Cuisinart Multiclad vs French Classic Tri-ply Cookware Comparison

The Cuisinart MultiClad vs French Classic comparison is an interesting one as the contrast in price and perception of quality is apparent here. Perhaps you’re here because you want to know if the difference in price is justifiable given the features. Why pay more when you don’t have to? Well, we’ve done the research to help you determine which of these cookware sets is worthiest of your hard-earned cash. Read on below.

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Cusinart Multiclad vs Tri-Ply French Classic Cookware Comparison...


Cuisinart Multiclad pro stainless also known as MCP stainless and Cuisinart French Classic Tri-Ply stainless also known as FCT stainless are both products of the Cuisinart company. MCP stainless is manufactured in China while its counterpart FCT stainless is manufactured in France.  Most people associate French manufactured cookware with high quality as compared to those from China. Under both products, you will notice the country of manufacture is hyphenated after the product identifier code.


Both Multiclad and French classic have a 3 ply construction design. Here, pure aluminum core is bonded to highly polished stainless steel exterior and stainless steel interior. The construction design of both cookware uses 18/8 to 18/10 stainless steel. This type of steel is very strong and rust resistant.


Both of them look and feel classy with their stainless steel finish. This look is never ending because they are stain, chip and peel resistant. Who wouldn’t want their pots and pans to look new for many years? I bet this was one of the thoughts behind the use of stainless steel!


Although manufactured in different countries, both of these cookware brands of Cuisinart are excellent performers. Because of their 3 ply construction design, they are a bit thick making them able to absorb heat very fast and to evenly distribute the same. For this reason, a majority of users say that you will only need to pre-heat the pan and then turn the heat to low or medium low for perfect cooking.

Both cookwares are very durable because of the tough inner aluminum core and stainless steel layers. They can easily manage any form of abuse in the kitchen from use of high heat to boil drying and even burning of food in case this happens.

Multiclad pro stainless as well as French classic tri-ply cookwares are versatile. They can be used on different types of cook tops. These include, electric cook tops, gas cook tops, induction cook tops as well as ovens.  They can withstand oven heat up to 500°F. This is an added advantage because most users want the ability to use their cookware on whichever heat that is available to them. However if you get the Multiclad tri ply which has glass lids, be sure not to use more than 350°F in the oven.


Both Multiclad and French Classic pans can be quite heavy especially when full of food. For this reason, they both have helper handles in addition to the usual handle. This is just to give more support when lifting. French classic handles are well designed to give more comfort and aesthetic value but the Multiclad ones are just bare and functional. So if beauty is what you want French classic has it.  The handles are riveted into the pans.  They are therefore very firm. On both cookwares you will discover that the handles remain cool when in use. Cold grip handle technology has been used to achieve this effect. Most reviewers hailed this as a plus for customers.


The design of the Multiclad pro provides flared or tapered rims which ensure drip free pouring. This feature is not found in the French classic tri-ply cook ware. So the possibility of a mess is increased when using the French Classic.

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Both models have tight fitting lids which seal in moisture and nutrients. The results of this are healthier and more nutritious meals. It also means that food does not get cold quickly once the heat is switched off. The lids are also interchangeable. So if one lid is damaged you don’t have to worry because you are sure to find another one that fits among the rest (given the same size). The tapered rim design in MCP will influence the way that this cookware is stored. So customers with Multiclad pro stainless steel pots and pans must also have a bit more storage for their cookware.


Since both brands are similar to one another in terms of construction and design, we can also say that they are both easy to clean. However they are not non stick. This means that food can easily get stuck in them. In order to prevent this, it is advised that the pan or pot can be pre heated, and then the heat is turned down before adding oil. After this, food can be added. Another way is by deglazing. Deglazing is adding a little liquid such as wine to stuck- on food such as meat while the pan is still hot. In fact with this method you will end up with great gravy and an easy to clean pan.  The two rivets holding the handles also may make the cookware a little challenging to clean as compared to rivetless designs.  After cleaning for some time, you will notice the presence of dull protein stains or some stain left behind by heated oil. These stains can easily be removed by boiling vinegar and water in the pan. Finally, both Multiclad and French tri-ply cook wares are dishwasher compatible.


The prices of these products are determined by the number of pieces in a set. The Multiclad Pro comes in sets of 7, 12 and 17, while the French Classic tri-ply can be found in sets of 10, 11 and 13 pieces.  Some users whom have experience with both said that Multiclad pro is better than the French classic tri-ply however; the latter is more expensive the price of the former (at regular price, a sale can change that altogether). This could be attributed to the fact that it is manufactured in France.


Both Multiclad and French classic have a lifetime warranty. So from the time of purchase to the time of disposing off, the customer is assured of guarantee from the manufacturer. Reviews indicate that this type of warranty is a contributing factor to purchase of these products by customers because they are quite expensive.


As both cookware sets in the Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Stainless vs Tri-Ply Stainless are of high-quality and beauty. The price and the rim design are the two features that push the Multiclad Pro into the winner’s circle for me. Sure, the French Classic is manufactured in France and therefore has a higher perception of value but that does not mean that a Chinese manufactured product is bad. I say save your money and go for the MultiClad Pro.

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