NutriChef PKRT15 Kitchen Vertical Countertop Rotisserie Rotating Oven, White Review

NutriChef vertical rotisserie ovenThe NutriChef PKRT15 is a vertical counter top rotisserie rotating oven. This is a small appliance that is perfect for you if you want to prepare delicious healthier meats particularly whole chicken. All of that excess fat falls off of the meat and yet it is still juicy and tender. This good looking small kitchen appliance has a very futuristic look.

It’ll take up very little countertop space so that is a good thing. I always consider the dimensions before purchasing a new kitchen appliance. I’ve researched this nifty countertop roaster for you, find out more below.

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A Space-Age Looking Handy Little Rotisserie Oven

The NutriChef PKRT15 doesn’t look like any of the other kitchen ovens or multi-cookers. It kind of looks like space pod or something. Its unique design will make your house guest think you spent more on it than you did. The swing door hides its hand, and because of this the purpose of this machine is not obvious at a glance. It is white so it will match any kitchen décor. The dimesions are 9.1 x 9.1 x 10.2 inches. Its small size brings a smile to my face because I prefer small countertop appliances. There is enough space for it to go on your counter top; out of the way but not forgotten.

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The vertical orientation of the machine serves two purposes. The first and more important one is that it keeps the chicken upright allowing the chicken to freely spin. This spinning style is very efficient. The other benefit is that the vertical design takes up a lot less horizontal space than traditional styled rotisseries.

When it comes to rotisserie, the name of the game is “low and slow”. The NutriChef PKRT15 has a 700 watt output and can reach a maximum temperature 185 degrees Fahrenheit. This prevents the overcooking and undercooking, leaving you with mouthwatering masterful creations. Your chicken will be seared on the outside, and juicy on the inside. There are two heating sources on the PKRT15. This guarantees that your food is cooked thoroughly and evenly. Using the machine is super simple. You just insert your food, and the timer. The timer maxes out at two hours.

It comes with a bunch of different accessories.   The set includes a poultry rack and a skewer tower with 8 metal skewers. The poultry rack is for chicken, pheasant, duck or other poultry. The skewer tower is for making shish kabobs or other types of meat and veggies on a stick. You also get a nonstick drip pan, a roasting rack, and cooking basket tower. The cooking basket can be used to cook your veggies and other sides.

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  • Powerful 700 watt output
  • Includes poultry rack, skewer tower & 8 skewers, drip pan, cooking basket, and roasting rack
  • Measures 9.1 x 9.1 x 10.2
  • Max temperature of 185 degrees

NutriChef PKRT15 Compared to Other Rotisserie Ovens

There a lot of other players in the rotisserie oven market. Below I’ve taken a closer look at how the PKRT15 stacks up against another popular rotisserie.

VS Cuisinart CVR-1000 Vertical Countertop Rotisserie with Touchpad Controls

The Cuisinart CVR-1000 is a countertop roaster with an amazing set of features. The biggest thing that stands apart from the NutriChef PKRT15 is the lcd touchpad. The Cuisinart roaster has a touchpad while the Nutrichef has an old school styled rotary dial. The programming seems to be superior in the Cuisinart rotisserie as there are 5 preset cooking modes. They have the exact same accessories. The Cuisinart model measures 16 by 15-3/5 by 17-1/2 inches while the Nutrichef model is 9.1 x 9.1 x 10.2 inches. That’s quite a big difference is size. If I were in the market for a rotisserie, normally, I would go for the smaller machine, but probably not this time. Overall, the Cuisinart has many more features and flexibility. For example, the max temp for NutriChef is 185 degrees while the CVR-1000 can get much hotter.

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I think that this is a good roaster. But, there are many rotisserie roasters out there. The NutriChef PKRT15 does not have as many features as some of the competition. The lack of features offered on this little machine might not pose any problems for you. On the flip side you might want to explore your options.

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