FoodSaver V3880 vs 4880 Vacuum Sealer Comparison

Keep your food always fresh by vacuum packing machine

Keep your food always fresh by vacuum packing machine

Vacuum sealers like these, FoodSaver v3880 vs 4880, are very useful kitchen appliances. Perhaps, they are the most useful kitchen appliances that you can ever buy. Seriously, you’d be hard pressed to find a small kitchen appliance with as much usefulness as a vacuum sealer.

Sometimes companies go overboard in their claims about their products, but as it relates to vacuum sealers, particularly the FoodSaver brand, they are indeed realistic. You can definitely save money by using a FoodSaver and thus avoiding food spoilage.

But which one of these vacuum sealers is right for you? Which model has the most useful features that are worthwhile?

Below you will find all of the answers that you’re looking for.

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FoodSaver V3880 vs 4880: Which Vacuum Sealer is Best for You…?

Appearance and Size

FoodSaver V3880 Vacuum Sealer

You might notice that the orientation of these machines is a little different from the ones that you’re used to seeing. These models are a bit bulkier and taller in than other models. And there’s a good reason for that – these models have built-in bag storage and a cutter. Those very useful features require additional space.

The 4880, however, is even bulkier than the 3880 – you can take a look at the pictures to see that the additional depth of the 4880.

These machines share the same stainless steel exterior that adds a classy touch but it also makes these machines much more durable than if they were made out of plastic parts. Both look good, but they are designed very different. The 3880 is taller and has a design that tapers from a boxy base to a kind of half-moon at the top.

The 4480 is not as tall but it is much boxier in shape. This unit will take up a nice footprint on your countertop so be sure to account for this when deciding. We have a unit that is similar to the 4880 and our kitchen is pretty small, but we make space for it because it is essential.


Both the 3880 and the 4880 have what is referred to as hands-free operation. This means that all you have to do is prepare a bag, and insert the open end into the machine. The vacuum sealer will automatically start the vacuum sealing process. You won’t have to worry about clamping the bag into place as you would with older models (some users complained about this on older models). But there are manual controls for you to completely customize the process as you desire. For example, you can press the seal button, on either of these machines, to stop the vacuum process and seal your food.

You will enjoy all of the same benefits that come along with vacuum sealers regardless of which model that you choose. You will be able to use either one to marinate in “minutes instead of hours”.

I believe that these machines will perform well but there are some things that you should be aware of…

FoodSaver V3880 – Get more details

FoodSaver V4880 – Get more details

Consecutive Sealing…

FoodSaver 4880 Vacuum Sealer

For one, and this is something that will only apply to you if you will need to vacuum seal a ton of food at one batch. If you buy a lot of foods in bulk and I do mean a lot. Then you might run into the issue of the machine overheating and needing to cool off – usually the machine only needs a 5 minute break. If this is the case then you might want to go with a model like the GameSaver which can do up to 80 consecutive seals before needing a break. Most don’t seem to have this issue as a lot of times the breaks in between sealing are sufficient to allow for a proper cool down.

Wet Foods…

Both of these machines have a setting to choose wet or dry food – they also automatically detect wet or dry foods. But there is an issue that some have run into – sealing wet foods. Now I’m not talking about fresh meats, fish, and poultry. I’m talking about really wet foods, like soups, stews and foods with a lot of sauce.

If the dish that you attempt to vacuum seal has lots of liquids you will most like not be able to seal it properly – the excess moisture will interfere with the seal. But there is a way around this. You will need to freeze the food first then vacuum seal. I know that this may sound like a lot of extra work but it is worth it and it’s not that big of a deal once you get used to doing it.


Both of these units come with their share of accessories and bags to get you started (both models have an attached accessory hose that automatically retracts).

With the 3880 you get the following:

1 – 11″ x 18′ FoodSaver Roll

12 – Quart Size FoodSaver Bag

With the 4880 you get much more:

1 – 11 inch x 10 feet heat seal roll

5 – quart sized FoodSaver heat seal bags

5 – quart sized FreshSaver Zipper Bags

Wine stopper

Lunch & leftover container


Both of the models in this comparison, FoodSaver v3880 vs 4880, are great choices. But one reigns supreme, and that my friend is the 4880. After doing the research, I think that it is more durable. And as it is the newer model of the two, I believe that it will probably perform better (companies usually improve design with newer models even if they don’t always advertise the changes), if only slightly. With the 4880, you also get a complete starter kit that even includes a wine stopper.

FoodSaver V3880 – Click here to see price

FoodSaver V4880 – Click here to see price



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