Scrub Daddy Review

I first saw the Scrub Daddy sponge on shark tank, and thought it looked like a very cool product, although I knew all too well that looks can be deceiving.  So here is my scrub daddy review.

The scrub daddy sponge.

On our last visit to Bed Bath and Beyond, we decided to buy one. It was only $4, so why not. Although I love the Scotch-brite Dishwand, I thought that someone could benefit from the review, perhaps even a friend or family member.

The claim is that this little smiley faced scrubber was the end all be all to your scrubbing needs, its ergonomic(comfortable to use), gets in all the little nooks and crannies, won’t smell like rags do, and you can control the Flex Texture, the Scrub Daddy is soft in warm water, and firm and cold water.

The smiley face isn’t just for good looks, it’s actually designed to help you scrub spoons and other kitchen utensils. We were carefully optimistic. The last time I tried out a “cute” kitchen gadget I ended up liking it, but it had several shortcomings.

The Test

I had a couple dishes I wanted to try the Scrub Daddy on to really take it for a test drive. I tested it on a non-stick pan, a bowl and spoon that was used for oatmeal and sat for a couple hours, a glass with a little milk left at the bottom, a plate and fork used for last nights dinner; baked chicken, rice and veggie stir-fry. This was a real test. I wouldn’t soak any of the dishes.

Pictured here is a dirty bowl and spoon with remnants of oatmeal. A dirty plate from last night's dinner.

The results

I was doubtful about this products chances going in to the test. I thought it would be flimsy and it looked gimmicky, but the Scrub Daddy passed with flying colors. I was most shocked with the results from the bowl and spoon used for oatmeal. Oatmeal is tough to get out with out soaking.

This bowl is spotless after being cleaned using the scrub daddy. The scrub daddy was used to clean all of these dishes, including a non stick pan and a wine glass.

I didn’t use a lot of water; I just wet the Scrub Daddy and started scrubbing. The spoon and fork were easy to clean using the smile of the scrubber. The Scrub Daddy didn’t scratch our non-stick pan (I tested on a small area first). Getting the milk out of the bottom of the glass was simple too. This thing is definitely easy on your hands or ergonomic as they describe it. I didn’t have to exert a lot of force to get the dishes clean.


I’m not sure about the long term durability of this product. A small piece of the Scrub Daddy did come off during the test(a very small piece). When using it on the fork, I was careful to guide the fork through the smile of the scrubber, if I hadn’t done this, the fork would have most likely damaged the Scrub Daddy. I can see that if people try to wash forks and other pointy utensils fast they might end up damaging the scrubber. I change out my Scotch-brite Dishwand head every 2 weeks or so. So I can’t really expect a $4 scrubber to last forever.

Conclusion of the Scrub Daddy Review

Although there are some minor durability concerns, I think that the Scrub Daddy is a good kitchen tool. It is safe on dishes, and it has a multitude of uses, such as scrubbing raw fruits and vegetables like carrots and potatoes. It can also be used on your hands and feet.  I will use it regularly even though I love the Scotch-brite Dishwand, I might buy another one in the future to use on vegetables.

Update:  A few weeks of using the Scrub Daddy regularly it’s showing wear and tear due to rigorous use, but that’s to be expected.

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