SodaStream Fountain Jet vs Source Soda Maker Comparison

You can customize your own refreshing glass of soda with a soda maker.

You can customize your own refreshing glass of soda with a soda maker.

The home soda makers in the SodaStream Fountain jet vs Source comparison are very good options for those of us whom want to make our own carbonated drinks from home. But, I understand why you’re here, as these machines do share some common features. It’s the differences, however, that you need to get a better understanding of

I assure you that by the end of this page, you will have a better understanding of how these machines work and how to assess the value of their differences.

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Soda Stream Fountain Jet vs Source: Which Soda Maker is Right for You…?

Appearance and Size

These machines look quite different, I mean, If you looked at them you’d know what they are but you would definitely be able to tell them apart but the design is completely opposite. Where the Fountain Jet has more rounded features, the Source has more of a square shape.

Even still, both of these machines are good-looking. The SodaStream Fountain Jet comes in the following colors: black/silver, cherry red/silver. On the other hand, the Source is available in black, red, and white. The Source has a sleeker design than the Jet.

Both machines measure about the same dimensions, roughly 5”W x 17”H x 6”D, so size won’t be a deciding factor for you. Neither machine is going to take up a large footprint on your countertop. I actually appreciate the design of the Source better as I have a preference for simple.


SodaStream Source

After looking at the Jet from an up close picture, I go the sense that it wasn’t as well-made as the Source. Not to say that it looks terrible or anything, it’s just that the Source looks like it was made better. Not surprisingly, I found out that the Jet actually has an all plastic construction, while the Source has nickel plating and plastic.


Neither machine will disappoint in the performance department – you’ll be able to carbonate your beverage in just 30 seconds. Installation is fast and simple with either machine; basically all you have to do is set the machine up by inserting the carbonator cylinder – the process is slightly different for each model.

Operation is simple too, but different for each model. But you pretty much just fill the included bottle with water to the line (be sure to only use water), carbonate the water, and remove the bottle. The Source is a bit more sophisticated than the jet in that the entire top surface is touch sensitive. With the Jet, you would have to press the button.

Get more details on the SodaStream Fountain Jet

Get more details on the SodaStream Source


Both of these machines are powered by pressurized gas – CO2. This is what allows you to make these drinks without the use of batteries. The Source is compatible with 14.5 ounce bottles which is good to carbonate about 60-liters. However, the Fountain Jet works with 33 ounce carbonators which can carbonate up 130 liters. This may or may not be important to you. I don’t really think it makes much difference.

Note: The amount of liters that you are able to Carbonate is mostly based on your preferences. If you like a lot carbonation in your drinks then you probably won’t make it to 60 liters a cylinder.

A Little Flavor…goes a long way…?

SodaStream produces over 60 different flavors that do not contain any high-fructose corn syrup. The taste of these flavors gets mixed reviews. And that makes sense considering that the user is mixing their own drinks – adding their own proportions of flavor, water, and carbonation. You may find that you need to experiment and do a little trial and error to find the right combination that you like.

From what I’ve come across, it seems as though the fruity flavors like strawberry, grape, and orange get the highest praise.

LED Indicator

Only the Source SodaStream machine comes with LED indicator lights – two in this case. One indicates how much “fizz” you’ve added to your drink as you’re carbonating it. While the other indicator tells you how much CO2 you have left in the tank.


SodaStream Fountain

Snap-lock refers to the mechanism that holds the bottle in place as it is being carbonated. With the snap-lock you simply place the bottle in place and push it back to “snap” it place. The snap-lock design is an upgrade over the Fountain’s design which required a twist to lock the bottle in place. This makes the machine a little more user friendly.

Bottle Compatibility

The Fountain Jet is compatible with both full and half-liter bottles. The Source is only compatible with 1-liter bottles. There are differences to the design so you can’t just jam a half-liter bottle on the Source and expect it to work with no challenges.


The SodaStream Fountain Jet comes with an okay 2-year warranty compared to the Lifetime warranty that you get with the Source.


If I were trying to decide between the two options in the SodaStream Fountain Jet vs Source face-off, I’d go with the latter. The Source is the much better option overall. With its nickel plating, it has the superior construction. It has that LED indicator, touch-responsive top and snap-lock feature that give you a huge boost is usability.

However, there are two areas that the Source falls behind the Jet; Bottle compatibility and carbonator cylinder size. Perhaps for you, these factors are more important than those upgrade features on the Source.

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