Philips AirFryer HD9230 VS HD9240 (Avance vs Viva)

Fried chicken wings with ketchup.

Fried chicken wings with ketchup.

In this post, we tackle the Philips airfryer hd9230 vs hd9240 comparison. As both models are manufactured by Philips, a leader in the air fryer market, you are choosing between two very good air fryers. Air fryers are interesting small kitchen appliances. They allow you to satisfy your fried food craving for a fraction of the calories.

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Comparison Chart

Philips hd9230 air fryer.

Philips hd9230 air fryer.

Philips airfryer 9240.

Philips airfryer 9240.

Dimensions:Approximately 15” wide x 15” tall x 15” deepApproximately 15" wide x 15" tall x 15" deep
Color:black or whiteblack or white
Max Temperature:390 degrees390 degrees
Retractable Cord:YesYes
Fry Basket Capacity:1.8 pounds2.65 pounds
Accessories:Fry basket, rack, recipe bookFry basket, rack, recipe book
Price:click here to check priceclick here to check price

Philips AirFryer HD9230 VS HD9240: Which Air Fryer Should You Buy…Viva vs Avance?

Performance and Capacity

Philips hd9230 air fryer.

Philips hd9230 air fryer.

Your results using either machine will depend on if you use it under the optimal conditions. For example, do you fill the container to capacity or do you loosely place the food in the frying basket. Doing the latter will result in you having more evenly cooked food.

Both air fryers are capable of reaching a maximum temperature of 390 degrees. This is perfect to get that crispy golden brown crispy coating and fully cooked interior with a variety of foods. Both air fryers have a digital control panel where you can set the temperature, timer (up to 60 minutes for both), and even save the settings as presets for your favorite foods.

The capacity for the Philips hd9230 is 1.8 pounds while the hd9240 has a 2.65 pound capacity. Based on the reviews I’ve read through, the hd9230 would be better for a 1 to 3 person household, if your household is larger than that, then you will want the hd9240.

They both share the rapid air technology which basically is the process that circulates hot air around quickly.

Overall the performance, as long as you follow the directions, will be solid. But there are some caveats, as some of the more candid reviews might suggest “air fryers ain’t a deep fryer replacement”. It will be close to traditionally fried foods minus the added calories. If you understand that, then you will be satisfied with your purchase just like the majority of the customers.

Philips hd9230 – Check out customer reviews and ratings on amazon

Philips hd9240 –  Check out customer reviews and ratings on amazon

Philips airfryer 9240.

Philips airfryer 9240.

More than Just Air Fryers…

I am a big fan of small appliances that can perform multiple functions. Both of these air fryers are multi-cookers. They are capable of grilling, roasting and baking.


Both of these air fryers carry a standard 12-month warranty that starts on the day of purchase.

Ease of Use

Both machines are simple to use. The digital interface is large with contrasting colors (background and characters.) They both come with a retractable cord and dishwasher safe parts for easy clean up.


Both come with the same accessories. You get a recipe/instruction book, cooking rack, and frying basket. The rack allows you more flexibility in how you arrange the food.

Customer Reviews…

Both air fryers in the Philips airfryer hd9230 vs hd9240 comparison have lots of positive feedback. But there are some reviewers that don’t like these machines or any air fryers. From what I gather, these machines won’t completely replace deep-fried foods as far as taste is concerned, but they do make a good alternative, and could people develop a healthier eating habit. There were some reviewers that reported malfunctioning units but most complaints were from people whose expectations differed from their results.

There are multiple reports that these machines work great on those pre-fried foods like French fries and other frozen grocery store items like wings. I could definitely see that being the case as these machines work like convection ovens which do a great job of re-heating fried foods.

Overall, I’d say that both machines are good choices. They seem to be well-made and durable despite some complaints to the contrary.

Compared to Other Air Fryers…

There are some other air fryers that you might want to check out as well. If you’ve got you’re mind made up already that’s fine but if not the options listed below may give you some options that you haven’t considered before.

VS T-Fal FZ7002 ActiFry

The ActiFry is actually marketed as a multi-cooker rather that just an airfryer. It has a 2.2 pound capacity. Operation is simple with just 2 buttons; on/off and a countdown timer. Its easy to clean as the lid, pan, paddle and filter are dishwasher safe. If you have experience with deep fryers then you know that the lids can collect quite a bit of oil. They can be a pain in the neck to clean. This unit is made in France and comes with a one-year warranty.

Summary & Recommendation

The two air fryers in the Philips Airfryer hd9230 vs hd9240 comparison are great choices. Each offers the opportunity to enjoy fried foods at a fraction of the calories. There are many happy customers for both the hd9240 and hd9230.

The main difference between these two air fryers is the frying basket capacity. The hd9240 cost substantially more than the hd9230. And despite the near identical dimensions, the frying basket on the hd9240 is about 50% larger than the hd9230.

The larger capacity of the Philips hd9240 is the better choice for families of four or more or for people that entertain often. Smaller families and those who don’t entertain very often don’t need the larger. There isn’t a wrong choice here. It’s all based on your household.

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