Ninja Blender BL610 vs BL660

Blueberry smoothie in a glass on a rustic table

Blueberry smoothie in a glass on a rustic table

Both of the blenders in the ninja bl610 vs bl660 comparison are good blenders in my opinion. They have the power, size and performance to meet or exceed most people’s expectations for a home blender.

Blenders come in a wide range of options, heck, even the shape of a modern blender comes in many variations. The most important aspects to consider, however, are the performance aspects; power, blades, performance with frozen food.

Below, you will find all of the information that you need to make the best decision for you and your household.

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Ninja Blender BL610 vs BL660: Which One is Right for You…?

Appearance and Size

Ninja bl660

Both of the blenders in this comparison are good looking machines which is important because no one wants an ugly appliance taking up attention and space on the kitchen counter. The shape is the same for each of these machines. I like the silvery chrome-looking finish (it’s not chrome) of the 660 but the 610 is sharp and sleek in black.

They are roughly the same size with the 660 measuring about 12W x 9.25D x 16H and the bl610 measuring about 11W x 8D x 16H. This means that both blenders should fit up under your cabinet on your counter. This is important for a lot of folks who want to be able to kind of keep the blender on the counter but still have it out of the way when not in use (we can’t do this with our Vitamix).

Power and Performance

Both of these machines pack some power. But the 660 with 1100-watts beats out the 1000-watt 610 with in this department. In terms of performance, it probably won’t make a whole lot of difference. Still, it’s worth noting that one machine is more powerful, if only slightly, than the other.

They can both smash through most of what you will throw at it. Leafy greens, ice, carrots, celery and other fibrous fruits will be easy work for either of these blenders.

There are some challenges though, like, you will still feel the seeds, and on occasion you may run into some chunks here and there. But, based on my research, that has more to do with the how you arrange the ingredients as you load the machine, and the amounts, and less about the actual power of the machines themselves. This means that you should be able

Tip: If you run into issues with smoothness, try rearranging the order of the ingredients or the amount of the ingredients. For example, some users say that they get better results when placing the leafy greens in the pitcher first.

Control Panel

The control panels are virtually the same with both models having the following functions: power, pulse, low, medium, high power (on the bl660 it is 1, 2, and 3 for power). The bl660 also has another button specifically for single serve; this is the biggest button on the panel.

These basic buttons are enough for most folks although the higher end blenders i.e. Vitamix and Blendtec offer a wider range of speed and presets. At the price range these models fall into this is fully acceptable.

Single Serve…

Only the Ninja bl660 comes with the single serve option. It actually comes with 2 professional nutria-ninja cups with the accompanying to-go lids.  And in my opinion, this is a very convenient if necessary feature.

Get more details on the Ninja bl610

Get more details on the Ninja bl660

If your mornings are anything like ours then you know that you have those days where things just don’t go according to your plan. A to-go cup allows you to just blend and go as the name suggest. It’s great because you don’t have to worry about grabbing another cup and dirtying it. And better still, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the pitcher before you leave the house.


Ninja BL610

Both of these machines are heavy duty beast and the pitcher adds to that. Both come with extra-large 72 ounce capacity. This means that you can make smoothies for the whole family in one batch without the need to run consecutive blending cycles. I’ve come across that suggest that the pitcher


As I always say, cleaning blenders is actually very easy. Both machines have dishwasher safe parts but for the most part you shouldn’t need to use the dishwasher for these parts. In fact all you need to do is fill the pitcher up halfway with water, add a couple drops of soap and turn the machine on blending speed. This works wonders if you do this right after you’re finished using the machine.


Both come with a 1-year warranty which isn’t very much.


Both of these machines have come with their fair share of complaints. I’ve read about customers whom have had issues with cracked pitchers and experienced the motor burning out. I encourage you to read through the reviews yourself before making the final decision.

On the other side of the coin, there are plenty of folks that have had these machines for years with no complaints. All-in-all, there are many happy customers for both of these blenders.


When it comes to the two blenders in the Ninja bl610 vs bl660 comparison, I think that you should go with the 660; it’s the better and (slightly) more powerful option. In the end, I think that the to-go cups offer a convenience factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. Sometimes there is just too much going on to have to worry about cleaning out a blender pitcher before you leave for work or school.

However, both are decent choices. Both of these blenders have 1000-watt plus motors that are designed to pulverized what you throw at it. These aren’t the 2,000-watt powerhouses that will cost you small fortune but I believe that both will provide you with adequate performance over the course of its life. A performance better than the entry-level models offered for $20 bucks.

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