InSinkErator Evolution Excel vs Prestige

In this comparison, we tackle the Insinkerator Evolution Prestige vs Evolution Excel comparison.

Are you tired of garbage disposals that can’t handle all your kitchen waste. Those cheap disposers can have penchant for breaking down or only last for a year or two?

Insinkerator Evolution Excel vs Prestige

Is it that time again? Choose the best garbage disposal this time.

If your answer is yes, then I’m pretty sure this time around you want a disposal worth its weight in gold. Well, not quite, but much better than el cheapo disposals that make little noise while on.

The InSinkErator brand of garbage disposals provide the answer to your heart desires. The Prestige and Excel are two of its topnotch models. Our comparison will guide you to the right option.

Insinkerator Evolution Prestige – Check Price

Insinkerator Evolution Excel – Check Price

 Insinkerator Evolution ExcelInsinkerator Evolution Prestige
Power:1 HP1 HP
Auto Reverse:YesYes
Jam Sensor:YesNo
Availability:Widely availabilityLowes
Warranty:7 years7 years

The InSinkerator Evolution Excel vs Prestige: Choosing Between Two Quality Garbage Disposals...

Design and Construction

Garbage disposals are not meant to be beautiful or appealing to the eyes. For one, their sole function is to get rid of messy food remains dumped into the sink. Also, they are usually installed under the sink, not to be admired by friends and visitors. So it might come as a surprise that these models are actually beautiful. They have a sleek, modern, and professional appearance that totally screams efficiency.

Insinerator Evolution Excel vs Prestige

Insinerator Evolution Excel

Not only are these disposals well designed, they are also well-built to ensure they last for a very long time. None of their component parts are made from plastic. Everything is stainless steel, from the grinding chamber to the mounting flange. Heat and moisture within the grinding chamber could cause it to start corroding. But don’t worry about that with either of these units. The stainless steel makes them corrosion resistant. Both disposal units also come with a stainless-steel exterior.

When it comes to construction and design, there is no difference between the two.


The stainless-steel exterior of both units sports an elegant gray finish.

Feed Type

Both garbage disposal units are designed for continuous feeding. So, you can keep on adding waste into the unit even when it is running.

Grinding Performance

Both the Prestige and Excel are models in InSinkErator’s acclaimed Evolution series. This means that their grinding performance is one of the best you can find on the market. They use multiple grinding stage technology. It consist of three grinding stages for complete and efficient waste disposal. Incoming waste moves from one stage to the next until every bit of food is pulverized. Once the grinding stages have completed, the food is too small to clog your drain. Yay!

Food stuff that would jam lesser disposals is no match for these titans. Yes, even vegetables and bones are no match for these garbage disposals.

Click here to see the Insinkerator Evolution Prestige

Click here to see the Insinkerator Evolution Excel

Induction Motor

With 1 horspower, these disposals are the toughest on the market. This high-powered motor ensures the unit can handle any garbage thrown at it on a constant basis.

Power Cord

Depending on the store or retailer, you can get the Excel with or without a power cord. When buying the Prestige, you get no power cord. You have to buy it separately.

Sound Insulation

With powerful motors come much noise, or so the saying goes. But the InSinkErator Prestige and Excel are exceptions to this rule. Both units have SoundSeal technology that reduces the noise output. You will experience roughly 50% less noise than similarly-powered disposals from other brands. It’s a win-win situation with these InSinkErator Evolution disposals. You get a powerful unit that is ultra-quiet.

Jam-Sensor Circuit

Despite the built-in grinding technology jams may still occur. To combat this, the Excel has a sensor circuit to stop jams. This circuit detects a jam then increases the rotational torque and pulsing action. This ace-in-the-hole feature effectively breaks up the jam.The Prestige lacks this important feature.

Auto-Reverse Feature

Without a jam-sensor, the Prestige is at a disadvantage in this faceoff. It does makes use of the auto-reverse grind feature to cut clogs as best as it possibly can. Now, it can fight through inevitable, if infrequent jams. But, not with the same elegance and efficiency as the Excel. As the name suggest, if a clog happens the disposer reverses the grind to work through it. The Excel also comes with this auto-reverse grind feature.

Ease of Installation

Both units come with a Quick Lock mounting system that makes installation easy. We’ve installed a quick a different Insinkerator with the Quick Lock system and it is very easy. Replacing a garbage disposal can be a pain but this process is foolproof. Most people can forgo professional installation. All you need to do is read the directions.

Restricted Purchase

The Prestige and Excel are very similar models. The only difference being the jam-sensor circuit in the Excel model. Now, while you can buy the Excel unit from many big box hardware stores.

InSinkErator Prestige Evolution

InSinkErator Prestige Evolution

The Prestige can only be purchased at Lowe’s. This is why the Prestige is sometimes called Lowe’s InSinkErator Evolution Prestige. It is sold exclusively at Lowe’s.


Both units are covered by a 7-year limited warranty. Long warranties such as this are a good sign as it means that the company stands behind its products.

Pros and Cons of the InSinkErator Evolution Prestige


  • Metal construction
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Easy to install
  • Powerful
  • Multiple grinding stages
  • Has an auto-reverse grind feature


  • No jam-sensor circuit
  • Power cord must be purchased separately

Pros and Cons of the InSinkErator Evolution Excel


  • Metal construction
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Comes with a jam-sensor circuit
  • Has an auto-reverse grind feature
  • Easy to install
  • Powerful
  • Multiple grinding stages


  • Might not come with a power cord depending on the retailer


The InSinkErator Prestige and Excel look the same even to a very keen observer. The jam-sensor circuit found exclusively in the Excel is the only difference. It is a major deciding factor in my opinion. If both models are similarly priced, then buy the Excel as it offers you more bang for your buck. You can also check out our comparison of the supreme and excel.

Click here to buy the Insinkerator Evolution Prestige

Click here to buy the Insinkerator Evolution Excel

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