Cuisinart tob-260 vs Breville bov800xl Smart Oven

Roast beef with vegetables.

Can you make this in your toaster oven?

You’ve narrowed your convection toaster oven choice down to two very good options; and the Cuisinart tob-260 vs Breville bov800xl comparison ensues. Both these machines are feature rich, durable and beautifully designed. So you can’t go wrong with either choice.

Toaster ovens are vital kitchen appliances for some. They have the flexibility that you cannot get with a traditional convection oven. With their powerful heating elements and comparatively smaller size, they heat up a lot faster than traditional ovens.

Toaster ovens solve a problem for those whom have living arrangements that don’t allow them to have a full size oven. They can also be a convenient alternative to standard sized ovens. For example, during the summer months when practically every other cooking method is preferred over the oven.

One of the things that I love about toaster ovens is that given their value and versatility, they are a relatively inexpensive small kitchen appliances. Below is the information I’ve gathered while researching the Cuisinart tob-260 Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven vs Breville bov800xl Smart Oven toaster oven comparison.

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Cuisinart tob-260 vs Breville bov800xl: Battle for Toaster Oven Dominance

Looks & Design…

cuisinart tob-260As I stated above, these are both very good looking machines. They have a distinctive modern look with stainless steel, but the Breville looks better. For me, there’s just something that sets the Breville bov800xl apart from the Cuisinart tob-260 in the looks department. I love the design cues, like the subtly rounded corners, and bevels. I like that the legs of the Breville are kind of tucked away whereas the Cuisinart tob-260 are front and center, and the seams on the Breville bov800xl aren’t as obvious.

Breville bov800xl


Generally, the Breville brand does a better job than its peers of taking the steely coldness out of machinery and making it warm. Of course, this is simply a matter of opinion, you may prefer the look and feel of the Cuisinart tob-260.


The dimensions for the Breville bov800xl are 18.5 by 16.25 by 11.25 inches. The Cuisinart tob-260 measures 22.5 x 18.5 x 13 inches. They are similar in size, but there is enough of a size disparity to be significant. If your space is very limited, this alone could be the difference maker for you. As people, myself included, usually prefer smaller appliances, this is a small advantage for the Breville.

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These are large toaster ovens, but the Cuisinart tob-260 has more space inside. The Breville bov800xl has a capacity of .80 cubic feet, while the Cuisinart tob-260 has .95 cubic feet of space inside. The difference is rather significant. You can toast up to nine slices of bread in the Cuisinart tob-260 and just six in the Breville. You can bake two 13” pizzas at the same time in the Cuisinart tob-260, in fact it comes with two baking racks.

Heating Elements…

Both the Cuisinart tob-260 and the Breville bov800xl are equipped with five quartz heating elements as quartz is more heat responsive than the metal heating elements used in other toaster ovens. This means that your oven will get to the desired temperature quicker than other toasters without this technology. Heat distribution will vary depending on the function that is selected. The heating elements are pretty much the same in this regard, but marketed differently. Both are very good at making toast that is evenly browned. You won’t have any performance issues.


The Cuisinart tob-260 has fifteen preset cooking functions while the Breville has nine.

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Convenient Features…


  • Auto-eject baking rack
  • Oven light
  • Plus 30 seconds button


  • Automatic shutoff after each cooking cycle
  • Preheating orange lit lcd display (changes to blue when heated)
  • Oven markings that show where to place food depending on what you’re cooking

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The Cuisinart tob-260 has that little extra something that sets it apart from the Breville bov800xl. It’s called dual cook and this is an amazing feature. It allows you to, for example, bake then finish off with broiling. You ever bake pizza in the oven and cheese wasn’t the melty gooey consistency you were looking for? I can definitely see this feature coming in handy.


The Breville bov800xl comes with a standard one year warranty, while the Cuisinart tob-260 comes with a much more impressive three year warranty.


The Breville bov800xl comes with a broiling rack, baking pan, pizza pan, and removable crumb tray. The Cuisinart tob-260 comes with 2 oven racks, a broil pan, baking pan, and a pizza stone. This is another clear win for the Cuisinart tob-260.

Customer Reviews: Cuisinart tob-260 vs Breville bov800xl

Some customers point to great performance, quiet operation, easy to read lcd screen, and the removable crumb tray as the most beloved features on the Breville bov800xl. There are some suggestions for improvement however, such as a longer cord, but overall it seems to be a great machine.

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The versatility of the Cuisinart tob-260 seems to be a huge positive as customers report cooking many different types of dishes in this oven. There are also some one-off complaints, but nothing to be too concerned about. This seems to be a high quality machine as well.

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Other Countertop Ovens to Consider

There are a lot of great countertop oven options out there that have a lot to offer. I listed some below. Both ovens in the comparison above are great choices but there could be features, available on the other models, that you might want to check out.

VS Cuisinart TOB-260N

I did a lot of research, and as far as I can tell, there is no noteworthy difference between the tob-260 and the tob-260n. The “n” signifies new. I’ve come across products that are the same but have different model numbers for internal marketing purposes. This could be the case here.

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VS Breville BOV650XL

The Breville bov650xl is very similar to the bov800xl. They share the same beautiful design. However, there are a few differences that could be significant for you. For one, the bov800xl has 5 heating elements versus 4 for the bov650xl. Another noteworthy difference is that the 800 comes with a pizza pan. The 650 is also smaller than the 800, this could be seen as an advantage or disadvantage depending upon your preferences. On the one hand you would save space, but you also give up capacity. Just to give you a point of reference for the size, consider that the bov800xl can house a 13″ pizza while you can bake a 12″ pizza in the bov650xl. If you choose the 650, you’ll save about two inches of width. This can make a big difference in a small kitchen.

Please note that there is another, smaller, alternative in the breville bov450xl.

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VS Cuisinart TOB-195 Exact Heat Toaster Oven

The Cuisinart tob-195 exact heat toaster oven is another great toaster oven choice. It has the capacity to toast 6 slices of bread at once. It is officially listed as having .6 cubic feet capacity; far less than the bov800xl or tob-260. It does have shade control to give you full control over your toast and comes with a 3-year warranty.

It does look different from the tob-260, you can tell by the design that it is a prior generation model. It is a good looking toaster oven, but it does have a weird design. The best way that I can describe it is that the bottom of the machine has parts that stick out. This may or may not make its placement in your kitchen awkward.

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The Cuisinart tob-260 vs Breville bov800xl choice is easy when looking at the facts. It’s clear to see that the Cuisinart toaster oven has a distinctive advantage. Sure, with Breville, you get unrivaled beauty, but the Cuisinart tob-260 chef oven isn’t an unattractive machine. With it, you get more accessories, more intuitive features (dual cook), and a longer warranty. It’s a couple of steps ahead of the Breville feature wise, but both are good choices. However, if I were in the market for a new toaster oven, I’d choose the practical Cuisinart tob-260 over the beautiful Breville bov800xl.

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