Kohler Bellera vs Cruette – Comparing Two Beautiful Faucets

Kohler Bellera vs Cruette

Looking for a beautiful new faucet?

Kohler faucets are stylish, functional, and affordable. They are available in a comprehensive array of models, providing you with a dizzying range of options to choose from. Most times, the choice boils down to two very popular and similar models: the Kohler Bellera vs Cruette. In order to choose the faucet that would be most suitable for your kitchen needs, you need to compare the features and capabilities of one against the other. We’ve done the necessary research on your behalf and have outlined the needed information below.

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Kohler Bellera vs Cruette: Which Faucet Should you Choose...?


With their high arcs and sleek, elegant lines, the Kohler Bellera and Cruette faucets are designed for modern kitchens. The high arc makes it possible for you to easily place your pots and pans (regardless of their widths and heights) in your sink without scratching the faucet’s finish.

Both faucets, though similarly designed, have some key distinguishing differences. The Kohler Bellera has a uniquely curved handle attached to a slim base while the Cruette’s base is bulbous and the attached handle simple, straight, and not particularly stylish.


Both Kohler faucets are constructed from metal and covered in durable finishes that protect them from rusting, scratching, or chipping. These finishes could be either Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome, or Vibrant Stainless Steel. All three finishes are great choices, but the Vibrant Stainless-Steel finish stands head and shoulder above the other two as it is much more resistant to fingerprints and water spots and as such, requires less cleaning.

Ease of Installation

One of the biggest complaints about these Kohler faucets is their difficult and time-consuming installation process. If you have little or no experience installing faucets, there is every possibility that you might get frustrated after a few hours and resort to requesting for help from either a friend or a professional. The installation process is not straightforward and the accompanying manual does not provide adequate and helpful information as reported by some.

Mounting Requirements

You can’t mount the Cruette on just any sink. You must have either a one-hole or a three-hole sink to be able to successfully install the Cruette faucet. If your sink falls in the two-hole or four-hole category, then you probably have to shell out additional cash to purchase the parts needed to make it compatible with the Cruette faucet.

The Bellera suffers from no such limitation as it can be mounted on any sink type without the need for any additional purchase.

Pull-Down/Pull-Out Spout

You can pull down the spout of both Kohler faucets to focus the stream of water onto a particular pan or dish in the sink or pull it out to provide water for various kitchen tasks carried out around the vicinity of the sink. To be able to achieve this, Kohler uses its ProMotion technology to connect the spout to a flexible, braided nylon hose which is capable of being extended and maneuvered over a considerable distance. The hose is light and coupled with the swiveling ball joint design of the ProMotion system makes it possible to easily carry the detached spout or spray head from one point to another.

Kohler’s innovative DockNetik technology makes it possible for the spray head to re-attach itself back to the faucet once you’re done using the pull-out/pull-down feature. The spray head is designed with a magnetic system that helps it to automatically slide back towards the faucet and dock firmly into its original position.

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Spray Modes

Both the Bellera and Cruette faucets are designed with three spray modes: Stream, Sweep Spray, and Pause. In the Stream mode, the faucet releases an aerated stream of water for filling pots and pans, washing dishes, and accomplishing other kitchen tasks. If the dishes are really dirty and sticky, then the Sweep Spray mode comes in handy as it provides a larger and more powerful force of water. This helps to get rid of tough messes and provides better cleaning results.

The Pause mode is solely for convenience while working in the kitchen especially when switching between multiple tasks. There are times when you need to pause the flow of water for a couple of seconds; just press the designated pause button on the spout.

Convenient Features

If you need to increase or decrease the temperature of the water, the handle at the base of both faucets provides you with the ability to manually regulate the water temperature. The faucets are designed with 360o rotation which means you can turn the faucet in any direction and towards whatever position you desire. This makes it infinitely easier to accomplish tasks in the kitchen.


Several customers complained that these faucets are only durable for a limited period of time (usually 2 – 3 years). Recurring themes in these complaints include nozzle malfunctioning and needing to be replaced at least twice, water leaking from the internal connections of the faucet, and the hose splitting or breaking and needing replacement.

However, I would like to point out that these complaints in no way constitute a majority of user reviews and feedback. They are just the odd cases in thousands of favorable reviews. Also, some of these issues were a direct result of using the wrong parts with these faucets.


Both faucets are covered by Kohler’s limited lifetime warranty.

Pros and Cons of the Kohler Bellera


  • High arc design
  • Self-retractable pull-out/pull-down spout
  • Can be mounted on all sink types
  • Can be rotated in any direction


  • Difficult to install

Pros and Cons of the Kohler Cruette


  • High arc design
  • Self-retractable pull-out/pull-down spout
  • Can be rotated in any direction


  • Difficult to install
  • Cannot be mounted on all sink types



At the end of the day, choosing between a Bellera and a Cruette depends on your sink type. All sink types can accommodate the Bellera faucet, making it a universal choice. Its swan-like design is also preferred if you are more inclined towards a sleek and streamlined appearance. The Cruette is a wonderful option as well; however, unless you are willing to spend even more money during the installation process, you must have a one-hole or three-hole sink.

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