Kohler Simplice K-596 vs K-597

Kohler Simplice K-596 vs K-597

Is it time for a shiny new kitchen faucet?

The K-596 and K-597 are two similar models in Kohler’s Simplice series. How do you decide which faucet to go for between these two eminently suitable options? Our Kohler Simplice K-596 vs K-597 comparison page serves to answer that question. On this page, you would find everything you need to know about these two faucets: their design styles, available finishes, special features, and other distinguishing characteristics. And with this information, you would be able to choose the right faucet for your kitchen.


Kohler Simplice K-596 – Check Price

Kohler Simplice K-597 – Check Price

Kohler Simplice K-596 vs K-597

Design and Construction

Both Kohler Simplice faucets are constructed from premium metal materials, making them durable and able to withstand years of use. Like most modern faucets, they have high arcs that makes it easy for you to use large and tall pots and pans in the kitchen sink. They are designed with slim necks, popularly referred to as goose necks, and a slightly rounded base. The base itself features a lever-type handle positioned at the right-hand side of the faucet.

It is important to point that out both faucets possess the same design style; there is absolutely no difference in the design of these faucets.


A major hallmark of a durable faucet is the type of finish used in coating or covering its metal construction. A faucet with a durable and long-lasting finish is a faucet you would enjoy for many years to come without having to deal with corrosion and rust. Both the Kohler Simplice K-596 vs K-597 faucets are available in three different durable finishes: Polished Chrome, Vibrant Stainless, and Matte Black. All three finishes have been commended by various users for their ability to prevent rusting of the metal used in constructing the faucets. The Vibrant Stainless finish does not require frequent cleaning as the other two because it is impervious to fingerprints and water spots.


Size is the singular differentiating factor between these two Kohler Simplice faucets. The Kohler Simplice K-596 is wider and taller than the K-597. In other words, the K-597 is a slightly smaller version of the K-596. If you have a main sink and a secondary or prep sink in your kitchen, several users suggest using the bigger K-596 as the faucet in the main sink while the K-596 would adequately suffice for the smaller secondary sink.

Mounting Requirements

Both Kohler Simplice faucets can only be mounted on one-hole or three-hole sinks.

Pull-Down Spout

The K-596 and K-597 faucets, like virtually all Kohler faucets, are designed with the ProMotion Nylon Hose and Ball Joint technology. This means you can pull down the spout, turning it into a spray head which is connected to the faucet by a nylon, braided hose and a swiveling ball joint. With this feature, you can easily direct or concentrate the steady flow of water to a dish, pot, or pan in the sink or beside the sink. Thanks to its nylon construction, the hose is light, quiet, and very flexible, facilitating the easy movement and use of the detachable spray head feature.

The Kohler DockNetik technology ensures that once you let go of the spray head, the hose automatically retracts back into the faucet and the spray head smoothly docks back into position. This is achieved via a magnetic system located in the spout for swift and efficient docking. This DockNetik technology prevents the hose from dangling from the faucet or the spray head from scratching itself against the sink or any other kitchen surface.

Get more details on the Kohler K-596 Simplice

Get more details on the Kohler k-597 Simplice

Spray Modes

The detachable spout or spray head of both Kohler faucets are fitted with responsive touch pads for toggling between the available spray modes and a pause function. In the stream mode, you get a gentle stream of water sufficient for regular cooking and cleaning activities. The spray mode provides you with a powerful spray that provides double the force in the stream mode. This powerful spray is recommended for cleaning sticky dishes and getting rid of tough stains.

The pause function helps you pause the flow of water while switching between multiple tasks without going through the hassle of turning the faucet on and off.

360o Rotation

The upper part of both faucets comprising the goose neck, high arc, and pull-down spout can be rotated 360o. You can always adjust the faucet to whichever position works best for you at the moment.


The lever-type handle at the base of the faucets is not solely designed for manually turning the faucet on or off. It can also be used to regulate the temperature of the water. Even better, the faucets ‘remember’ the exact water temperature during your previous use and once you turn them on, the water runs at that same temperature until you adjust it if you so wish. The only downside with this feature is that there is no high temperature limit which means the water temperature can be accidentally increased to a level capable of scalding your hands.


Both Kohler Simplice faucets have a limited lifetime warranty. This means that the warranty is valid as long as the faucet remains in the use of the person who bought it. Once ownership is transferred, the warranty is voided.

Pros and Cons of the Kohler Simplice K-596


  • High-arc design
  • Retractable pull-down spray head
  • Remembers previous water temperature
  • 360o rotation


  • No high temperature limit

Pros and Cons of the Kohler Simplice K-597


  • High-arc design
  • Retractable pull-down spray head
  • Remembers previous water temperature
  • 360o rotation


  • No high temperature limit



Both Kohler Simplice faucets are perfect replicas of each other in terms of design, color/finish, features, capabilities, and overall performance. What sets them apart is their size; the K-596 is bigger than the K-597. Before choosing either, the size of the sink in your kitchen should be duly considered. A faucet larger than the required faucet size of your sink means you would get splashed every time you turn it on. So, if the K-597 with its smaller dimensions is the perfect size for your sink, then stick with it. A larger sink demands that you go with the K-596.

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Click here to buy the Kohler K-597 Simplice


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