Jamba Appliances 58910 2.4 hp Blender, 64 oz., Gray Review

Jamba Appliances 58910Jamba Appliances and Hamilton Beach teamed up to make the Jamba Appliances 58910 blender. It measures 8.7 x 17.3 x 7.6 inches and weighs 10.7 pounds. With 2.4 horsepower, this thing is actually very powerful. I can speak from experience about blenders. The truth is, when it comes to blenders (and almost everything else you can spend money on), you get what you pay for. Earlier this year, Sarah and I purchased our first high end appliance: the Vitamix 6300 blender. It was expensive to us, but it was worth it.

Suffice it to say, whenever I research a new blender, I naturally, if unfairly, compare it to the “King of Blenders”: Vitamix. The Jamba Appliances 58910 will have to be very special in order to impress me. Perhaps in the way that Blendtec has impressed with its viral “Will it Blend?” videos. They won all kinds of awards and stuff. Below I’ve reported what I found when I researched this new Jamba Appliances blender. Read on.

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It’s Jamba - The New Blender on The Block

There are all kinds of things to consider when buying a blender: cost, warranty, performance, height, brand, capacity, and blades. There are other, perhaps less important, things you may want to consider, like; color, container type (glass or plastic), and control panel.

The best blenders on the market have “out of this world” warranties. Blendtec offers an 8 year warranty. Vitamix has you protected for 7 years. If you purchase directly from Vitamix, they will offer you an opportunity to purchase up to an additional 3 years. Jamba Appliances offers you an 8-year limited warranty. I will update the warranty when more information becomes available.

The Jamba Appliances 58910 blender has 2.4 horsepower. That’s definitely in the high-end horsepower performance range. By contrast, the Vitamix 6300 has two peak horsepower. I’m sure that extra .4 horsepower makes a difference. With this blender you can do everything that you can do with the Vitamix. You can make nut butter, smoothies, sorbets, frozen drinks, and even hot soups.

close up of blender jar and green vegetables

Blender with cucumbers and other veggies.

The control panel features 4 programmed settings: “soup”, “smoothie”, “ice crush”, and ”whole juice”. There is an analog dial for the speed control and two toggle buttons: “start/stop”, “pulse”.

Height is definitely something that you want to consider before you buy a new blender. They tend to be taller than most other small kitchen appliances. The height for the Jamba blender is just 17.3 inches. The Vitamix is a lot taller, over 20 inches, too tall to fit under your cabinet.

By now, I’m sure Sarah and I unwittingly joined some sort of blender cult. It had to be in the terms and conditions when we purchased our Vitamix 6300. Where I once loathed “those people”, you know the kind that are so brand loyal that they sound brain washed. Now, I jump at the opportunity to defend or even promote the Vitamix brand. But it’s for good reason. They make great products!

The construction is very important to factor into your purchase decision. The blades are made of stainless steel, while the jar is made of a thick BPA-free scratch resistant plastic. The drive shaft is strong enough to power through nuts, ice, and other hard foods.

Just like the Vitamix (and Blendtec), cleanup is easy with this Jamba blender. All you do is fill the jar up halfway with water, add a couple drops of soap, and push one of the blend settings. Voila! I can tell you from experience that this actually works very well. The one caveat: you must wash immediately after use. This is no good if you’re the kind of person that finds yourself forgetting to unplug the iron.  You will certainly forget to wash your blender container. I’ve made the mistake of forgetting to wash out the container after use and it was very hard to get it clean. Also, never use an abrasive cloth on your jar or blender base, you’ll end up with a bunch of scratches.

Cavitation occurs when ingredients get stuck around but do not touch the blades. This means that you have to either shake the jar, use a utensil to push the ingredients down toward the blades, and or run a blend cycle a time or two more: all of these options represent a sacrifice in performance. The tamper allows you to easily push the ingredients down towards the blades.  It is the difference maker for high-end consumer-level blenders.

I desperately wanted the Blendtec Total blender because it offered similar power and performance while also a lot cheaper than the Vitamix 6300. But it did not have a tamper. Without one, you are left to fight against cavitation all by yourself.

The recipe book has over 150 full color recipes. I’m sure it’s similar to the Vitamix blender in that it is filled with a variety of healthy and delicious recipes. There are recipes for soups, nut butters, smoothies, spreads, and more.

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  • Powerful 2.4 horsepower motor
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Can fit under cabinet
  • Recipe book contains over 150 recipes
  • Make smoothies, nut butters, sorbet and more
  • 8 year limited warranty

Jamba Appliances 58910 Compared to Other Blenders

Honestly, I would be a little apprehensive about buying the Jamba Appliances 58910 blender. I can appreciate that Hamilton Beach is the manufacturer in this partnership, but Hamilton Beach isn’t exactly known for their high-end blenders. I’m also a bit dubious about the limited part of the warranty. I’m not saying that this is a bad machine. It’s just that when it comes to appliances that get a lot of daily use, I like to go with proven winners. Below, I’ve taken a look at the competition.

VS Vitamix 6300

The Vitamix brand makes high powered blenders. And have been for decades. There are people out there that still have one of the early model Vitamix blenders. We love our Vitamix 6300 because it does everything that it says it does very well. We’ve made smooth almond butter, hummus, sorbet, smoothies, milk shakes, soups and purees. The 7 year warranty covers you if your machine fails within 7 years due to a manufacturer defect or due to normal wear and tear. I’m a bit curious as to what the Jamba Appliances 58910 limited warranty covers.

Compared to the Vitamix 6300, the Jamba Appliances 58910 is more budget friendly. Other than that and perhaps a marginal increase in power, I don’t see any other incentive to purchase Jamba over Vitamix.


Like I stated above, it’s pretty hard to impress me when it comes to blenders. That is because I truly believe that I own one of the best; Vitamix 6300. My blender takes vegetables and turns them into liquid, and it promises to do that for at least seven years. I do like that the Jamba has a powerful motor and can fit under the kitchen cabinet.  It also includes a tamper, which is a must have for high-end blenders.  Overall, for some, the Jamba Appliances 58910 could be a winner, but for me it’s too early to tell.

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