Scanpan Professional vs CTX Cookware Comparison

The ScanPan Professional vs CTX comparison is one between two very good high-quality, ceramic, nonstick cookware lines from the same company. In this writing we did the research for you. It has been our pleasure to cover the ins and outs of these products to help determine which one would be the right choice for you.

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ScanPan Professional vs CTX Cookware Comparison


Among the Scanpan brands we have Professional and CTX. The construction of these two brands is different. While Professional is manufactured from squeeze cast aluminum, CTX comes with the 3 ply, 5 layer design. The design used in the Professional pans utilizes clean sleek lines to create a stylish appearance. Its heavy duty base is forged into shape using high pressure and made to an optimum thickness hence it rarely warps or buckles. Its surface is made from Ceramic titanium that is heated to very high temperatures to a point that it liquefies and adheres to the aluminum. This makes it very strong and durable.  CTX’s design is such that it is first layered with steel compatible with induction, then aluminum alloy, and then coated with pure aluminum and lastly a layer of aluminum alloy.  CTX comes with a magnetic stainless steel finish on the outside and non stick ceramic titanium inside just like Professional. The ceramic titanium is 10 times harder than steel. This therefore guarantees a lifetime of non-stick cooking.

For both Professional and CTX, their designs serve to absorb and distribute heat evenly giving the users good quality food while cooking.

Note: Both of these models are PFOA –free.

Exterior finish

The Professional series has a black ceramic finish on the outside while CTX has 18/0 stainless steel finish on the outside. The toxic free ceramic and titanium coating is called the “Greentek” coating. This technique is patented by Scanpan. Based on customer reviews, most preferred the stainless steel finish because the cookware looked newer longer. Their beauty just wins your heart over. However some customers also said that after a number of washings, it starts to fade just a bit. Overall, can expect the exterior finish to last for a relatively long time.


These pans are versatile and can be used on various types of cooking surfaces. For example, they can be used on electric cook tops, gas cook tops, and ovens. CTX is however more favorable among customers because it can also be used on induction cook tops. This is not the case with Professional. So while looking for diversity in terms of cook top compatibility, many users would prefer the CTX to the Professional line of ScanPan cookware.

Both CTX and Professional cookware can also be used as serving pans. This is because they look quite trendy and can easily blend in with other crockery and cutlery. So don’t limit their versatility to cooking pans only!


The handles, although a small part of the pots and pans, cannot be ignored because they bear a great deal of importance. The handles have to be strong in order to allow the user to flip the food or even shift the pan or pot. Both the CTX and Professional series feature stay cool stainless steel handles that are firmly riveted to the pan. They are very comfortable to the hand and quite ergonomic. They also both have stainless steel loop handles opposite the main handle for added support.

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This is also an area of difference between the two models. The Professional series has a stainless steel lid while its counterpart has a unique glass lid with a stainless steel rim. According to customer reviews, many seem to favor the glass lid with stainless steel rims because it allows them to monitor their cooking as it progresses. The metal border is particularly of interest on the CTX’s lid because other than aesthetics, it serves to protect the glass from breaking. The weight of the CTX lid is also an issue with some customers. The lid is a bit heavier than the stainless steel lid because of the combination of glass and stainless steel. While this does not have any effect on its function, it is a good point to consider.


Both CTX and Professional range of cookware are easy to clean. You can choose to hand wash them manually or put them in the dishwasher. The design of both brands allows for easy and fast cleaning. Sometimes you may just have to wipe them off after use because of the non-stick properties. This is a feature that is quite popular among users. In fact, if they begin to stick; they can be remedied by several ways such as scrubbing them with bar keepers friend.


Both come with lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Therefore, users are guaranteed peace of mind whenever their cookware is spoilt. This warranty only covers situations where the cookware malfunctions due to the manufacturer’s negligence. The lifetime warranty is quite a reprieve to the customers as seen from many reviews of Scanpan products.

Metal utensils

Both cookwares allow the users to use metal utensils while using them. This is an attributed to the Ceramic titanium coating that makes the cookware scratch proof. Many reviews suggested that customers are extremely pleased with this because they do not have to limit what can be used with the cookware. This is certainly not the case with your run-of-the-mill, el cheapo, garden-variety nonstick pans.

Models within the series

You can get single pieces or obtain an entire set for both of these cookware lines. So what comes in the box of a CTX or Professional cookware set? Well, more or less everything that you may need to make any meal. You will find frying pans, sauce pans with lids, sauté pans with lids and Dutch oven pan with lids. This ensures that the user is well covered for whatever they intend to make. Scanpan made a point of creating a line of pots and pans within Professional and CTX series to ensure all needs are well catered for.


While both makes are fantastic and versatile cookware, they come with different prices. At regular price, the CTX is noted to be more expensive than professional. Some may attribute this fact that it a newer version of Scanpan products. However, since they both have different pots in shape and size as well as different numbers of items per set, you should be able to find something within your budget with line.

Looking at both Scanpan Professional and CTX, we can comfortably conclude that having either of them is a fantastic investment.


If I were choosing a new set of ceramic, non-stick cookware, and narrowed my search down to the two sets in the ScanPan Professional vs CTX, I’d undoubtedly choose the CTX. Here’s why: the CTX with its inductive cooking ability, glass lids, and stainless steel exterior make it a more versatile and beautiful set. That isn’t to say that everyone should choose the CTX. Perhaps your budget doesn’t allow for it. Or maybe you don’t need the glass lid. Heck, you may not like the stainless steel exterior and maybe you don’t need to ever worry about cooking on an induction stovetop. The point is whichever you choose, you’re in good company. A lifetime warranty should put your mind at ease as you make your purchase decision as that is generally a sign of a company that believes in the products it creates.

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