Fagor vs Instant Pot: Which Electric Pressure Cooker is Best?

Fagor vs Instant Pot

Ingredients for pulled pork pressure cooker meal ready for cooking.

Fagor and Instant Pot are two of the most popular names in the pressure-cooking industry with most homes and restaurants owning a pressure cooker from either brand. Both brands feature an astonishing number of pressure-cooker models grouped into several series. On this page, we will pay special attention to the Fagor LUX 6-Quart and the Instant Pot IP-DUO60. Both models are adequate representations of their respective brands and choosing between them no mean feat. To make the right choice, you need to know their individual capabilities, and this Fagor vs Instant Pot comparison page provides you with the necessary information.

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Fagor vs Instant Pot: Which Pressure cooker is Best for you...?


The Fagor LUX 6-Quart cooker comes with an inner cooking pot constructed from aluminum for quick and even heating. The pot is then coated with a ceramic non-stick coating free from PFOA and other harmful chemicals found in plastic non-stick coatings. This non-stick coating ensures the easy release of cooked foods from the pot. The pot is gray in color and can be detached from the cooker. If you prefer a stainless steel inner pot, you can purchase Fagor’s removable 6-quart stainless steel pot and simply replace the ceramic non-stick pot with the stainless steel one. The cooker is designed with a durable stainless-steel exterior.

The Instant Pot IP-DUO60 also boasts a brushed stainless-steel exterior. However, while the Fagor comes with a ceramic non-stick inner pot and the option of purchasing a stainless-steel pot should the need arise, the reverse is the case with the Instant Pot. Once you purchase an Instant Pot cooker, you get a stainless-steel inner pot with a 3-ply bottom for fast and even heat distribution. If along the line, you need a non-stick pot, then you can shell out the extra cash for Instant Pot’s ceramic non-stick inner cooking pot.


You get the chance to purchase a Fagor cooker in whatever color that suits your fancy from four unique options: champagne, silver, copper, and white. If you eventually decide on the Instant Pot cooker, you are limited to a silver-colored purchase with no additional color options.


The inner cooking pots of both pressure cookers have the same capacity: 6 quarts. Most users agree that these cookers can sufficiently feed a household of 4 – 6 people in just one serving.

Multi-Functionality and Preset Programs

Nowadays, it is very rare to purchase a pressure cooker for pressure-cooking purposes only. When choosing between two pressure cookers, the ability to perform a variety of cooking tasks with just the touch of a button is usually a major deciding factor. In the case of Fagor LUX 6-Quart vs Instant Pot IP-DUO60, the Instant Pot cooker wins hands down. With the aid of 14 preset programs, it can cook rice, make yogurt, steam foods, sauté and brown vegetables and meat, make soups, stews, and porridge, warm prepared meals, slow cook, and yes, pressure cook. The Fagor cooker lags behind with 10 in-built cooking programs. It can be used for pressure cooking, risotto making, brown and white rice cooking, browning, sautéing, warming, and yogurt making.

If you do like to experiment and try out several homemade recipes, either cooker would suffice for your needs. Using the manual controls and custom settings provided, you can specify the cooking parameters of the dish such as the length of time required or the pressure level needed to adequately prepare the meal.

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Pressure and Temperature Settings          

Both pressure cookers are designed with dual pressure settings: High pressure for fast cooking and Low pressure for mild cooking of delicate foods.

For the Instant Pot cooker, the sauté and slow cooking preset programs come with three preset temperature settings: Less, Normal, and More. You can adjust the temperature to the desired setting for best results while sautéing and slow cooking. The Fagor cooker on the other hand has only two temperature settings: High and Low, and they can only be used for slow cooking.

Included Accessories

When you buy the Fagor LUX 6-Quart cooker, you get a recipe booklet and a manual. The Instant Pot IP-DUO60 comes with a stainless-steel steam rack.

Convenient Features

Another key deciding factor in helping you decide which pressure cooker to go for would be the convenient features offered by either choice. The Fagor LUX cooker is designed with a delay timer that delays cooking for 6 hours. Once the food is done cooking, the cooker automatically switches on its in-built keep-warm function, keeping the food warm for a maximum of 12 hours.

The Instant Pot cooker can delay cooking for a longer period of 24 hours while its keep-warm function lasts for only 10 hours. The side handles of the cooker are designed with slots for holding the lid. Rather than looking for an empty space on the countertop, you can easily place the lid in these slots.


Safety is of vital importance when it comes to pressure cooking. To avoid accidents resulting from the use of pressure in the kitchen, the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 is equipped with 10 in-built safety features. These include a lid that locks into place for the entirety of the cooking process, temperature and pressure regulators, and lid sensors to detect if the lid is in an unsafe position or leaking steam.

The Fagor LUX also comes with a self-locking lid for safety purposes. It one-ups the Instant Pot with its automatic steam release design. Unlike the Instant Pot where you have to manually operate the steam valve to release steam, the Fagor cooker automates its steam release and eliminates the possibility of steam burns.

Voltage and Power

Both cookers have a power rating of 1000 watts and should only be used in the voltage range of 110 – 120V.

Pros and Cons of Fagor


  • Available in four color options
  • Automatic steam release
  • Keep-warm function spans a longer period of time


  • Smaller number of preset programs
  • Fewer temperature settings
  • Delay time is very short

Pros and Cons of Instant Pot


  • Greater number of preset programs
  • Additional temperature settings
  • Has slots in its handles for holding the lid
  • Can delay cooking for a whole day


  • Available in just one color
  • Manual steam release
  • Keeps food warm for a shorter period of time


Its increased versatility coupled with a ton of convenient features and an impressive delay time makes the Instant Pot a much preferable option. However, if safety is your first and biggest priority (although the instant pot is plenty, it’s just that it has fewer safety features) and you love having a pressure cooker in a color that is not silver, then the Fagor pressure cooker would be a better choice.

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