Scanpan CTQ vs CTX Ceramic Pan Comparison

ScanPan makes great products and the two models in the Scanpan CTQ vs CTX comparison are no exception. The differences between the two are minimal but there is enough of a difference that it could sway you in one way over the other. We’ve done the research and provided our insight below.

scanpan ctq vs ctx

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See the ScanPan CTX 11” Frying Pan on Amazon

ScanPan CTQ vs CTX Ceramic Pan Comparison


Both of these cookware models from Scanpan have been constructed using 3 ply 5 layer clad design. The design is such that they first are layered with induction ready steel, and then layered with an aluminum alloy layer; this is then coated with pure aluminum layer and another aluminum alloy layer. Finally, the outside boasts 18/0 magnetic stainless steel with a satin finish.

Scanpan CTQ 8″ and 10″ Nonstick Skillet

This construction design makes the cookware more environmentally friendly and easy to use. This 5 layer design is useful when it comes to heating since the 3 aluminum layers ensure fast heat distribution and maximum heat retention. The construction also makes it durable because it does not warp.

Finishing of the exterior

The finishing on the CTQ and CTX is PFOA -free nonstick patented ceramic titanium finish. This type of finish ensures that no food sticks to the pan while cooking and that the pans and pots are easy to clean after use. I must also admit that the finishing gives both of them a clean beautiful look. This plays well in improving the aesthetics of the kitchen.


One of the major differences between the CTQ and CTX is the handle design. While the CTQ is fitted with an easy to use raised knob handle, the CTX handle is made of a skinny metal strip.
The challenge that customers have experienced with this, is that the skinny metal strip design makes it harder to grasp with a hot holder. The CTQ handles however, are raised and are easier and safer to grip. This feature makes some difference in the preferences of users who opt for the safer option between the two.


Both pans have glass lids with stainless steel around the rim. Both CTQ and CTX lids have handles. These handles are useful when removing and returning the lid onto the pot or pan. The handle of the CTQ lid is a metal knob like shape, while the CTX lid handle is in the shape of a metal strip.

The metal knob is most preferred to the metal strip because as mentioned earlier, the strip tends to get hot making it difficult to grip while uncovering the cookware. The glass lid is popular with most users because it allows them to see how well their cooking is progressing. The metal border is also functional in protecting the glass from breaking.

Finally, the lids on both CTQ and CTX have a small vent on the rim. This vent allows steam to escape without the lid popping up and down. I would therefore say that the manufacturer scored thrice with the design of the lid. Some customers however seem to think that because of the glass, the lid is a bit heavier.  The weight of the lid does not in any way affect the performance of either of the models.


According to Scanpan, both models can be cleaned in the dishwasher without any problem. Normal cleaning is also easy. The symmetry in the design of both models adds to the ease in cleaning them. Further, the stainless steel non stick feature of both CTQ and CTX also makes it easier for users to clean the cookware after use.  Customers highly appreciate this little convenience.

Note: Although both of these units are dishwasher safe it is often best wash your cookware by hand. If you must use the dishwasher make sure to place them on the top rack.

Cook Tops Usage

Both pans can be used on various types of cooking surfaces. This include gas cook tops, electric cook tops induction cook tops and ovens. CTQ and CTX are particularly popular because they are induction friendly. This is one feature of both models that customers like very much.

This is because it makes the cookware multipurpose. This saves the customers quite a bit of money since they do not have to invest in other types of cookware whenever they want to use different cooking surfaces or methods.

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Use of metal utensils

Both CTQ and CTX have ceramic titanium non stick coating which makes them safe for metal utensil use. This means that they do not get scratched. For this reason, both models are considered durable by their users.

Maximum temperature

CTQ and CTX boast of the ability to be used in ovens up to 500°F. This is because of their exterior construction made up of stainless steel and aluminum. The casserole pans are a hit among its customers because they can comfortably manage the oven heat.


These models of cookware both come with a lifetime warranty. This in essence means that when you purchase either of the two, you are guaranteed their perfect condition for as long as they are in your possession. However, the warranty can only be applicable in cases where malfunction is not due to carelessness of the users.


The price of sets and individual pieces can vary retailer to retailer. It is always important to note that a sale change price at any time. If price is a major point for you then be sure to check the price of both before making a final decision. However, based on the reviews by many customers, the difference in the functionality of these two models is very minimal.

Types of cookware

These products are very suitable for all types of everyday cooking. If you want to brown your food, sauté your potatoes, sear your steak or even bake your casserole, these will definitely come in handy. Both CTQ and CTX have amazing, durable and user friendly pans such as sauce pans, casserole pans, sauté pans and frying pans.

Scanpan CTX 8″ and 10″ Nonstick Pans

Customers therefore have a wide range of selection from these. They also come in different sizes which makes them even more users friendly. You can purchase individual pieces or you can buy whole sets.


For most people the CTX will be just fine. However, the difference could be impactful to some. The biggest difference between these two cookware lines is the handle. The CTQ has a much more comfortable and functional handle. This improved handle design comes at a price however. Performance wise you can’t go wrong with either. For me, if the CTQ were less expensive at the time of purchase that would be the one I’d choose.

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