Ninja BL773CO Mega Kitchen System 1500 Food Processor Blender Review

ninja bl773coThe Ninja BL773CO Mega Kitchen System 1500 is a food processor/blender combo. It measures 16 x 12 x 17 inches and weighs 19.5 pounds. The 1500-watt (about 2 horsepower) powerhouse is made by a brand that is one of the most recognizable in blenders.

The popular Ninja BL773CO comes with a lot of stuff. It is a decent looking machine, and considering everything that you get, its price is very affordable. I am a big fan of small kitchen appliances that have many functions. Below, find out if this is the right Ninja kitchen system for you.

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Ninja: All in One Kitchen Systems…

I love that the Ninja BL773CO does so much. Their systems might appear to be pricey to some, but you get most of the tools you’d need for your kitchen in one package. They are all inclusive.

One of the biggest selling features of the Ninja kitchen systems is that they have very large pitchers. The Ninja BL773CO has an extra-large plastic 72-ounce capacity pitcher. It also comes with three personal sized “to go” cups with lids. This is perfect if you want to experiment with different ingredients or if you want to prepare all of your smoothies for the day and take them with you on the go.

The food processor work bowl has an 8-cup capacity. It comes with several blades to grate, chop, slice, and shred. There is also a dough blade.

Leafy Greens, Soup, Dough etc…

ninja bl773coThe ability to pulverize leafy greens is the litmus test for high-end blenders. I’ve read mixed reports about Ninja blender’s ability to do this. Though many of the customers I’ve come across online and offline claim that their Ninja blender does a great job at pulverizing spinach and kale easily.

This machine can make soup. Although I did come across information that claims that this machine can’t make hot soup. But I don’t see why it couldn’t unless the parts are very heat sensitive.

The measure of a food processor lies not only in its ability to cut vegetables, that’s pedestrian. A real test will involve dense foods like almonds. A really good food processor should be able to help you make stuff like chicken/tuna salad, nut butters and grated cheese, but especially dough. This one can make two pounds of dough in just 30 seconds.

Easy to use…easy to clean…

The Ninja BL773CO is an easy to use small appliance. It has just a few buttons for operation: All of the removable parts are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Simply wipe down the rest of the machine to finish cleaning.

Convenient Features…

There are some very thoughtful features that went into the Ninja BL773CO. The suction cups on the bottom will prevent your machine from “dancing” around when in use. The lid lock-down mechanism prevents your contents from spewing everywhere.

Missing features…?

I’ve seen the auto-iq feature listed on many of the Ninja machines in stores and online, but that signage is missing from the BL773CO. The auto-iq is a feature for the impatient or extremely busy among us, who’d like to walk away from the blender while it is in use. It isn’t a necessary feature, but some found it very useful. It shouldn’t be a deal breaker though. Smoothies take just a few minutes to make, not hours.

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chopped vegetablesSurprised It Works So Well…

I’ve come across several customers that thought that the machine worked much better than they expected. I think that this pleasant surprise is the result of the relatively inexpensive price, and perhaps the gimmicky nature of the advertisements. Sure the ‘Ninja’ name is clever, but it’s at least a little bit cheesy.

Compares Favorably to Vitamix and Blendtec…

After researching lots of different blenders and food processors I’ve come across several people that claim the Ninja brand compares favorably to the blender world titans, Vitamix and Blendtec. As a Vitamix owner, I find this just a little bit hard to believe (or maybe I just don’t want to accept it).

However, even consumer reports confirms this. In fact, I’ve read several reports that the Ninja blenders can do things that the Vitamix struggles with, i.e. turn ice into snow.

Juicing Capabilities…?

A few customers complained about its lack of juicing capability. Apparently some advertisements claim the Ninja BL773CO has the ability to juice but it does a poor job at it. But there is a lot that goes into juicing, you probably want to buy a juicer if you really want that feature. Check this out if you want to learn more about juicing.

Size and Looks…

Unlike the Behemoth that is the Vitamix 6300, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL773CO is small enough to fit out-of-the-way on the counter, underneath your cabinets in your kitchen. But what about all of those accessories? Well, as far as I can tell, there isn’t a way around it. You will have to make space to store it in a cabinet. Though the blades and disc will fit inside of the pitcher and/or food processor containers while not in use.

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  • Measures 16 x 12 x 17 inches and weighs 19.5 pounds
  • BPA-free plastics (that come in contact with food)
  • 1500-watts/2-hp of power
  • 72-ounce pitcher
  • 3 personal sized to-go cups
  • 8-cup capacity food processor work-bowl
  • Instruction book/Quick start guide
  • 1-year limited warranty

Ninja BL773CO Mega Kitchen System 1500 Food Processor Blender: What Do The Customers Think?

There are many customers who are generally impressed with the power and and performance of the bl773co. According to customers it is a very sturdy machine. Some customers even go overboard in their review of the machine. Even to the point of claiming that it can be used in an industrial/commercial environment. Of course, that is just hyperbole, the bl773co is only applicable for home use.

I’m not so sure about the long-term durability of this machine, however. Based on what I found out about other Ninja blenders there seems to be mixed reviews about how long these machines actually last. The limited warranty is one year and comes with some conditions, i.e. it doesn’t cover the pitcher. There is a 5-year VIP warranty available if you purchase directly from Ninja.

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The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Food Processor Blender BL773CO is a product offering from the well branded titan. There is definitely some substance behind the clever and unavoidable marketing; the Ninja blender name is everywhere.

The initial cost, while not the highest, could be prohibitive to some shoppers. It ain’t cheap. But given its apparent ability, it’s a considerable value. This machine can do plenty. It has convenient features, i.e. suction cups on the bottom. Although I’m not thrilled about the warranty. Still, I think that this is a quality machine worthy of your consideration.

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