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There are many people searching for the differences between the Ninja bl682 vs bl770. The truth is that these Ninja blender systems are very similar. But there some differences that make them stand apart from one another.

The Ninja brand popularized the blender/food processor kitchen system. It is easy to see why these machines have the reputations that they do. Instead of having to buy two very expensive machines, one can simply get a kitchen system that has all of the necessary features.

To get you started on your journey to finding the right kitchen system for your household simply read on below. Good luck!

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Ninja bl682 vs bl770: Which Powerful Blender is Right for You…?

Appearance and Size

Ninja Nutri Blender System BL682

Full size blenders from the Ninja line have a common look and these two models are no different. Both of these units are similar in color too – light and dark grays and black. Both have a chrome accent border that catches the eye. But overall, I’d say that the bl682 is the better looking of the two.

In fact the Ninja bl682 looks modern which is surprising considering that the bl770 has the higher model number (usually the later and more updated looking machine is accompanied by a higher model number). So, don’t be fooled. I think that the bl770 looks kind of bland and dated.

Both of these units, with an extra-large blender jar, have a large footprint. The bases for both machines is around the same, about 10 x 8. So, don’t base the size so much around the units look in the pictures. The weight for these machines is roughly the same as well, around 10 pounds.


There are many users who are satisfied with the performance of either of these machines. Each one has a 2-horsepower or 1500-watt motor. So as you can see, they are both very powerful. At the 1500-watt motor range you start to see much better performance out of blenders. This is the watt range that you see on the high-end blenders like BlendTec.

The Nutri Ninja bl682 has the better technology between these two blenders. It has what the Ninja brand has coined as Auto-iQ technology. Where 770 will just blend at the speed that you put in on, the 682 is intuitive.

The 682 has different programs like frozen drinks, blend, ultra-blend, and food puree that feature the auto-iq. The Auto-IQ feature works by combining timed pulses and blending and pausing patterns. This useful feature helps you to power through pretty much whatever you throw at it – fruits, vegetables, seeds, ice.

Both units have what is referred to as total crushing blades. They are capable of turning ice into snow, a feat that is usually a sign of a very powerful blender.

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Get more details on the Ninja bl770


The controls for either machine are extremely simple to understand. On the bl770, there are the following buttons: power, pulse, speeds 1/dough, 2, and 3 as well as single serve button. The bl682 has the following: On/Off, frozen drinks, blend, ultra-blend, puree, low, high, pulse, and dough.

As you can see, there are a lot more programs for the Ninja bl682.


The capacity for the different containers varies. Below you will see the capacity for the different containers. You will also find out how many of these containers are include with each machine.

  • The extra-large pitcher has a 72-ounce capacity. Both of these sets include a 72-ounce pitcher.
  • Both units come with an 8-cup or 64-ounce capacity food processing work bowl
  • The bl770 comes with two 16-ounce nutri ninja to-go cups with lids
  • The bl682 comes with two 24-ounce nutri ninja to-go cups with lids
  • The bl682 comes with one 32-ounce nutria ninja to-go cup with lid

Food Processor

Ninja Nutri Blender System BL682

Both of these machines come with an eight cup capacity food processor. The processor is capacity of making 2 pounds of dough in just 30 seconds. The processors each come with a dough blade and a chopping blade.

Easy to Use and Clean

Both of these machine are easy to use. The control panels are pretty straight forward, you just press a few buttons and you’re ready to start blending. And cleanup is the easiest with a blender. All you have to do is fill the pitcher with water and add a couple drops of dish soap and run a short blending cycle.


Both units come with a one-year warranty

Pros and Cons

Because these machines are made by the same company and have most of the same features, many of the good things and bad things are the same. When there is pro or con that applies to just one of the machines then you will see it in bolded


1500-watt/2-hp motor base

Inexpensive blender/food processor combo

The bl682 has Auto-iQ technology – for intuitive blending

Large capacity 72-ounce pitcher

Large 64-ounce food processor bowl

Turns ice into snow

Easy to clean

The bl682 comes with the handy smoothie recipe book by Rachel Bellers

Large 32-ounce to-go cup


Some complain about the noise level produced by both of these machines

Some users for both complained that there were leaks for both machines

Some users stated that the smoothies weren’t as smooth as they’d like

Short warranty


Both of these machines are good buys, so you won’t make a poor choice by going with either of the in the Ninja bl682 vs bl770 comparison. But if I had to choose I would definitely go with the bl682. It has auto-iq blending programs and many more programs to choose from on the control panel. It also comes with a recipe book by Rachel Bellers and a large to-go cup.

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