Omega nc800 vs nc900 (hds, hdc) Juicer Comparison

The Omega nc800 vs nc900 juicer comparison is a comparison of nearly identical mid-price juicers. Although they are much more expensive than those you would find at your department store, there are other juicers out there will stretch your wallet even more.

Omega nc800 vs nc900

Take a closer look at the Omega NC800

Take a closer look at the Omega NC900

We researched these two juicers and reported their differences and similarities.

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Masticating Slow Juicer

Masticating slow juicers work much differently than their faster counterparts. This juicer, which shares many common features with other Omega juicers, spins about 80 times per minute. That’s a lot slower than centrifugal juicers which can rotate over a thousand times per minute.

Omega nc900 Slow Juicer

Omega NC900 Slow Juicer

The purpose of a slow masticating juicer is to avoid heat and oxidation, reduce foam, and extract as much juice as possible. By chewing (masticating), the blades crush the fruits and vegetables releasing the juice in a very slow fashion.

An added benefit of this slow operation is that your juicer will operate very quietly. This is perfect if your family is sleeping while you juice in the early morning.

Masticating juicers retain nutrients and maximize juice extraction.

Perfect For Leafy Greens

Both juicers in the Omega nc-800 vs nc-900 feature the GE Ultem Auger that is eight times stronger than other plastics. That makes it perfect for juicing greens. This is a big bonus for a lot of health conscious shoppers.

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Feed Chute

Though still small compared to Breville feed chutes, the feed chute for both the Omega nc800 and nc900 has been increased in size compared to other models; J8006, J8005, J8004, J8003. This is a bonus. I came across some customers that complained about the size of the chute in previous Omega models.

2 Stage Extraction

Omega nc800 slow juicer

Omega NC800 Slow Juicer

The first stage of the extraction process is the crushing the vegetables and fruits using that powerful auger. Once crushed, the juice is strained against the mesh screen. The juice flows to a container. Before the pulp is automatically ejected, it is squeezed. This process ensures that you are yielding as much juice as possible.

Multi-Purpose kitchen Appliance

I am a big fan of small kitchen appliances that serve multiple purposes. Our Instant Pot pressure cooker is also a slow cooker and a rice maker among other things.

The Omega slow juicers aren’t just for juicing. You can make pasta and grind coffee. And it can also be a food process.

Size and Appearance…

Both juicers in the Omega nc800 vs nc900 measure 14.5 inches x 6.5 inches x 15.5 inches. That takes up a decent amount of space, sure. But considering the different things that you can do with either machine, the dimensions are relatively small. The fact that they can also operate as a food processor and grinder means that you’ll save a lot of counter space.

And, they aren’t bad looking machines.

Appearance is the only thing that separates the two Omega juicers. The nc800 is available in silver or red while the nc900 is clad in chrome. In my opinion, any choice is a good one. They all look good.

Pulp Pressure Adjustment

The pulp pressure adjustment gives you more control over the processing of your juice. Instead of using the same amount of pressure for all fruits and vegetables, you will have five different pressure settings. You might use number five for harder vegetables like carrots and one for watermelon. I’ve read that the process is more of an art than a science. But from most accounts, it seems like it’s pretty easy to figure out.

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Comparison Chart

Omega NC800 Slow Juicer

Omega NC800 Slow Juicer

Omega nc900 Slow Juicer

Omega nc900 Slow Juicer

Dimensions:14.5 inches x 6.5 inches x 15.5 inches14.5 inches x 6.5 inches x 15.5 inches
Color:Silver, RedChrome
Juicer Type:Slow masticatingSlow masticating
Auger:GE Ultem (8 times stronger than most plastics)GE Ultem (8 times stronger than most plastics)
Warranty:15-year limited15-year limited
Dual Stage Juicer:YesYes
Quiet Operation:YesYes

Customer Reviews…

Customers of both juicers love them. Many are owners of previous Omega models and decided to upgrade for one reason or another. They prefer this model over prior versions like the j8006 because of the larger chute and adjustable pulp pressure.

No machine is perfect and these machines are no different. A critique that I noted as being important is how these juicers perform when juicing soft fruits. According to some customers, juicing soft fruits seems to produce more foam and can sometimes clog up the mesh screen. But savvy Omega juicers came up with a solution. To avoid this clogging, you simply alternate the hard vegetables with the soft fruit. Voila!

Alternate soft and hard fruits to avoid excess foam when juicing

None of the complaints really concerned me. They are mostly one-off complaints like breakages. There are always going to be instances of products that, even when manufactured by a quality brand, arrive with defects. Heck, we had an air purifier arrive D.O.A.

Compared to Other Slow Juicers…

VS Omega VRT400

The omega vrt-400 is a sleek, good looking slow juicer from the same brand. It is available in three colors: silver, red, and silver/black. Compared to some juicers, this one is definitely on the small side. At just 150-watts, it isn’t a very powerful, but it still gets the job done. Besides, slow juicers are designed to extract juice from fruits while retaining as much nutrition as possible. This model has an auto-clean and an auto pulp-eject feature.

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VS Tribest SW-2000-B Slowstar

The Tribest Slowstar is another quality slow juicer that rotates at just 47 rpms. It has a three stage gear reduction process and operates at 200 watts. The auger is the very durable and strong Ultem Auger. It comes with a mincing attachment to make nut butters and sorbets. The housing is 100% bpa-free.

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Summary & Recommendation

There isn’t a best choice in the Omega nc800 vs nc900 juicer comparison. This is a matter of preference. The choice simply boils down to “which color do you prefer?” If you favor the chrome look over a glossy plastic finish, then you may want to buy the Omega nc900.

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