Ninja Professional Blender BL740 vs BL660

which blender in the ninja bl740 vs bl660 comparison is best for you

Delicious fruit and berry heathy smoothies.

You’re most likely here because you are trying to decide between the kitchen systems in the bl740 vs bl660 comparison. Deciding between Ninja blenders can be difficult, well with so many similarities in functions and features, it’s understandable.

Both of these blender systems are the perfect complement to your morning routine. Because it’s so simple to just throw a bunch of stuff in your blender and go. An instant meal. They also work well to complement your diet that may call for multiple protein shakes each day.

Below, you will find all of the information that you need to make a decision between these two blenders.

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Appearance and Size

Ninja Professional BL740 Blender

There are no real significant differences in the appearances of these two machines. Actually, they are the same color – silver and dark gray with black. The chrome accent really makes them look really nice. The color combination is good-looking but also neutral so it won’t interrupt your kitchen décor. Both look modern and attractive so you won’t be embarrassed to have either one sitting there on your countertop.

With a large 72-ounce pitcher, both of these blenders have a rather large profile. They are tall, but they aren’t so tall that they won’t fit in the perfect spot on your counter; under the upper cabinets. If you do opt to store these machines inside of your cabinet, they will do so with relative ease. Neither one weighs so much that you wouldn’t be able to easily lift onto your counter.

Power and Performance

When it comes to blenders, there are tiers to the performance. At the top you’ve got your really expensive commercial blenders that are designed for performance over the long haul. They need to be durable enough to stand up to day-in and day-out use – constant wear if you will. Then, at the bottom, you’ve got your very cheap $20 blenders. There’s a buyer for every level of blender but you certainly wouldn’t expect the best performance from the cheapest blender.

These two blenders are somewhere in the mid-level. So, with that, we can keep our expectations at a reasonable level. I think that these blenders will yield pretty-good results based on what you may pay for them.

Each of these blenders is powered by an 1100-watt motor that is good at turning ice into snow and supposedly turn grind up seeds.

The blade design also influences how well these machines perform. Both of these blenders have what is called “Total Crushing Technology”. You should also notice that the blades run from the bottom of the pitcher to the middle.

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It should also be noted that your results may also depend on how much and of what ingredients you put into the blender. Make sure that you add adequate liquid, be it juice, water, milk, etc. And don’t try to overload the pitcher with too much ingredients.

I think that you’ll get decent results but you might have some “chunky” smoothies once in a while, depending on what you put in it. But if you’re used to a $20 blender you may find that these blenders perform very well. If you have experience with higher-end blenders like Vitamix then maybe not so much.

I have come across many customers whom are happy with the performance of both of these blenders.


Both of these machines come with 3 speed buttons with one being the lowest and three being the highest. You also get a pulse button for complete control over your blending.

Pitchers and Cups

Ninja Professional bl660 Blender

I like that these blender sets are versatile. It’s good to have to-go cups. Trust me, we don’t have them and it would make our mornings much simpler. With to-go cups you simply put the ingredients inside the cup and blend and take it with you. Both of these blenders come with two to-go cups with accompanying lids.

But a large pitcher comes in handy as well. A large pitcher allows you to blend up smoothies (or whatever else) for everyone in just a few minutes. This is what we do. We just throw everything in at once and blend away for everyone in one batch.

Both the bl740 and bl660 come with a large 72-ounce capacity pitcher.


Cleanup is a breeze with blenders for the most part. It has been my experience that as long as you act pretty quickly, you can simply fill the pitcher/cup with water, add a couple drops of dish soap, and run a blend cycle for a minute or two.


Both of these machines come with a one-year warranty.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to the bl740 and the bl660, these machines are so similar that many of their pros and cons are going to be the same. In general, customers for both blenders praised the power and noted that this blender was good at handling ice. Particularly its ability to turn ice into snow as advertised. Customers also like the convenience of the two to-go cups but they also like having the option of having the large pitcher.

Some complaints…

Some users, on the other hand, weren’t satisfied with the consistency. And others actually thought that the blades were too sharp.


When it comes to these two machines, the Ninja Professional bl740 vs bl660, there is no clear winner here. These machines are virtually the same. Sure, there may be a couple design outward differences and the layout of the controls is a bit different but other than those cosmetic differences there is nothing of note that should really affect your decision.

I think that both are in the same category as far as durability and quality are concerned, and both have many happy and satisfied customers (Although I’d advise you to take a look at some of the customer reviews for yourself).

If I were choosing, I’d just go for whichever machine was being offered at the lowest price when I was ready to buy.

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