EdgeStar BR2001BL Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator for Kegerator Conversion Review

EdgeStar BR2001BLThe EdgeStar BR2001BL is an ultra-low temp refrigerator for kegerator conversion. And this thing sure does get cold. Its temperature can get all the way down to the low 30’s. It measures 35″ H  x 20″ W x 26 1/2″ D and weighs 81.6 pounds.

The exterior black modern finish has a look that will match any home bar or kitchen. But is this refrigerator really what you need? What features are most important to you? I’ve taken a closer look at this keg fridge. Below, check out what I think about this model.

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A Keg Fridge & Compact Fridge in One…?

There are a few things you may or may not know about kegerators. For example, you do not have to own a keg, that is, unless you are making your own home brews. Typically you go to your brewery of choice, and when you purchase your beer, you leave a deposit for the keg (you get it back when you return the keg).

Beer from the tap.

Beer from the tap.

This unit, the Edgestar BR2001BL, is just part of the kegerator system. It needs to work in conjunction with the beer line components of the EdgeStar KC2000. It can also work as a simple compact refrigerator by simply installing the tower hole cap.

The door is reversible, giving you greater flexibility in where you can place your keg fridge. The casters and handles help you to easily move it. The unit is designed to store up to a full sized half-shell Sankey standard keg. Those oversized kegs will not fit.

The EdgeStar BR2001BL comes with a 90 day labor warranty and a 1-year parts warranty.

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  • Measures 35" H x 20" W x 26 1/2" D and weighs 81.6 pounds
  • Black on black finish
  • Temp can get down to low 30’s
  • Reversible door
  • Can convert to a regular fridge

EdgeStar BR2001BL VS Other Keg Refrigerators

Kegerators are a specialty product and as such, they don’t get purchased as often as other smaller less expensive mainstream products. It may be important to you to see what the competition has to offer. Below is a short comparison of another keg refrigerator.

VS Kegco K309SS-2 Dual Faucet Digital Kegerator

The Kegco K309SS is a dual faucet digital kegerator that measures 33″ H x 23-11/16″ W x 23-15/16″ D. This unit does have all of the hardware needed, including the beer lines and faucets, to get up and running. Whereas, the EdgeStar BR2001BL is just the refrigeration unit. So this isn’t exactly apples to apples here, but the point is to show you an alternative brand and model with more history. Besides, if you are in the market for a kegerator, you will need an entire system, not just the fridge.

Unlike the EdgeStar BR2001BL, the Kegco K309SS is able to fit Millers, Coors, Rubber, and other oversized kegs.

The kegco, limited feedback notwithstanding, does have a nice amount of positive customer reviews. It seems to be worthy of your consideration.

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The EdgeStar BR2001 is a keg refrigerator, it is not the entire keg system with all of the hardware that you need. It can also be used as a simple compact fridge. The EdgeStar brand typically makes products that its customers tend to love for years. It’s important to remember that this is just the refrigerator part of the kegerator. Full systems are more expensive. If you want to explore complete kegerators you might consider the EdgeStar KC2000 or the option I listed just above.

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