Moen MotionSense Haysfield vs Arbor

This is a comparison of the Moen MotionSense Haysfield vs Arbor touchless faucet. The Moen hands-free kitchen faucet will make your kitchen more efficient.

Moen MotionSense Haysfield vs Arbor

Looking for a touchless kitchen faucet?

Not only are these faucets functional and practical, they look pretty cool too. This page serves as a handy guide. It will provide you every bit of information you need to decide which touchless faucet is right for you.

Moen MotionSense Arbor – Check Price

 Moen MotionSense HaysfieldMoen MotionSense Arbor
Spray Modes:Power Clean, Steady StreamPower Clean, Steady Stream
Soap Dispenser:YesYes
Finish Available:Spot-resistant Stainless SteelSpot-resistant stainless steel, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze
Mount Holes:1,2,3, and 4-hole1-hole and 3-hole
Hose length:Much shorter than ArborAbout 24 inches
Power Adapter:Not IncludedNot included

Moen MotionSense Haysfield vs Arbor - Which Touchless Kitchen Faucet is Right for you?


The Moen Haysfield and Arbor faucets are similarly designed. They both have high arcs with long pull-down spouts. A slim neck gives them a graceful, swan-like appearance. The width of the stem gradually increases as you leave the neck and approach the base which itself is slightly bulbous yet streamlined. For hands-on operation, a handle attaches to the base.

Moen MotionSense Haysfield

Moen MotionSense Haysfield

Design wise, there are two primary differences despite obvious similarities. The handle of the Hayfield’s faucet is flat with a simple design. The Arbor has a sleek, curvy design and a slight flare. Also, the base of the Haysfield features a circular rim at its bottom. This rim is non-existent in the Arbor faucet.


The Moen Arbor is available in three different finishes. Those colors are chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and spot-resistant stainless. Choosing between these three options depends on your color preferences. But based on customer reviews and personal research, I strongly recommend the Spot-Resistant Stainless Finish. Like its name suggests, this finish is resistant to water spots and fingerprints. These qualities give it an undeniable edge over the other two finishes. You won’t have to waste time cleaning your faucet on a daily basis. And when you do need to clean (presumably after a considerable period of use), wipe with a clean cloth. Also, its appearance will match other stainless steel appliances in your kitchen. That is, if you do have stainless steel appliances.
With the Hayesfield, there’s no need to worry about which finish to choose. You can only get it in a Spot-Resistant Stainless Finish.

Ease of Installation

Installing either faucet is simple. Each has what’s coined as the Duralock Quick Connect Installation System . You can mount the Haysfield faucet on one, two, three, and even four-hole sinks. While the Arbor faucet works only with one-hole and three-hole sink applications.

MotionSense Technology

The beauty of these Moen MotionSense faucets lie in their ‘touchless’ ability. When cooking or washing dirty dishes most times, your hands get messy. You want to turn on the faucet without staining it with bits of food or transferring dirt and germs. This familiar dilemma can be easily solved with either MotionSense faucet. With the MotionSense technology, you don’t have to touch your faucet to use it. The Wave Sensor at the top turns on the faucet once any hand movement is detected around it. To stop the flow of water once you’re done using the faucet, wave your hand again over the sensor. The Ready Sensor at the faucet’s base turns on the faucet sensing that an object is under the spout. Once you remove the object from the sensors path, the water stops running.

MotionSense Wave is a variant of the MotionSense Arbor, in some Moen Arbor models. This technology uses one sensor located at the base of the faucet rather than the top as found in the double-sensor MotionSense.

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But this touchless feature is not without its complaints. In the first few months of use, chances are your hands may hover around the faucet. The faucet may turn on, and the sleeves of your clothes can get wet. Or worse, you’re working in the sink, and the sensor at the base senses an object and switches on. Thus drenching whatever it is you are preparing. These ‘accidents’ could be frustrating, but you can always disable one or both sensors. Despite these little drawbacks, most users like the MotionSense technology. They like the ease, efficiency, and convenience these faucets provide in the kitchen.

Spray Type

Both faucets offer two spray options. To get rid of tough messes with minimal effort, you can choose a powerful spray. Or you can choose a steady stream of water.

Retractable Hose

These faucets have a built-in Reflex system that allows you to extend the hose a nice distance. The hose is flexible and you can use it to carry out several kitchen tasks far from the sink.

Moen MotionSense Arbor

Moen MotionSense Arbor

A button on the spray head helps to pause the flow of water while the hose is still extended. To return the spray head back to the sink, simply let it go. It will self-retract and re-attach itself firmly to the faucet. The hose length of the Arbor faucet is significantly longer than the Haysfield’s.


The touchless sensors in these faucets work with batteries or the faucet or you can plug it into the wall. The faucets come with 6 AA batteries but an AC adapter is not included. Lots of users complain that the batteries do not last long and you will need to replace them often. If the batteries are dead and there is a power outage, fret not. You can always operate your faucets manually with the handle at the base.

Moen MotionSense Haysfield vs Arbor Pros and Cons

Haysfield Pros

  • Touchless sensors for convenience
  • Available in a spot-resistant finish
  • Comes with a soap dispenser

Haysfield Cons

  • Shorter hose length

Arbor Pros

  • Touchless sensors for convenience
  • Available in a spot-resistant finish
  • Longer hose length

Arbor Cons

  • No soap dispenser


Either of these Moen MotionSense faucets can meet your need for a hands-free kitchen faucet. The soap dispenser accessory in the Haysfield faucet and the longer hose length in the Arbor faucet are the main deciding factors in this comparison. If you will be making use of the pull-down hose feature on a regular basis, then you should go with the Arbor faucet. The Haysfield faucet is the right choice for you if you’re quite particular about having a soap dispenser in your kitchen.

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