George Foreman GRP1001BP 6-Serving Removable Plate Grill, Black Review

george foreman grillThe GRP1001BP removable plate grill is a product offering from the George Foreman grill line. The iconic grill line is wonderful because it allows users to remove excess fat from your grilled meats. This grill is updated and includes many features such as the 1” adjustable hinge that gives you space to grill thicker cuts of meats. It can also be used as a panini press.

The removable grill plate is a nice feature.  You can clean up without having to worry about getting water on the machine body. The grill is economically priced and the George Foreman grill line has a history of producing great products. Read on below to learn all of the details about this electric plate grill.

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Old Name with Brand New Upgrades

The ceramic coated plates boast an increase in durability. It is claimed that the new grill plate coating is 5 times more durable than in previous models. Not only are the new plates more durable, they are also more convenient. These plates are easily cleaned and dishwasher safe.

grilled sliced checken breastInstead of just high, medium, and low temperature settings, the GRP1001BP has variable control. The variable temperature control gives you full flexibility over cooking your food. You just slide the temperature control knob left or right to choose the right temperature. This ensures that you have flawless food every time.

The 1” hinge is adjustable. So if you want to grill a thick T-bone steak, you have the flexibility to adjust the hinge to accommodate its size. This also means that there is no need for a sandwich press. You can put your sub or Panini sandwich on this grill and get those perfect grill marks, and added crunch.

The George Foreman Grill line is really popular because it helps you remove all that extra fat. This is definitely helpful if you are trying to lose weight or watch what you eat. The GR1001BP has the George Foreman sloped grill design that simply uses gravity to drain up to 42% of fat from 80/20 ground chuck.

This grill is the perfect size for a family of 4 or more. The plate is large enough for you to cook up to 6 burgers on it at a time. There’s no need to wait and cook multiple batches.

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  • Removable grill plates with ceramic coating
  • Grill up to 6 burgers at once
  • 1" adjustable hinge
  • Variable temperature control
  • Patented sloped design
  • 6.3 x 15.9 x 15.1 inches
  • 3-year limited warranty

George Foreman GR1001BP VS Other Contact Grills

When it comes to contact grills, the Foreman line is the most well-known. When searching I found another well-known contact grill made by a different company. You might want to compare these two grills before you make a decision.

VS De’Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Panini Press

The CGH800 contact grill and Panini press is contact grill from De’Longhi. This grill has been around for a while. It has dual heating sources on the base and on the hood. This means that you can cook your food quickly and evenly. This contact grill shares many of the same features as the George Foreman: nonstick grill plates, tilted grilling surface, adjustable hinge, variable temperature.

The nonstick surface is made of Teflon, while the Foreman grill is ceramic coated. The grill plate coating will last longer on the Foreman grill. The grill plates aren’t removable on the De’Longhi. These grills are very comparable but they do have some major differences as well. Either machine should end up being a good product.


The George Foreman GRP1001BP is able to cook up to 6 quarter pound burgers at a time. It has premium coating on the grill plates which does two things; makes clean up easier, and it makes the plates more durable. The grill plates are also removable. This grill has that classic patented slope that Foreman grills are known for. The grill is not a very expensive small kitchen appliance. This grill is also backed by a 3 year limited warranty.

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