Keurig k550 vs k500 2.0 Brewing System Comparison

Croissant and coffee.

Croissant and coffee.

The Keurig k550 vs k500 2.0 brewing system comparison features two very good choices. So, you can’t go wrong here. If you want (or need) to have a hot cup of coffee in the morning to get you going, then you won’t be disappointed with either model. The Keurig brand has pioneered a revolution in the home coffee brewing world.

Take a closer look at the Keurig k550

Take a closer look at the Keurig k500

Single cup brewers from the Keurig brand are much more convenient than standard coffee machines. Below, you will find all of the information, similarities and differences that you need, to make the best decision in the Keurig k550 vs k500 comparison.

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Keurig K550 vs K500: Which One Should You Choose...?

keurig k550 vs k500

Keurig k550

Control Panel and Settings

Both models come with a variety of customizable settings like brew strength. Do you like very strong coffee? I know some people that order a shot of espresso in their coffee with no cream or sugar. The brew strength indicator gives you control over your cup of Joe.

The control panel is about 3 inches and has a nightlight and comes with customizable wall paper (background color/pattern). There are selections for hot cocoa and other café-style drinks. You can also dispense hot water on demand.

You will get a reminder when its maintenance time. A really convenient feature is that you can setup an automatic brew to be ready just as you wake up in the morning. It can be set to your own strength preferences.


Keurig takes all of the guess work out of making good coffee. Each k-cup/carafe has a barcode. That barcode tells the brewing system which settings to use for that particular pod. It’s really easy to use. Both brewers can reportedly brew a single cup of coffee in about a minute and just five minutes for a 4-cup carafe.

K-cups and K-carafe pods

One thing that once deterred people from buying a Keurig or other single-cup coffee brewer was the availability of pods in their desired brand. Now, however, k-cups for both these machines are available in over 500 different varieties to include teas, coffees, and hot chocolate.

Some customers complained about not being able to use the regular k-cups with the new machine. This is true, you must use k-cups that are compatible with the k500/550. But even if your favorite coffee/tea drink is not available in pod form, you can get an eco-pod or similar reusable pod for under $20. Going this route can be a lot less expensive than using the k-cup pods anyhow, just make sure that the reusable pod is compatible with the 550/500.

K-cups come are available in a variety of sizes:

K-Cup Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, ounce

Travel Mug Sizes: 12, 14, 16 ounce

Carafe Sizes: 2-3 cups, 3-4 cups, 4-5 cups

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Click here to get more details on the Keurig k500

keurig k550 vs k500

Keurig k500

Size and Appearance

The amount of space that a small kitchen appliance takes up on your countertop is very important to consider. I prefer smaller appliances that perform multiple functions. This is the best way to get the most out of your available countertop real estate.

Both machines in the Keurig k550 vs k500 comparison measure 10.4 x 13.6 x 13.4 inches. That’s not too large considering that you will probably use it at least once a day.

The machines are identical. They possess sleek contours and lines. A lot of thought and effort was put into the design. The color scheme includes varying shades of grey and black. Overall, they are good modern-looking machines that will compliment any kitchen décor.

Water Filter

Only the Keurig k550 includes a water filter. In fact it’s the only thing that really separates these two machines. Using filtered water in your coffee pot is important to avoid mineral build-up that can clog your machine. A filter can also make your coffee taste better. If you have a water filter on your faucet then you can probably just go with the k500.

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Click here to see price for the Keurig k500

Comparison Chart

keurig k550 vs k500

Keurig k550

keurig k550 vs k500

Keurig k500

Dimensions:10.4 x 13.6 x 13.4 inches10.4 x 13.6 x 13.4 inches
Included K-cup pods:64
Included K-carafe pods:42
Water filter:yesno
Automatic Brew:yesyes

Customer Reviews…

There are a variety of reviews for both of these coffee machines with many customers who are satisfied with their purchase. Overall, the performance seems solid. It brews a good cup of coffee.

But there are some vocal customers whom are not too satisfied with either of these Keurig models. A lot of the negative reviews are actually from customers whom had owned previous Keurig’s and decided to upgrade.

This frustration seems to be due to the fact that the Keurig k 550 and k 500 models restrict the types of pods you can use. You cannot use the k-cups or k-carafes from older models with the k-550 or k-500. I think that this is a justified frustration, but there are solutions. In fact, you can search youtube to find a video to show you how to modify your Keurig so that it works with all pods.

Other Keurig 2.0 Brewers to Consider…

 The Keurig 2.0 models offer logical incremental upgrades that mostly effect the reservoir capacity and brew size options. Although there are some other differences that could be important to you. Below, take a look at some other similar models. There may be a brew size and/or other features that are a better choice for you and your household.

vs Keurig k350

The keurig k350 offers 8 brew sizes from 4 ounces up to a 30 ounce carafe. The reservoir capacity for the k350 is 60 ounces. It includes a water filter to help reduce mineral build-up. Unlike the k450 or 550, the k350 does not come with a colored touch screen. The k350 does not offer a programmable clock either. Perhaps you do not need those upgrades. You might consider that these premium upgrades will likely be reflected in the price.

Check price and other details

vs Keurig K450

The k450 offers 9 brew sizes from 4 ounces to 30 ounces. It has a brewer maintenance alert system and water filter kit to reduce scale. The water reservoir capacity is 70 ounces. It does have a color touch display though not as large as the k550 or k500. It does come with a programmable clock but absent is the uber-convenient water reservoir back light that’s featured on the k550/500.

Check price and other details

vs Keurig K560

If you’re curious about the Keurig K560, know this, they are the same machine. So, you get all of those premium features like the large color touch screen and the large backlit water reservoir. The only difference is that the K560 comes with 60 k cups while the K550 comes with 6 k cup samples.  You might want to check the price of both if you are considering either.

Check price and other details

Summary & Recommendation

In the case of the Keurig k550 vs k500 2.0 brewing system comparison, both are good options. There isn’t a right or wrong way to go here, the only significant difference between them is the water filter which is only included with the Keurig k550. If you do go with the k550, you also get a couple extra k-cup and k-carafe pods. You might also check out one of the other Keurig options above.

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