The Slap Chop Vegetable Chopper Review

Yes, We Fell for the hype

The slap chop is a small chopping tool that makes it easier to chop veggies cheese and nuts.

We bought the slap chop years ago because we wanted to avoid chopping onions as much as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I love onions but, I don’t like the involuntary tears or the repulsive smell that comes with them.

Some times we really fall for the over hyped as seen on TV product commercials. Most times the products look cheesy but the commercials make it seem as though they can solve any problem; like that GLH product that claimed that you can “spray paint the bald away”.  That infomercial literally makes me laugh out loud! The Slap Chop was different though.

As the demonstrator of the Slap Chop confidently recited from his script, I imagined how this cool little kitchen tool would enhance my life.

But It Was More than Hype

The slap chop is modestly priced, I don’t recall how much we paid for ours, but it wasn’t much. It’s able to chop up onions, boiled eggs, nuts, garlic and other foods. It’s easy to use. You just “slap”, or push down the plunger and the slap chop does the rest of the work for you. Every time you slap the plunger, it cuts at a different angle, enabling you to mince the food in several rapid slaps.

The slap chop makes quick work of onions.

After several years of using the slap chop, I still love it. The blade is still sharp, the plunger still works great. It’s very durable as we’ve had ours for years. It chops with no problem. I use it mostly to mince onions and garlic, but it works well on eggs and candy bars too. It makes the dicing and slicing very easy. Cleaning is easy. You can usually just rinse it off after use.

The slap chop displayed here shows all of the individual parts.

It Has a Few Cons but It’s Still worth It

Although the slap chop works well, it is not perfect. Its claim to remove garlic skin effortlessly is not exactly true. I find it easier to peel garlic myself; loosening it from the clove by smashing it. Sometimes, pieces of garlic can get stuck on the blade. A couple hard taps can usually jar it loose, but other times you have use a little more effort to get it out.

Also, it can be a bit challenging to get the little apparatus back together after disassembling. The blade is a wavy shape, and sometimes the blade guard doesn’t go back on easily. You have to work with it.

My conclusions of the Slap Chop

I think the slap chop is a wonderful kitchen tool. We use it often. I don’t mind that it doesn’t work as well as demonstrated in the infomercials. I never expected it to. It makes time spent chopping and mincing onions and garlic easier so it’s worth it.

I’ve experienced other choppers in the past that didn’t work as well as this one. They were bulky, the blades got dull quickly, and they required more effort to use. I use the Slap Chop mostly for dicing and mincing, and it works great for that. Overall, despite a few cons, I find the Slap Chop to be worth the money.

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