Make Boiled Eggs In The Microwave – Nordic Ware Egg Boiler Review

My family loves eggs. My wife, Sarah, can make perfect soft or hard boiled eggs every time, with me it’s like rolling the dice. This probably has to do with patience and other virtues I don’t possess when it comes to cooking. I usually end up asking Sarah for help. She knows how long to boil the eggs for hard or soft boiled eggs .

Once in a while my boiled eggs come out perfect, but most of the time they don’t. The perfect hard boiled eggs have that bright yellow yolk that is firm, but not too firm, the egg is smooth, and the shell easily peels off of the egg. Simply delicious! When you over boil eggs they end up with a kind of green hue. When you under boil the soft boiled egg, it is runny and has no form, the flesh is slimy.

After messing up another batch of soft boiled eggs, I looked for a better solution, one that didn’t require me to ask Sarah. I wanted a little egg boiling independence. I wanted to be able to make soft boiled eggs and deviled eggs any time I wanted to.

So I did what I always do when I want to solve a problem, I turned to the internet. I came across a solution that led me to Amazon, and I learned about a bunch of different egg cooking tools. There are some cool egg boiling tools out there, and after reading descriptions and reviews, I happened upon the Nordic ware Egg Boiler, and ordered it.

A Tool To Make Boiled Eggs In The Microwave?

The first thing I noticed about the Nordic ware Egg boiler was the quality of the packaging.

The nordicware microwave egg boiler shapes like an egg.

It looked good. The product seemed pretty durable. It’s plastic and shaped like an egg. On the inside, there is aluminum; this protects the eggs from the microwaves.

The aluminum inside the nordicware microwave egg boiler protects the eggs from the microwaves.

With out the protection from the microwaves the eggs would explode. The kid in me actually wanted to try to boiling eggs in the microwave without the egg boiler, but I remembered the grown up me would have to clean up the mess.

The egg boiler is very easy to use. Just follow the directions. I read thoroughly: wash before use, remove the aluminum insert from base, fill base to water line, put in microwave, 5-7 minutes for medium eggs, allow 2 minutes to cool after eggs are done, run cold water on the eggs to stop further cooking. This was easy as pie. I put the eggs in the microwave for 7 minutes.

The Results

On my first try, the eggs came out perfect; somewhere between medium and hard boiled. The eggs tasted great too.

Using the Nordicware egg boiler on the first try the eggs turned out perfect.

I was actually pretty confident this would work because the reviews were very good, but it’s still some what unbelievable. Now, I have a way to make perfect delicious boiled eggs every time. We didn’t pay much for this little gadget, and I know we will get a lot of use out of it.

Word of caution: Even after waiting 2 minutes, the egg boiler will still be very hot; you will need to use oven mitts to remove the egg boiler from the microwave.

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