Foodsaver FM2000 vs FM2100 Review

There are many food vacuum sealers out there, but the two models in the FoodSaver FM2000 vs FM2100 comparison offer a unique value proposition. They are budget friendly models with modest features. Still, for most people, they are all that you need.foodsaver fm2000 vs fm2100Now that we have one, our sealer is an indispensable part of our kitchen. In fact it may be the most useful small kitchen appliance that we own. We have realized many benefits of using one. Our food spoilage is as close to nil as I think it will be (there will always be some wasted food) and our refrigerator and freezer is a lot more organized.

Below, you will discover all of the benefits that these two machines offer as well as the similarities and differences between them.

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FoodSaver fm2000 vs fm2100: Which of these Budget Friendly Vacuum Sealers is Right for you…?

Appearance and Size

When you first take a look at these vacuum sealers, there may be some confusion at first. With a low profile, and black color, these FoodSavers are nearly indistinguishable. So no, you’re not losing your mind and no these machines aren’t the same machine with different model numbers.

A closer examination reveals that there are some minor differences but they are limited to slight differences in color/hue and the fm2100 has more depth than the fm2000.

FoodSaver FM2000-000 Vacuum Sealing Starter

These are the old school models. For either, there is a gray lever that is attached to the right side of the machine. This is the mechanism that is used to lock the sealer bag into place while the vacuuming takes place.

The vacuum sealer that we own is much larger than this one and thus has a larger countertop footprint. A benefit of these models is that they have a much smaller footprint. Both of them are small and low profile.


For the most part, performance will be the same for both of these machines. Operation works in much the same way. You have to first fill a bag with the contents that you wish to vacuum seal, then you will need to insert the open end into the slot of the FoodSaver, then pull the latch down to lock the bag into place.

Note: Neither model has a pulse button, but you can use the seal button at any time as kind of a substitute. 

Moist/Dry Vacuuming

The ability to choose between moist and dry foods is important because moist foods require a different seal level than dry. The moist foods setting uses more time on the seal so that it is completely sealed. Only the fm2100 comes with the moist/dry setting.

Less Bag Waste

If you do a little research for these kinds of machines you will see that a lot of folks have made complaints about the amount of bag waste that they encountered. This is common. On the product description pages for both of these machines you will see something along the lines of “40%” bag waste. Well, that means that these machines are supposed to waste less bag material prior FoodSaver models. Even so, you might still be disappointed in the amount of bag waste you experience. We have a more advanced model and we are still a bit disappointed in the amount of bag waste.

Get more details on the FoodSaver fm2000

Get more details on the FoodSaver fm2100

No Automatic Bag Detection

Unlike newer models, the vacuuming process does not start automatically which can be good in some cases. With the vacuum sealer that we own, the operation is automatic, as soon as you place the bag into the slot, the vacuuming process begins automatically.

FoodSaver FM2100-000 Vacuum Sealing System

But sometimes it is problematic when you only wish to seal the bag instead of vacuuming and sealing. Also, when doing tons of research for different vacuum sealers, I came across a lot of folks who claimed that the bag was not detected automatically for some of the so called more advanced sealers.

Bag Storage and Cutter

You may notice that the fm2100 is a bit longer than the fm2000. Well, that’s because it has that built-in bag storage and cutter. Trust me, this is a very convenient feature. You won’t have to go around looking for your bags and a pair of scissors then hold the bag in the right way to cut it. The bag storage allows you to roll out the length of bag that you need and cut it in a few simple steps.


Both of these sets include an accessory hose. This allows you to use different available containers to marinade foods.


Both of these machines come with bags to and the accessory hose to get you started. The fm2000 includes 3-Quart Bags, 2-Gallon Bags, 1-11″ x 10′ Roll & Accessory Hose and the fm2100 comes with the same.


Cleanup is actually quite easy with our vacuum sealer so I’m sure it will be with these models as well. The drip tray removes very easily and that’s the only part that would need to be cleaned. And that would only be an issue if you were sealing moist foods.


I really appreciate that both the fm2000 and 2100 come with 5-year warranties. Longer warranties, in my opinion, are a sign of a company that really believes in their product.


In short, both of these machines, FoodSaver fm2000 vs fm2100, are great options for you if you are looking for a quality food saver at an economical price. But there is an obvious choice here and that my friend is the fm2100 – it’s simply the best choice.

The fm2100 has that wonderful moist/dry selection feature and it also comes with built-in bag storage. To me those features are very important because they make operation much easier.

FoodSaver fm2000 – Check Price

FoodSaver fm2100 – Check Price

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