InSinkErator Badger vs Evolution Garbage Disposal Comparison

InSinkErator is a company that produces garbage disposal units and hot water dispensers. Some of their most popular lines here include Badger and Evolution. These are under sink garbage disposal machines with capabilities compared to none. They work by shredding any solid food waste poured down the sink drain.

Is it time for you to install a new garbage disposal?

Alhough Insinkerator makes both the Badger and Evolution disposals, they display different abilities. The badger is the entry level product line. On the other hand, the Evolution series came after and offers a lot more.

So what features make these garbage disposal units a must have in any modern kitchen?

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Insinkerator Badger vs Evolution Garbage Disposal Comparison

Multigrind Technology

The multi-grind technology found in Evolution units allow their disposals to break down food to waste completely. The word multi referrers to several levels in the grinding process. In the Badger, there is only one grinding stage while its counterpart has many stages. This means that the disposals grind food waste to a fine pulp that is easy to wash down the drain. This is one of the major differences in features between the Badger and Evolution brands. The multiple grinding stages make the Evolution series more popular. The different models within these disposer lines also have different grinding stages. Evolution compact has three grind stages and Evolution Excel has only two grind stages.


Both models are known for their strong horse powered Dura-Induction motors. But the Evolution shines in this arena. While the Badger has 1/2 horsepower, the Evolution has a 3/4 horsepower motor. Both of them run on 120 volts of electricity. In simple terms the Evolution disposers are more powerful. You will be able to grind more food waste faster with one than the Badger.

Sound seal

Most customers said that they would want a garbage disposal unit that is quiet and yet gets the job done. I am sure that you know from experience that garbage disposals can be shocking when first turned on.

So, if sound is super important to you go for a model within the Evolution universe.

The Evolution series has SoundSeal technology while Badger has the standard sound seal. And it makes a humongous difference. But even within the Evolution series, each model has different sound deafening technology. For example, the Excel uses sound insulation and anti-vibration components to reduce noise.

Dishwasher Drainage Connectivity

You can connect either the Badger or the Evolution directly to the dishwasher.

Grind Chamber and Installation

A Stainless steel grind chamber makes the Evolution series stand out. This compares favorably to the Badger disposals whose grind chambers rust. Evolution models do not have any rusting problems.

They are also easily turned on and off because of the wall switch that is easily accessible. Further, they both have a Quick lock mounting system. This mounting system allows for easy installation or replacement of the disposal unit.

We recently purchased a new garbage disposal. Our choice was the Badger 5 and we can attest to the easy installation process. It’s Super Easy!


Although from the same manufacturer, these disposal units have different warranty periods. The Evolution series will mostly have a 4-7 year warranty depending on the specific model. While the Badger will come with 1-3 year warranty also depending on the model in the series. So I would of course be looking at one that caters for a long a period of warranty.

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Our Personal Experience

As an anecdote, our old badger 5 had a quarter-sized rust hole in it and was the reason we needed to replace it. Now with that in mind, we did decide to go ahead and get another badger. Reason being, the price and the fact that that disposer had been in service since before we bought our home. So that little badger was probably in service for at least 6 years before it needed to be replaced (perhaps longer). Not bad considering the price if you ask me.


This of course is a major factor in a customer’s mind. We all want an appliance that we can afford and is durable. If you do not have any budget limitations, then Evolution disposal units would be ideal for you. But, if there were constraints, then by all means stick to Badger disposers. Although they are not as feature rich (or expensive) as the Evolution, they will still do a very good job.

Models within the series

On one hand Evolution series comes in Excel, Compact, Cover control plus, Septic assist and essential XTR. While on the other hand the Badger comes in Badger 5XP, Badger 5 and Badger 1. Both of these models come in attractive colors as well different capacities. So choice would also depend on how much is being disposed. Do note that because of their different capacities and attributes, they have different price tags.


So recently we needed to replace our badger 5 with a new garbage disposal. Given the price, known durability and our budget for a new disposal at the time we went another badger. Now, with that, I know that the Evolution line are superior machines. But you don’t always have to go with the top of the line in every situation.

Also, while not completely silent, we found that our new Badger isn’t that bad, noise wise. It’s certainly quieter than the old one. But we based our considerations on our familial situation. We don’t have to worry about any infants or toddlers waking up from the slightest disturbance. Let alone, a loud, cranky garbage disposal.

So, for us, the more aesthetically pleasing and quieter Evolution with its superior tech and larger sticker price was a bit overkill. But, your situation or desires may lead you to it. I think that you’ll be satisfied with either choice.

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