Instant Pot Smart vs DUO vs DuoPlus

Instant Pot Smart vs Duo: Which one is the best for you…?

Instant Pot’s multi-functional pressure cookers are the latest countertop appliances in today’s modern kitchen. If you can’t seem to decide between two of the most popular Instant Pot models: Instant Pot Smart vs DUO, then this article is just what the doctor ordered. Is the high-end Smart cooker, known for its technologically advanced features, a more viable and suitable choice than the more basic and even more popular DUO model? Should you go with Instant Pot Smart with the extra bells and whistles or stick to good old-fashioned DUO that is reputedly solid and dependable? Read on to find out!

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Instant Pot Smart vs Duo vs DuoPlus


Instant Pot Smart

A pressure cooker is multi-functional if it can perform various other functions apart from pressure cooking. The two models being compared today satisfy that requirement as they are equipped with 7 cooking functions: pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, yogurt making, steaming, warming and sautéing.


Both pressure cookers are constructed from stainless steel including the outer shell and inner cooking pots.

Capacities and Models

While the Instant Pot Smart only comes in a 6-quart capacity, the DUO can be purchased in three different capacities depending on your needs. These include the 5-quart model (IP-DUO50), 6-quart model (IP-DUO60), and the 8-quart model (IP-DUO80),

Dual Pressure Settings

These Instant Pots have two pressure settings: high pressure for foods requiring high speeds and low pressure for those that just need to simmer.

Preset Programs and Manual Options

Instant Pot Duo60

These cookers are equipped with a microprocessor that helps to monitor and control the cooking process, especially when it comes to the preset programs. These preset programs are basically 14 in-built cooking programs for different types of foods. If the food you want to cook doesn’t fall into any of these in-built presets, the cookers are also designed with manual controls. Users can manually dictate the cooking parameters of the dish if they so desire.

Included Accessories

The Instant Pot Smart comes with two silicone mitts to make it easier for users to handle hot objects while cooking. The DUO comes with a measuring cup and a rice scooper.

Both cookers are equipped with stainless steel steam racks.


When it comes to pressure cooking, safety is of utmost necessity to prevent accidents in the kitchen. Instant Pot keeps this in mind in the design of the Smart and DUO cookers.  Both are equipped with 10 in-built safety features to help guard against any malfunctions arising from pressure use.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Mobile App

The major difference between these two Instant Pot pressure cookers is the Bluetooth connectivity of the Smart cooker. Users are able to access, control, and operate their cookers from their mobile devices via the included mobile app. The app is compatible with Android and IOS devices and makes it possible for users to write their very own recipes, program their Smart cooker to cook foods using these recipes, and even share them with friends, as well as download their own recipes. These recipes are often referred to as scripts because they can be programmed into the cooker and the food cooked according to the specific instructions in the recipes.

This Bluetooth + app feature makes it possible to operate your cooker without actually touching it. It comes in handy for foods that requires constant checking and changing of time and pressure. It helps to ease the process for cooking complicated recipes.

This feature can seem quite a bit complex and confusing to a regular user of pressure cookers, not to mention an amateur user. But it does grant users absolute control over every step of the cooking process, and enhances creativity in the kitchen. Presently, the Instant Pot Smart is the only pressure cooker in the market that is capable of cooking at any temperature sequentially.

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However, there have been several complaints from users regarding the effectiveness of this Bluetooth-app feature. For one, since it works with Bluetooth, users must be within 30 feet for their mobile device to be able to connect to the cooker. Basically, you have to be in the same room as the cooker to enjoy this feature. Others claim that even within the required distance, connections can sometimes be very weak or even non-existent. There have also been issues where the operating system of the mobile device is not compatible with the cooker. Therefore, it is imperative that potential buyers of the Instant Pot Smart verify the compatibility of their devices before going ahead with the purchase.

Convenient Features

Both cookers are designed with a delay timer capable of delaying cooking up to a maximum of 24 hours. The handles are also designed with little slots for holding the lid during the cooking process rather than placing it on the countertop.

The Instant Pot Smart’s screen displays more information and a larger font for easy and quick reading. The cooker also comes with three different temperature options for its slow cook, warmer and sauté cooking functions.

Instant Pot DUOPlus

instant pot smart vs duo vs duo plus

Instant Pot Plus

Recently, Instant Pot released a newer and upgraded version of the DUO and called it the DUOPlus. The DUOPlus keeps all the features of the DUO and adds some very significant improvements that makes it even better than the Smart cooker.

The DUOPlus boasts an additional two functions of egg cooking and sterilizing. The sterilizing function itself is multifunctional as it can be used for both sterilization and milk pasteurization. Instead of the 14 in-built preset programs of its predecessor, the DUOPlus has 15 presets, the only addition being a cake function. With DUOPlus, users can bake a cake. You can bake a cake with the regular duo but now it is a programmed function making it easier as no further programming is required.

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The DUOPlus screen displays more information and has larger icons than the DUO and can compete comfortably with that of the Instant Pot Smart. A very interesting feature of this newer model is its ‘smartness’. It is designed to remember the last three settings you used and recalls them when next you are about to cook. Simply put, the DUOPlus is designed to always remember your cooking preferences.

Finally, the DUOPlus shows its superiority over all other Instant Pot cookers with its quick adjustment feature. On all other models, once pressure cooking was underway, users were practically unable to make changes without stopping the process completely. Users of the DUOPlus are perfectly capable of changing some cooking parameters regardless of whether the cooking process has started or not.

Pros and Cons of the Instant Pot Smart


  • Multi-functional and versatile
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Works with the Instant Pot mobile app
  • Equipped with a delay timer
  • Has additional temperature settings
  • Designed with In-built cooking programs


  • Comes in just one size
  • Bluetooth performance is not so effective

Pros and Cons of the Instant Pot DUO


  • Multi-functional and versatile
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Equipped with a delay timer
  • Designed with In-built cooking programs


  • Incapable of working with the Instant Pot mobile app


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