GoWISE USA GW22620 Latest 4th-Generation Programmable Pressure Cooker. 8-in-1 multi-function, 6Qt/1000W, Stainless Steel Cooking Pot, Steam and Egg Rack Review

The 6 quart capacitGoWise USA GW22620y GoWise USA GW22620 is an up an coming pressure/multi cooker on the market today. This is the 4th generation model of this pressure cooker. That means that the GoWise company upgraded this machine 4 times.

There are other pressure cookers out there with more history and a proven track record. This machine has that 4th generation technology, it has improved functionality compared to prior generations. I researched this budget machine thoroughly. Below, read my findings on the Gowise USA GW22620, and how it stacks up to the competition.

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A Pressure Cooker That Does More than Pressure Cook

The new GoWise pressure cooker is small weighing just 16 pounds. It is silver and black. The design won’t blow you away. It isn’t a particularly pretty appliance like this Breville juicer. It looks pretty basic. Looks and size aren’t everything though. This little baby packs a punch, it is rated at 1000-watts and a maximum pressure output of 13. That’s not bad, especially when considering that the maximum allowable psi for American pressure cookers is 15.

The GoWise USA GW22620 is a feature rich little thing. It is not just a pressure cooker. In fact, it would more accurately be described as a multi-cooker. It actually has 7 additional cooking functions, it is also a rice cooker, bean cooker, yogurt maker, food warmer, steamer, sauté, slow cooker, and egg maker. More and more it’s becoming more common place for small appliances to function as more than one type of machine.

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This cooker is very easy to use. There are 16 pre-programmed “smart” programs. 12 of those programs have predefined cooking times which definitely adds to the ease of use. Some of those pre-programmed settings include; rice, porridge, and yogurt. You can see the full list here. This machine easily replaces a lot of single purpose machines. This can free up a lot of space for you.

Some appliances can be really restrictive like the NutriChef PKRT15. The GoWise USA GW22620 is not however. It’s actually pretty flexible. You will be able to pressure cook using a combination of different settings. You can cook on low or high and you also have full control of the temperature. You have access to these controls by using the buttons “Pressure Time +” and “Pressure Time -”

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  • Delay timer
  • Pressure reading display
  • Cooking time display
  • Teflon nonstick inner cooking pot
  • Accessories: egg rack, steamer rack, measuring cup, rice scooper
  • 1-year limited warranty

GoWise USA GW22620 Pressure Cooker Compared to Other Pressure Cookers

There are many other pressure cookers on the market. Gowise is definitely a great option for those looking for a pressure cooker or multi-cooker. Below, we’ve taken a look at the competition and reported our findings below.

VS GoWise USA 6 in 1 6-quart Pressure Cooker

First, we’ll compare the GoWise GW22620 8 in 1 6-quart pressure cooker to its predecessor the GoWise USA 6 in 1 6-quart pressure cooker. You should definitely do research on both of these machines before you make a decision. You never know which one will be the better option. As claimed by the GoWise USA, it, the GW22620 is better quality with more options and some adjustments to last longer than previous models.”

The two pressure cookers look identical at first glance. But the newer model has updated features. The older GoWise pressure cooker is a 6 in 1 multi-cooker where the new one is an 8 in 1 multi-cooker.

Of course, the predecessor is the more proven model, but you can’t overlook the updated features of the new GoWise pressure cooker.

See the GoWise USA 6-in-1 Pressure


The GoWise GW22620 8-in-1 pressure cooker is an amazing multi-cooker. You can make yogurt, rice, steam eggs, and do all kinds of other things in this machine. If it is anything like its predecessor, then it will prove to be a quality machine. If you are on the fence, or aren’t so sure you need the capacity, then you can check out the other model.

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