Joie Yolky Egg Separator Review

We purchased the Joie brand Yolky egg separator because we wanted an easier way to separate the egg whites from the yolks. Right there on the packaging it says “Egg separating simplicity”. Also on the packaging, “Yolky clips on the side of most size bowls and mugs”. This thing only cost a few bucks so we figured we would add it to our latest Amazon order. Just what the doctor ordered or so we thought.

The Yolky egg separator by Joie.

So the Yolky egg separator looks cool enough, it’s made to look like a baby chicken. My wife thought it was cute. It was easy to tell how it worked. The device sinks in towards the middle to hold the yolk, and on either side, there are 2 slits for the egg whites to fall through.

We gave it a try. First we tried it on one of our new bowls. It didn’t fit on at all, and then we tried it on the old set, then a third bowl, then a plastic Ikea bowl. It fit on the Ikea bowl, but we had to play with it to make it stay. When the egg separator did stay on, all it took was a little weight for it to come undone.

Joie egg separator fits the small blue bowl but easily slips off. Joie egg separator does not fit on white bowl.

The Joie brand Yolky egg separator does not fit on small metal mixing bowl. Joie egg separator does not fit on small prep bowl.

The Yolky was off to a bad start. It says on the packaging that the egg separator fits “most” bowls and mugs, but I tried 4 with no success. Either I have 4 bowls, different bowls from different manufacturers, that don’t fit into the “most” category or they made a product that doesn’t fit most bowls. I’m going with the latter.

So we tried mugs, just 2 this time though, our patience was thin at this point. Surprisingly, the Joie egg separator fit on the first mug we tried, but the second one, not so much. Although, it probably fit good enough to use with the second mug, I didn’t want to waste an egg. So we tested it out using the 1st mug that fit the best.

Joie egg separator does not fit on large green mug. After trying several bowls and mugs we finally found a small mug that fit the Joie egg separator.

When we finally got the chance to try out the product, it worked out great! It caught the yolk and the whites dripped out through the sides. Some of the egg white was still connected to the yolk, so we had to gently shake it loose. The effort was minimal, and it works a lot better than separating eggs with your hand.

The Yolky catches the yolk and the egg whites fall through the slits.

I was annoyed at first, because this product does not fit most bowls and mugs. But even though we can only use it with one dish; I like having an egg separator. It really comes in handy and it’s worth the price.

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