Insinkerator Evolution Supreme vs Excel Review

The Insinkerator Evolution Supreme vs Excel is a comparison between two of the best garbage disposals available. So, just relax, you will are choosing between great products. There isn’t a wrong way to go here.

Insinkerator Evolution Sumpreme vs Excel

Do you need a new easy install garbage disposal?

Garbage disposals are an essential tool for the home. They allow you a practical solution to food waste. Food will get in your pipes when you wash dishes, it’s guaranteed to happen. Without one, you are stuck worrying about clogging your sink. With a lesser disposal, you are left with patience-testing loud noise whenever your disposal is in use.

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Below, you will find all of the info you need to make the best decision for your household.

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Insinkerator Evolution Supreme vs Excel Garbage Disposal Comparison...

Why Insinkerator Garbage Disposals…?

If you’ve never paid too much attention to garbage disposals, like me, then you might think; it’s just a garbage disposal, I’ll just buy the cheapest one. Well, like with most things in life, there are different classes or levels to garbage disposals.

Insinkerator Evolution Supreme vs Excel

Insinkerator Supreme Evolution

For example, my garbage disposal is large, heavy and quite loud. It creates such a noise disturbance that we hardly ever use it. One of the main selling points of Evolution series Insinkerators is that they are on the quieter side. They can accept larger volumes and of wider varieties of the foods that they can handle.

Appearance & Size

Both of the models in this comparison are surprisingly good looking machines. I was surprised to see how good they look because it’s a device that goes underneath your sink. You’ll probably only actually see once in a while.

Clad in stainless steel, the Excel is able with a design that looks much more modern than the one’s your use to seeing at the big box stores.

And if the Excel is good-looking, the Supreme is beautiful in a deep reddish color. It was designed for function and appearance. It has just a few seams. The unit looks almost completely sealed, and at first you might think, “how’d they even get the inside parts on the inside?”

These units definitely have some heft to them. The Supreme weighs about 18 pounds and the Excel weighs about 25 pounds which might seem heavy but it isn’t that bad, really, they are probably lighter than the unit(s) that you have now.

Power and Performance

  • Horsepower – Both of these garbage disposals pack a powerful punch with one horsepower and 1725 RPM’s.
  • Multi Grind Technology – the multi grind technology features 3-stages of grinding. This process will allow you to most foodstuff without having to worry about a jam. In fact most food stuff will be liquefied. The 3-stages include a GrindShear Ring, Tri-Action Lug system and Undercutter Disk. Your garbage disposal will be able to power through banana peels, celery, apple cores, corn cob and even small bones. Both of these models have this technology. **Be sure to only put in small amounts of the tough foods at once and always use cold water during operation.
  • Jam Sensor – In the rare occurrence of a jam, the jam sensor will send a message to the motor telling it to up the torque. Both the Excel and Supreme possess this feature.
  • Auto Reverse- Only the Excel model has the automatic reverse feature. It works by automatically reversing the direction of the grind when it detects a jam is coming. This is a smart feature that should results in fewer jams.
  • Jam Buster Wrench – If somehow your disposal does end up jammed, you have the jam buster wrench.
  • Grind Chamber Capacity – Both of these machines have a 40-ounce capacity which means that you will be able to grind through a lot of food at once.

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Click here to get more details on the Insinkerator Excel

Noise Level

Garbage disposals are generally very loud. But one of the biggest points for these models is that both of these machines have innovative technology that will make them very quiet during operation. To put it best Insinkerator claims that you can have a conversation in the same room when one of these machines is on.

This is made possible because there is high-quality insulation around the motor, the sink mount absorbs vibrations and the anti-vibration tail pipe absorbs the sounds from the vibrations.

I’ve come across many customers whom claim that these machines are very quiet. Then I heard it for myself from a customer-made video. The results are unbelievable.


Both units will come with everything that most people will need for installation. If you need to plug the unit into an outlet rather than have it directly wired to your home, you will have to purchase that power cord separately. Most people won’t need to go that route however.

Insinkerator Evolution Excel vs Supreme

Insinkerator Evolution Excel

Another thing to remember is that neither of these units are lightweights. Take that into consideration when deciding on who will install the unit. Many customers are able to install themselves. Recently, we had to install a new garbage disposal. It was in fact very easy (and would have been easier if I listened to my wife and read the directions thoroughly).

If you’re wondering just how easy it is to install, take a gander at this video below:



Both of these units come with a 7-year warranty. That is quite impressive – it gets better though. The warranty covers parts and labor.

Pros and Cons

Most of the pros and cons will be the same for both as these products are so similar.


  • Super-quiet during operation
  • Powerful 1-horsepower motor
  • 3-stage food grinding action
  • Automatic reverse (Excel only)


  • A bit pricey
  • Heavy


When it comes to the Insinkerator Supreme vs Excel, I’d go with the Excel for one reason; it has automatic reversal which is a feature that automatically reverses the grind direction to prevent jams. Still. I’m confident that both of these exceptional garbage disposals will provide you with a performance that will make you happy. In fact, it should be rare that either of these models jam up on you.

Both of these units look very good (I especially like the ruby-red color of the supreme), which isn’t very important for a garbage disposal, in my opinion. Both are powerful with a 1-horsepower motor. And both have an incredible 7-year warranty. You can’t really go wrong here.

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