Foodsaver V2244 vs FM2000 Review

In my opinion, a vacuum sealer is a necessary household appliance.

And either of the vacuum sealers in this Foodsaver v2244 vs fm2000 comparison will take care of your needs. There’s no doubt about that. What these two models prove is that you don’t need to spend $300 to get an adequate food saver. A Foodsaver like the two in this comparison will save you money. Thousands of dollars per year even.

Vacuum packed meat displayed on a wooden background

Vacuum packed meat displayed on a wooden background

Below, you will find all of the information that you need to choose between these two highly capable machines. Read on, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out using the comments section below.

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Foodsaver V2244 vs FM2000: Which Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer should You Choose?

Appearance and Size

Modest in appearance, neither of these machines are fancy. You won’t find any gaudy stainless steel on either one. But we’re not really concerned with how our vacuum sealer looks, right? Well, yes and no. It certainly isn’t our first priority but that doesn’t mean we want a big, ugly machine taking center stage on our countertop.

FoodSaver V2244

That stated, neither machine is an ugly one. The black v2244 has a kind of shape at the top of the machine that looks a bit awkward – it’s a kind of weird height at top back of the unit. This is most likely due to mechanical-design constraints of earlier FoodSaver models. I only mention this because it could make storing the machine a bit awkward if your space called for you to place something on top of it, for example.

The newer fm2000 – also black in color, doesn’t have this added height on the top back that I’m referring to – The top is completely flat.

The dimensions are similar to each one. They aren’t very wide, or tall, but they are long with each being about 17 inches in length. Neither machine is particularly heavy, you shouldn’t have a problem lowering it and raising it from a bottom cabinet.

You may need to re-prioritize your kitchen countertops if you take on either of these machines. Depending on your shopping, family size, and eating habits you may want to leave the machine on your countertop for fairly regular use.


  • These machines are both capable of doing what they were designed to do which is suction the air out of the food storage bags. To operate either machine, you must first cut a bag to size, place the bag into the sealer slot, lock the bag into place with the lever on the side, then press the seal button (the process is equally easy when using it for jars and containers).
  • One of the common complaints that you find about the v2244 is that there is a large amount of bag waste. This issue was fixed on the upgrade with the fm2000 touting a 40% less waste.
  • Neither of these units are designed for heavy use. It is best if you pace yourself and only use the sealer to seal 4 or 5 bags in rapid succession.
  • Neither of these machines come with bag storage and built-in cutter
  • Neither of these models will offer you the following features that would find on the more expensive models. You won’t find any automatic bag detection. There is no bag storage or built-in cutter. What you should also know is that these additional features increase the price, dimensions, and sometimes there are reports of users having an issue with automatic features like bag detection.

Vacuum Sealer Bags and Other accessories

Both the fm2000 and the v2244 come with the follow:

  • 1 11″x10″ Heat Seal Roll
  • 3-Quart Heat Seal Bags
  • 2-Gallon Heat Seal Bags
  • Accessory Hose

Get more details on the FoodSaver v2244

Get more details on the FoodSaver fm2000


When considering a products durability, you must first take into use and cost. Meaning, how often will you use this product, what it does, and how much that product cost. In this case we are talking about products that aren’t very expensive, will get used fairly regularly. Bottom line, you can’t expect a machine that uses a vacuum suction to last forever.

FoodSaver FM2000

With that in mid, I think that both of these machines are pretty durable given what they are capable of doing and how much they cost. These are entry-level models.

There are some reports of gaskets wearing out, and unfortunately, these gaskets aren’t a part of the warranty. And you will have to pay for the shipping.


There is a big difference between the warranties for these machines. The fm2000 carries a 5-year long warranty compared to just 1-year for the v2244. This is a serious difference.

Pros and cons

These machines are very similar – same price range and manufacturer, etc. – and share many of the same pluses and minuses. So it would be no point in repeating the same information over and over again. Where there is a pro or con that applies to just one machine, it will be notated.


  • Slim design takes up less space than those more feature rich vacuum sealers – this is a huge pro for those with limited counter space.
  • Very budget friendly for a food saver
  • 5-year long warranty (fm2000)
  • Powerful enough for most families


  • Not very attractive
  • Short 1-year warranty (v2244)
  • Gaskets wear out and will need to be replaced (some suggest yearly)


In this post we covered the differences and similarities between the two inexpensive FoodSavers; FoodSaver v2244 vs fm2000. In truth there is very little that separates these machines. You wouldn’t do terrible by choosing either as their prices are pretty competitive. But there are two very big differences between these machines; the warranty and the efficiency. The fm2000 has a 5-year warranty (compared to just 1-year for the v2244) and there is 40% less bag waste. If I were choosing, I’d go with the fm2000, it’s simply a better vacuum sealer. It is the newer model and it is better looking too.

FoodSaver V2244 – Check Price

FoodSaver FM2000 – Check Price

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