Omega J8003 vs J8004 Juicer Comparison

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Raw juice you can make with either juicer in the Omega J8003 vs J8004 comparison.

The Omega J8003 vs J8004 juicer question compares two very good juicer options. Both are manufactured by the respected Omega juicer brand. In this writing you will discover the similarities and differences between these two formidable juicers.

Below you will find all of the information that you need to make the best decision in the Omega J8003 vs J8004 juicer comparison.


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Omega J8004 – click here to see price

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Omega J8003 vs J8004: Which one should you choose...?

Omega Juicer J8003

Omega Juicer J8003

Low Speed Masticating Juicers

Both juicers are slow masticating juicers. The “slow” part means that the motor rotates many fewer times per minute than other juicer types like centrifugal juicers. This low-speed prevents your juice from heating up which maximizes your nutritional benefits.

The masticating part means that the juicer works a lot like your teeth. Food put in this juicer is crushed and chewed maximizing juice extraction.

The slow process minimizes oxidation which means that you can store your juice in the refrigerator longer (up to 72 hours) without nutrient or flavor degradation. This gives you the freedom to make more juice in advance which is a huge benefit of a quality slow juicer. Other benefits of a slow juicer include quiet operation and less foam.

Power and Performance…

Both juicers in the Omega J8003 vs J8004 comparison are powerful. But the J8004 is more powerful. A nice amount more powerful. While the motors are the same, the difference is in the auger. The Omega J8004 has a GE Ultem auger that is eight times stronger than the auger found on the J8003. In fact, the gear reduction of the J8004 is the equivalent of two horsepower. So, performance will definitely be better with the J8004 but both will perform very well for you.

There are two stages to the juicing process for both machines. First, your fruit and vegetables are crushed (chewed), extracting juice. Then it is pressed to release even more juice. Your pulp will be nearly dry. And the auto-eject pulp feature means that you can juice and juice without having to stop. This process makes these Omega juicers very efficient.

But these powerful juicers aren’t limited to just juicing. With either model you will be able to: make nut butters, pasta, salsa, soy milk and more.

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Omega Juicer J8004

Omega Juicer J8004


A product warranty is definitely a tale-tale sign of quality. Although there are exceptions, the best quality products have long warranties (5 years or more is what I consider long, depending on the product category). Both juicers in the Omega J8003 vs J8004 debate have long warranties. The Omega J8003 has a 10-year warranty while the Omega J8004 has a 15-year warranty.

Looks and Size…

Both models in the Omega J8003 vs J8004 measure 14.5 inches x 6.5 inches x 15.5 inches. Considering the huge health benefits you gain from a juicer like this, the footprint is pretty small. They take up relatively little counter space.

They look like identical twins. They pretty much are. I’ve looked at both models over and over again and I only see very small differences in appearance. For example, the feet on the J8003 are black while the J8004 has gray feet.


Juicers are small kitchen appliances that are notoriously difficult to clean. It is a process to clean these Omega juicers too. But both these juicers come apart pretty easily so you can access the parts that need to be cleaned. Some customers claim to be able to clean their Omega juicer in less than a minute.

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Comparison Chart

Omega Juicer J8003

Omega Juicer J8003

Omega Juicer J8004

Omega Juicer J8004

Dimensions:14.5 inches x 6.5 inches x 15.5 inches14.5 inches x 6.5 inches x 15.5 inches
Juicer Type:Slow masticatingSlow masticating
Auger:StandardGE Ultem Auger (8x stronger than other plastics)
Warranty:10 year limited15 year limited

Customer Reviews…

There are many satisfied customers for both of the juicers in the Omega J8003 vs J8004 comparison. Both machines receive praise for the ability to make nut butters, grind coffee and of course juice very well.

Although both machines had a share of critics as well. Some of the common complaints point to a small feed tube and slow operation as being potential cons. No product is perfect, but rest assured that either of these juicers is a good choice. You might want to check out the reviews for yourself, but according to the information I came across, I don’t think there are any big issues for either machine that you should worry about.

Compared to Other Omega Juicers…

Omega makes many different models that are only slightly different from one another. Take a look below to see if there are any other models that might work better for you.

VS Omega J8005

The only difference between the j8005 and the j8003 is that the j8005 comes in chrome.

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VS Omega J8006

At first glance it might be hard to tell but the j8006 has some upgrades over the j8005. The most important of those upgrades/changes include the following:

  • Auger on the j8006 is 8 times stronger than the one on the j8005
  • The J8006 15 year warranty compared to 10 for j8005
  • Larger pulp bin, food tray, and juice bowl
  • The j8006 comes with a cover for the base

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VS Omega J8008

On the surface, the J8008 is just like the j8006, but there are some differences between the two that could be important to you. Check out the differences below:

  • Made in China compared to South Korea for the j8006
  • Thicker juicing screen
  • Two stainless steel juicing surfaces for more efficient juicing
  • Feed tube is larger on the j8008 than the j8006
  • 5 settings for juicing different types of fruits or vegetables

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Summary & Recommendation

There isn’t a clear winner in the Omega J8003 vs J8004 comparison. It boils down to what is more important to you. If you want to save money go with the Omega J8003, you’ll have a very good juicer. If you want more power to maximize juice extraction then you’ll want to go with the J8004. If it were me choosing, I’d go with the J8004. If the difference in price isn’t too great, it could be worth it to pay a little more for the more durable and powerful auger and an additional five-years of warranty coverage.

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