Ninja BL201 vs BL204

which blender in the bl201 vs bl204 comparison is best for making delicious fruit smoothies?

Can you make delicious strawberry, kiwi & banana smoothies in your new blender.

The Ninja bl201 vs bl204 comparison features two very convenient kitchen systems from the very popular worldwide brand. Both of these machines offer a rather unique value proposition – one machine that is both a blender and food processor.

If you frequent most of the larger department stores you are sure to see a Ninja kitchen system. At first I was put off by these machines a bit because they exude marketing over substance. That is, until I started to do some research. It turns out that these kitchen systems are good buys and offer an affordable solution to many people (not everyone can afford a $500 blender and a $300 food processor).

Below, check out more of the details for these machines, and decide which one you’d like to bring home with you.

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Ninja BL201 vs BL204: Which Pulse Kitchen System should you bring home with you…?

Appearance and Size

My first thoughts when I took a look at these machines is that they do look a bit basic. The outer shell is constructed completely of plastic which looks a bit, well, cheap. The front of each machine looks the same. In fact, the only difference that you will see design wise is the color. The BL201 is black while the BL204 is white. I usually like black over white for kitchen appliances as that color seems to make the unit seem sleeker. But in this case, the Ninja BL204 looks better to me. Of course this is simply a preference thing.

These machines aren’t very large as they measure about 5.5 x 9 x 13.5 inches. Besides, they are two machines in one and thus they more than earn their space on your countertop as they will get a lot of use.

Power and Performance

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL201

Both models work with pulse action only – some customers really don’t like that you have to “baby sit”. You will need to hold down the cup or work-bowl to engage the motor. You can’t just choose a speed and walk away.

The bl201 has a 550-watt motor which does pale in comparison to the bl204 which has a 700-watt motor – I trust that you would experience a much better level of performance with the bl 204. When it comes to blenders, typically, higher wattage means better performance.

That doesn’t mean that the 550-watt bl201 is no go. Actually, there are plenty of folks whom are happy with their choice of the 201. But I did come across some bl201 users that were underwhelmed by the promises of this kitchen system.

Ninja claims that with the “Total Crushing Technology” you can turn ice into snow, and that you can use these machines to make dough. Well, I suspect that you will have some luck doing both of those things to some degree but how well and for how long would be the lingering questions for me.

Can you consistently liquefy very fibrous foods, i.e.?

Can you consistently turn ice into snow?

Will the smoothie consistency be smooth most of the time?

If the results are favorable, how long does it take to make that so?

Knowing what I know, from doing a lot of research, I have my doubts about how either of these machines will live up to lofty expectations. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy with either of these machines, it’s just that you may want to reconsider what you expect from them.

Get more details on the Ninja bl201

Get more details on the Ninja bl204

Remember, it’s fool-hardy to expect $500 performance from a $50 machine (not saying that either of these machines cost $50, just using these numbers as an example for my point).

Processing Bowl and Cups etc.

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL204

Both of these models come with a 40 ounce work bowl, as far as food processors go, that is a small capacity. The bl201 comes with two go cups with lids while the bl204 comes with three cups. The work-bowls and cups are BPA-free.

To help you make your dough, both kitchen systems come with a dough hook and a dough paddle.


Both of these models come with a standard one year warranty.


When it comes to the kitchen systems in this comparison, Ninja bl201 vs bl204, I would go with the 204. But that’s only if I only had these two machines to choose from. I mean, sure, these machines are both very affordable, but there are some tradeoffs that you have to make for that “affordability”.

There are other Ninja Kitchen Systems (check these models out) out there that are more capable albeit much more expensive. For one, I think that both of these machines are too underpowered – less than 1000-watts – to consistently perform. I believe in the “pay now or pay later” philosophy, as experience has proven to me time and again. And also the use of only the pulse function would get annoying for me after a while.

But that doesn’t mean that these either of these sets can’t work for you – many folks are happy with both. As long as you have your expectations in check, you might do well choosing either one. Just don’t expect out of this world level performance.

Ninja bl201 – Check Price

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