warranty

Neither machine in this debate is cheap. If you want to cook with this method, you are going to make a bit of an investment. The warranty is 1-year for both machines.

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Click here to see price for the SousVide SVD-00101


Some sous vide are immersion circulators. They work by circulating the water to maintain the water temperature. An example is the comparatively budget-friendly Anova PCB-120us-k1. It doesn’t have an attached water oven.

Then, there are units like the svs10ls and svd-00101 that come complete with a self-contained water oven. They, in my opinion, are the best as they don’t require the use of any additional pots or equipment. The water is heated and maintained by an edge-to-edge heating element creating a very efficient thermal convection environment.

Both of these machines will maintain a precise temperature within 1 degree. Both are energy efficient. Once the desired temperature is reached, they only use as much energy as a 60-watt lightbulb. Also, both are quiet and easy to use. So, performance will be identical with either machine in the Sous Vide svs10ls Supreme vs svd-00101 Demi comparison.

The temperature range for both is 86 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can cook fish, meat, and vegetables with sous vide (or any other).

With either, you will benefit from more nutrient retention. Not only do you lose flavor with other cooking methods, but you also lose nutrients from the foods own juices.

Both come with a pouch rack that allows you to arrange your food in a way that maximizes the number of portions your water oven will hold.

The control panel is very easy to use, the buttons are big and obvious. There is a setting to control your temp and your timer.

What will you make first in your new SousVide?

SousVide SVD-00101 Demi machine.


The lids for both machines are constructed out of stainless steel, but the SousVide model svs10ls has an insulation blanket which helps to reduce heat loss.


There is a timer built-in to both the svs10ls and the SousVide SVD-00101. They both beep when the countdown timer comes to an end. However, the svs10ls shuts off once the countdown cycle ends.

The lack of an automatic shutoff is disappointing. Because this is a low and slow method of cooking, you could very well be away from the house or sleeping or out of the hearing range of the beep.

Easy-of-use and Clean-up

Kitchen appliances are easy to operate and clean are used more often. Meaning, you get more bang for your buck. Sous vides are easy to use in general.

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Click here to get more details on the SousVide SVD-00101

Customer Reviews: Sous Vide SVS10LS Supreme vs SVD-00101 Demi…

These machines are pretty similar. There are many customers for both machines that rate it well. Customers report that these machines work just as described.

Aside from defective units, there were some customers that think that both of these machines are just too expensive for what they really are; water bath’s.

Then, there are other things to consider. Given that it takes a long time to prepare food (that’s kind of the point actually) and different foods cook at different times, you won’t be able to cook meats and vegetables at the same time. You’ll have to choose. And you’ll probably choose meat. I would. This isn’t a big deal for most customers though.

You also have to consider that you will need a vacuum sealer with this machine; an additional expense.

Summary & Recommendation

Both products in the Sous Vide SVS10LS Supreme vs SVD-00101 Demi comparison are good options. The performance will be identical as all of the nuts and bolts are pretty much the same.

They are of high quality. But the svs10ls is the higher quality machine. It has a stainless steel exterior compared to plastic for the demi. It has a larger capacity, 11.2 liters compared to 8.7 liters. And it has an insulation blanket which makes it slightly more efficient. These are premium upgrades.

I don’t believe in unnecessarily getting upgrades. And although I have a penchant for stainless steel appliances, in this case I wouldn’t go for it. Vanity aside, the only practical reason to choose the Supreme over the Demi is capacity. My household of three probably wouldn’t need more capacity.

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SousVide SVD-00101 – Click here to check price

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