7 Eggcellent Egg Cooking Gadgets

Eggs can be prepared in many different ways. Scrambled and over-easy eggs are a staple in our household, but so are sunny-side up, deviled eggs, and omelet’s. We love boiled eggs: soft, hard, or medium. More adventurous foodies dine on pickled eggs, raw eggs, 1000 year eggs and even Balut, a boiled fertilized duck egg. For most of us, scrambled, boiled, and fried eggs are just fine. Below, is a collection of egg cooking gadgets that will make your egg preparation time fun and easier.

Rosle Egg Cracker/Topper

Egg topper shown cracking and removing egg shell.

Have you ever tried to separate a soft-boiled egg, only to end up pulling off chunks of egg white in the process? Problem solved. The Rosle Egg Cracker makes separating eggs a cinch. You simply place the dome over the egg, lift the handle, and release. Voila, perfect boiled eggs. Get a closer look…

Norpro Egg Rite Egg Timer

norpro egg timer shown with eggs boiling.

This is a great tool for people who love boiled eggs. The Norpro Egg Rite Timer is a simple little device that reacts to heat the same as eggs do. Instead of guessing how much time is needed to cook the eggs, simply place the Egg Rite Timer in the pan with the eggs, as the eggs cook, the timer darkens. What’s really neat about this egg timer is that it adjusts for number of eggs, amount of water, altitude. Get a closer look…

Westmark W1020 Egg Slicer

Westmark egg slicer shown slicing through boiled egg.

If you love adding boiled egg to your salad, or maybe just eating sliced eggs, this is the tool for you. The Westmark egg slicer is made by a brand that is recognized for quality. Made from cast aluminum and powder coated, it is sure to last a very long time. Get a closer look…

Joie Egg Yolky Egg Separator

Joie Yolky egg separator shown in package.

If you are trying to avoid unnecessary calories and cholesterol, while still getting your protein, an egg separator is the way to go. Tired of separating egg yolks from whites by hand? The Joie Egg Yolky Egg Separator solves that problem for you. It’s terribly cute. To make things simpler for you, it clips on to a cup or bowl allowing the whites to fall through as the yolk is held. Get a closer look…

Funionbrands Poach Pods

Poach pods shown with poached eggs inside.

Fuionbrands Poach Pods are an excellent option if you like poached eggs, I’m not a big fan of poached eggs myself. In fact, it’s probably my least appreciated way to eat eggs. But for those eggs Benedict lovers out there, this product makes sense. Instead of fishing for your poached egg in a pan of boiling water; simply flip the pouch inside out and voila. It comes in a set of 2; it is dishwasher safe, and heat resistant to 675 degrees Fahrenheit. Get a closer look…

Nordic Microwave egg boiler

norpro egg boiler shown on display here.

Time waits for no man, so why should man wait for eggs. Like, who has time to boil eggs stove top, when you can just pop them into your Nordic Microwave egg boiler. This cool kitchen gadget holds up to four eggs at a time, and can cook both hard and soft boiled eggs. As a four star product on Amazon, most reviewers point to its convenience, and the “cool” way it works. First of all, if you try to boil eggs in the microwave without a device like this, the eggs will explode. The Egg Boiler’s interior is made from aluminum, protecting the eggs from the micro waves. Unlike traditionally boiling eggs by placing them in a pan full of water, this device essentially steams the eggs, as water is placed in a compartment beneath the egg holding tray. Get a closer look…

Blue Norpro 994C Silicone Egg Pancake Ring Round

Norpro silicone egg rounds shown here.

I love Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches, but with these egg/pancake rounds, you can make your own unique and tasty breakfast sandwiches. The silicone egg round cooks perfect round eggs. Cook 2 eggs at the same time as this comes with 2 pieces. The Stay cool knock down handle, allows for safe handling. Don’t worry about distortion or warping from heat, this baby is heat resistant up to 500F. As a bonus, you can make perfect uniform round pancakes as well. Get a closer look…

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