KitchenAid Mini vs Artisan Review

Are you trying to find the similarities between the KitchenAid Mini vs Artisan mixers? The Mini is a recently released product from the mixer product line. It is a lot like the Artisan but smaller. But which one is best for you?

Mixing egg, flour and sugar in bowl with mixer.

Mixing egg, flour and sugar in bowl with mixer.

When people think KitchenAid, they undoubted think about the KitchenAid mixers. Sure, KitchenAid makes all kinds of high quality kitchen appliances and tools, but they are most known for the mixers.

Below, you will find all of the information that you need in order to make an educated decision in this comparison.

Click here to see price for KitchenAid Artisan Mini

Click here to see price for KitchenAid Artisan

KitchenAid Mini vs Artisan: Which One Should You Choose…?

Appearance and Size

KitchenAid makes a good-looking mixer. These mixers are great The KitchenAid Mini, as its name suggest, is much smaller than the Artisan mixer. And yeah, that’s the whole point. The KitchenAid Mini looks just like the Artisan or Classic but smaller – 20% smaller. The 20% figure might not mean much to you but when you see them next to each other, you realize that there is a huge size difference. Not only is the Mini smaller, but it also weighs 25% less.

kitchenaid mini vs artisan

KitchenAid KSM3311XBM Artisan Mini Series Tilt Head Stand

If you are considering the Artisan version, but are contemplating getting the Mini, it’s probably because of the size. Another thing you’ll have to consider are the colors. The Artisan comes in about 40 colors compared to just 10 for the mini. Still, the Mini comes in some exciting colors like hot sauce and orange sorbet but you also have some more classic options like matte black and contour silver.

Power and Performance

The Artisan is much more powerful than the Mini – 325-watts compared to 250-watts. That’s a huge difference but the same power as the KitchenAid classic. This is powerful enough to make cookie and bread dough so power won’t be a problem for you here. Both of these units have 10 speeds.


Inevitably, if you give up size you will also have to give up a little capacity to go along with that. There should be no surprise about that at all. The Artisan has a nice 5-quart capacity that will allow you to make 9 dozen cookies in one batch.

The Artisan Mini on the other hand is much smaller with just a 3.5-quart capacity which will yield you about 5 dozen cookies. The difference in quarts doesn’t seem to be much but when you take into consideration the difference in cookie dozens, the difference is much more apparent.


Both the Artisan and the Artisan mini come with some essential accessories: dough hook. Wire whisk, flat beater (coated) and stainless steel work bowl. I think that it is important to note that the Artisan mini’s bowl does not have an attached handle. The Mini does not come with a pouring shield either. These convenient features could be deciding factors for you.

Get more details on the Mini

Get more details on Artisan

Another little detail that I noticed is that the work bowl for the Artisan is shiny stainless steel while the Artisan Mini is brushed stainless steel.


You might be wondering, “does the Artisan Mini work with all of my favorite attachments?” Fortunately the Mini is compatible with 10 optional attachments. It will work with the same compatible attachments as the KitchenAid Artisan or Classic.

kitchenaid mini vs artisan

KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt Head Pouring

So don’t worry you’ll definitely be able to use the spiralizer – that cool attachment that lets you turn vegetables into pasta-like noodles. There are a bunch of other attachments out there to try. In fact, the attachments are a big reason why a lot of folks get a KitchenAid mixer in the first place.

The attachments that I’m referring to here are the attachments that connect to the hub located at the top of the mixer. Not the beaters or whisk. As the work bowl for the mini is only 3.5-quarts the beaters and whisk will not fit in it.


As the Artisan was just recently released, no claims can really be made about the long-term durability for it. The Artisan on the other hand has been around the block a time or two. Still, I trust the KitchenAid brand and I believe that either model will be around for a long time. I know people that have had their KitchenAid mixer for decades – and I’ve come across users from online reviews that claim the same. These things just keep on going and going.


Both of these units come with a one year hassle free warranty.


The KitchenAid Mini vs Artisan comparison is one that features two very good products from the renowned KitchenAid brand. The main reason you might be considering this blender is because of space limitations. With the mini, you get a machine that is 20-percent smaller and 25-percent lighter in weight.

But with that space savings you also give about 20 percent of the power that you get with the Artisan. I think that power difference will be noticeable in side-by-side performance. So, you would have to decide if the power loss is worth the space savings.

And power isn’t the only thing that you give up. You also have to give up a work bowl handle and a pour shield. And to top it all off, the Artisan Mini comes in 10 different colors compared to 40 for the Artisan.

For the person that has an impossibly small kitchen, the Artisan mini could be the way to go. But for me, and I do have a smallish kitchen, I’d stick with the full size Artisan mixer if I were choosing between these two machines.

KitchenAid Mini – Check Price

KitchenAid Artisan – Check Price


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